Can a Demon Slayer master more than one Breathing Style?

A pictorial representation of Breathing Styles (Image via Ufotable)
A pictorial representation of Breathing Styles (Image via Ufotable)
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In Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Breathing Styles are powerful swordsmanship techniques that demon slayers use in conjunction with their Nichirin blades. Breathing Styles describes both the anomaly and the resulting technique.

It takes a considerable amount of time for an individual to master their Breathing Style and to come up with their personal devised techniques in it.

Each swordsman is affiliated with one Breathing Style that they have honed with utmost proficiency. However, Demon Slayer fans are still wondering about the possibility of swordsmen being capable of using more than one Breathing Style.

Can Demon Slayers Use Multiple Breathing Styles?


The only known Demon Slayer who is capable enough to have two Breathing Styles at his disposal is Tanjiro Kamado. He initially started without any knowledge of Breathing Style and had no prior training in swordsmanship.

After being requested by Giyu Tomioka, Urokodaki Sakonji, the former Water Hashira, agreed to train Tanjiro and teach him Water Breathing. He later came to know about his ancestral ritual dance’s resemblance with the Breathing Style and tried to learn and implement it in his combat.

Man literally has two breathing techniques 😭 #DemonSlayer

At the beginning of the series, Urokodaki Sakonji stated that it is possible for a Demon Slayer to use multiple Breathing Styles with ease. However, such an individual with this exceptional feat is rare or one could say couldn't possibly exist.

Moreover, the person should be a user of Sun Breathing as it is the pre-eminent Breathing Style that others have branched out of.

The demon Slayer LN states that after yorrichis death Kokushibo and muzan killed every single user of sun breathing as they were scared that another Slayer as strong as yoriichi will emerge and pose a threat to all demons

During the Entertainment District Arc, when Tanjiro was completely exhausted, he combined his Sun Breathing with Water Breathing to save Hinatsuru from the grasp of the Upper Six. This also made him the only known Demon Slayer who is capable of combining two Breathing Styles.

Sun Breathing is hard to master as it requires strenuous effort and the capability to withstand its powers. Those who will be proficient in Sun Breathing can also use other Breathing Styles to make their swordsmanship more dominant and lethal.


Although the Hashiras are powerful enough to use more than one Breathing Style without any difficulty. However, they have resorted to using only one and honed their abilities to the best, making them a formidable combatant, capable of overpowering the likes of the Upper-Rank Demons.

For instance, if Giyu Tomioka used two Breathing Styles, he never would’ve come up with the Water Breathing’s Eleventh Form: Dead Calm.

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