Can Kawaki use Sukunahikona in the Boruto manga?

Post time-skip Kawaki in the Boruto anime (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Post time-skip Kawaki in the Boruto anime (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Major spoilers for Boruto manga ahead.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga chapter 66 revealed some very interesting aspects of Kawaki’s new abilities. At the end of chapter 65, Borushiki attacked Naruto, attempting to get rid of the Seventh Hokage by directing a huge rasengan towards him.

That became the trigger for the awakening of Kawaki’s karma which Amado had reconstructed without the former's knowledge.

The karma Kawaki activates is markedly different from what he had previously, however. The previous one only allowed him to absorb chakra and cause explosions with it. However, the reconstructed karma provided him with an arsenal of Otsutsuki jutsus, some specific to Isshiki such as Daikokuten and Sukunahikona.

Which Otsutsuki jutsu can Kawaki use in Boruto chapter 66?


While watching Kawaki fight against Borushiki, Code observed the former's newfound Otsutsuki abilities and recognized them immediately. Sukunahikona was especially memorable to Boruto fans, a pesky ability that made it extremely difficult for Koji Kashin to land a proper hit on Isshiki who had been forced to reincarnate using Jigen’s body as a vessel.

What is Sukunahikona?

Sukunahikona was a dojutsu specific to Isshiki Otsutsuki, which allowed him to shrink either himself or any non-living object he looked at, and restore them to their original size at will. The dojutsu that was activated using Isshiki’s right eye.

In Boruto manga chapter 66, the pattern in the altered sclera of Kawaki’s right eye changed every time he used Sukunahikona against Borushiki. It seems like with the reconstructed karma, Kawaki was able to access and use Isshiki’s jutsu instinctively.

In his original body, Isshiki could use Sukunahikona simply by looking at an object, unlike in Jigen’s body, where he had to use hand seals to use the ability. Surprisingly, Kawaki is able to use Sukunahikona without any hand seals, possibly due to his greater compatibility as a vessel, or due to further modifications that Amado made.


What other abilities can Kawaki use with his new karma?


Along with Sukunahikona, Kawaki can also access Daikokuten, an ability which allowed Isshiki to store objects in a pocket dimension and retrieve them at will. If used in combination, Daikokuten can store objects shrunk using Sukunahikona, returning them to their original size once retrieved.

In Boruto manga chapter 66, Kawaki used these two abilities together to retrieve the huge ornate black cubes with which he tried to crush Borushiki.

Kawaki can also use other Otsutsuki abilities like creating rinnesharingan chakra rods to attack his opponents. While not shown in the manga yet, Kawaki is probably able to use another perfect Otsutsuki jutsu, Space-Time ninjutsu.

Is Kawaki an Otsutsuki?

The series revealed that by the time Kawaki’s karma seal was removed, his body had already been around 80% Otsutsified. It is still unclear what Amado did to reconstruct karma but Kawaki’s effortless grasp over Isshiki’s dojutsu and chakra rods suggest that his current genetic composition might be very close to that of a perfect Otsutsuki.

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