Demon Slayer season 3 episode 9: Release timings for all regions

Demon Slayer season 3 episode 9 release timings (Image via Ufotable)
Demon Slayer season 3 episode 9 release timings (Image via Ufotable)

Demon Slayer season 3 episode 9 will be released on June 4, 2023, at 11 pm JST. The latest episode of the series explored Muichiro Tokito’s backstory and the relationship he shared with his twin brother. It also showed a stark contrast in his demeanor from when he was a child to how he is in the present.

Fans are excited for episode 9 since this episode will most likely feature the climax of the intense battle taking place between Muichiro and Gyokko.

Here's a list of the release times for the episode around the world:

IndiaSunday, June 4, 20237:45 pm
PhillippinesSunday, June 4, 202310:15 pm
ChinaSunday, June 4, 202310:15 pm
USA/Canada (PDT)Sunday, June 4, 20237:15 am
USA/Canada (CDT)Sunday, June 4, 20239:15 am
Canada (EDT)Sunday, June 4, 202310:15 am
Great Britain (British Summer Time)Sunday, June 4, 20233:15 pm
Austria/Belgium (Central European Summer Time)Sunday, June 4, 20235 pm
Australia (Australia Central Daylight Time)Sunday, June 4, 202311:45 pm
UAE/Oman (Gulf Standard Time)Sunday, June 4, 20236:15 pm

Disclaimer: The final section of this article contains massive spoilers from the Demon Slayer manga series.

Where to watch Demon Slayer season 3 episode 9?

Demon Slayer season 3 episode 9 will be released on June 4, 2023. The latest episode will be available on Crunchyroll globally.

Furthermore, the Swordsmith Village arc of the series will also be available on Netflix and Disney+ in select regions. With that said, it is important to note that fans will have to avail of the aforementioned platforms’ paid services if they wish to access the latest episodes.

What to expect in Demon Slayer season 3 episode 9?

While the series is faithfully adapting the source material, they are changing the order of the events to optimize continuity. Given that the previous episode ended on a massive cliffhanger, the upcoming episode should continue the ongoing fight between Muichiro Tokito and the Upper Moon 5 demon Gyokko.

While the Mist Hashira has proved his mettle during this battle, he still has a few tricks up his sleeve that could turn the tides in his favor. It is quite possible that the climax of the battle will be revealed in the upcoming episode. Muichiro’s final Mist Breathing Technique will prove to be decisive against the Gyokko.

Another important revelation that could be shown in the upcoming episode would be concerning young Kotetsu.

In the previous episode, it seemed like Kotetsu was stabbed in the solar plexus, which was a vital spot. Fans were concerned about whether or not he will live. As soon as the battle between Muichiro Tokito and Gyokko concludes, the episode will reveal that Kotetsu is indeed alive.

In the Demon Slayer manga, there was an explanation about how he survived. He stated that he was saved by Rengoku’s hilt, which Tanjiro had given to him earlier.

The hilt was placed in the exact spot where Kotetsu was stabbed. Despite the Flame Hashira’s untimely death, he watched over his fellow demon hunters and saved Kotetsu. If there’s some content that could be squeezed in during the last few minutes of the episode, it could introduce Mitsuri Kanroji to the battlefield as well. She would go on to save Tanjiro from one of Zohakuten’s attacks.

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