Chainsaw Man mangaka Tatsuki Fujimoto announces unexpected break after series' next release

The smash-hit anime series of Fall 2022 will see its manga go on break in the coming weeks (Image via MAPPA Studios)
The smash-hit anime series of Fall 2022 will see its manga go on break in the coming weeks (Image via MAPPA Studios)

Chainsaw Man creator, author, and illustrator Tatsuki Fujimoto announced on Tuesday, November 29 via his personal Twitter account that his series will be taking an indefinite break. No further clarification was made by Fujimoto on the break's length, other than that it will begin “this week or next week.”

Most likely, Fujimoto is referring to the next issue’s release being the start date of his break, which is currently slated for Tuesday, December 6 in the form of Chainsaw Man Chapter 113. This news comes amidst speculation from fans that the series may be returning to a biweekly serialization schedule.

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Chainsaw Man mangaka cryptically announces the upcoming break with no elaboration on why

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Although the handle for the Twitter account in question is @nagayama_koharu, this account does indeed belong to Chainsaw Man mangaka Tatsuki Fujimoto. It has previously been documented that he pretends to be his own younger sister on this account, using it to communicate with fans in a third-person-like perspective and context.

Thus, fans are treating this news from the Koharu Nagayama account as if it came from Tatsuki Fujimoto because it has indeed come from the man himself. While fans had recently speculated that the series would return to biweekly, a general and seemingly indefinite hiatus was far from what any fan expected.

There’s also the fact that the overarching plot for the series’ second part was seemingly just beginning. An impostor of the series' eponymous hero had been introduced, and Denji and Yoru seemed poised to meet and confront each other for the first time. Furthermore, fans saw what many of them believed to be the introduction of the series’ third Horseman Devil just chapters before this announcement.

Furthermore, the series’ anime adaptation is one of the biggest successes of the Fall 2022 season currently. Given the hype and excitement around Fujimoto’s series right now, it seems a strange decision to take a suddenly-announced hiatus indefinitely. This strangeness is only exacerbated when considering that Fujimoto hasn’t elaborated on why he’s taking this break.

In any case, fans are hopeful that the upcoming hiatus is creative in purpose, with Fujimoto retreating temporarily to plan out the series’ next steps. However, this and any other reasoning for his current break is all speculative, with the myriad of tweets Fujimoto has since sent not elaborating on the break in any way.

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