Dragon Ball Super (Theory): Is Vegeta going to become a God of Destruction? 

Vegeta’s Ultra Ego (Image via Toei Animation)
Vegeta’s Ultra Ego (Image via Toei Animation)

Vegeta’s power has always been an essential part of Dragon Ball’s history, and once again, his power seems to be something that could mold the Dragon Ball universe completely. In this article, we will talk about the topic that has been on a lot of the fandoms’ minds since the beginning of his training with Beerus, will Vegeta become the new God of Destruction for Universe 7?

Note: This article only represents the author’s opinion and a theory proposed by the author and will contain spoilers for Dragon Ball Super.

Vegeta’s new power opens the doors for him to become an actual God

Why could Vegeta achieve this status?

The prince of all Saiyans’ search for power has been a vital part of his character since his first appearance during the Saiyan saga, and during the latest chapters of Dragon Ball Super, this has reached a whole new level.

Earlier during the manga, we were shown the training Whis was subjecting Goku to. The training intended to help Goku control his Ultra Instinct, and Vegeta, not being one to be left behind, commences a training under Beerus’ watch. During this time, he started to focus his energy on learning the techniques the Gods of Destruction possess, and it seems to have bear fruit, as seen by his newest and most powerful transformation, the Ultra Ego.


This form channelizes the destructive energy Vegeta has harnessed from his training, allowing him to become the opposite of Goku’s Ultra Instinct. While Ultra Instinct is a technique used by the Angels to keep control of the Gods they look after by always keeping them calm and aware, Ultra Ego seems to have the opposite purpose. Using the Ultra Ego, he can absorb the damage taken and use it to become stronger, rather than focusing on avoiding damage like Ultra Instinct Goku.

This has drawn fans to conclude that Vegeta could be on his way to inheriting the title of God of Destruction for Universe 7. The deeper we get into his recent development as a character, the theory only grows in strength.

This new form taps into the prince’s previous outlook on life, allowing him to embrace his Saiyan pride and nature to fight and destroy while focusing it on those who try to cause harm aimlessly, something Vegeta used to do and has come to terms with during the latest arcs of the manga.

Vegeta’s encounters with Moro allowed him to take the final steps he needed to forgive himself for the horrible crimes he committed in the past, which is essential to the doctrine of the Ultra Ego. Beerus thought of him while trying to achieve the form that he needed to see past his guilt and regret accessing the power of destruction.

This is our first piece of evidence to point out that Vegeta will be a candidate to take over the position when Beerus retires. Beerus talks from experience when it comes to guilt over destruction, dealing with that his whole career as a God. He has shown our prince that defeat is not inherently evil, is not something done only to cause harm; sometimes, it is necessary, and only those prepared can take that burden.

Vegeta’s Ultra Ego against Granolah (Image via Viz Media)
Vegeta’s Ultra Ego against Granolah (Image via Viz Media)

Vegeta is more than capable of being the next bearer of that responsibility, having seen both sides of destruction throughout his life. In his beginnings, being the one to cause it recklessly and in later years, see its effect on the universe and its inhabitants, like the Namekians he felt guilty for killing.

He is starting to understand the power, but most importantly, the need for destruction in the universe, shown by his control over Ultra Ego, a form created to destroy in a more controlled environment, by focusing that destruction only on those he chooses as his targets. But the potential for massive destruction is still inside him, as exemplified when he was about to destroy the planet during his fight with Granolah.

So not only has Beerus been overseeing the Saiyan’s training and taught him techniques only those who are Gods of Destruction can learn, but he has been helping him become more and more aware of his capabilities for destruction and the needs the universe has for it. As seen with Toppo during the Tournament of Power, those who have that capability and can use it for the greater good are the ones best fit to inherit the title of God of Destruction for their universe.

That’s the theory and evidence of the possibility of Vegeta becoming the God of Destruction later during Dragon Ball Super. Do you agree with the theory? Or do you think he could take a completely different path? Let us know in the comment section.