Every Hinokami Kagura technique Tanjiro has used in the Demon Slayer anime

Tanjiro uses Sun Breathing in Demon Slayer (Image via Ufotable)
Tanjiro uses Sun Breathing in Demon Slayer (Image via Ufotable)

Demon Slayer season 2 episode 13 had fans go ballistic over Daki and Tanjiro’s showdown at the Yoshiwara entertainment district. There is no doubt that this battle was one of the most intense and well-choreographed in the series. Ufotable’s fantastic animation only added to the appeal of the fight as Tanjiro used multiple Hinokami Kagura techniques consecutively for the first time in the series.

MAJOR spoilers for Demon Slayer anime ahead.

While some were moves he had used in the past, others were techniques newly revealed in the anime. So, now seems like a good time to take stock of every Hinokami Kagura move Tanjiro has used in the anime till now.

Every Hinokami Kagura technique Tanjiro has used in the Demon Slayer anime till now



Tanjiro first discovered Hinokami Kagura during his fight against the Lower Moon Five demon Rui in Demon Slayer season 1. In his desperation to save Nezuko from being shredded by Rui’s demonic spider threads, Tanjiro used the ritual dance which had been passed down in his family for generations as a sort of Breathing Style, delivering a vertical slash. Tanjiro called the move “Enbu” or Dance.

Clear Blue Sky

Since its introduction, Hinokami Kagura has become Tanjiro’s trump card in every high stakes confrontation against a major demon. The Mugen Train arc was no exception. When the Lower Rank One demon, Enmu, was revealed to have integrated himself with the train, the work of severing the demonic train’s spine became much more dangerous, not to mention difficult.


Tanjiro used Hinokami Kagura once more, but this time went with a different technique called “Heki-ra no Ten” or Clear Blue Sky, a move where the demon slayer spins their body horizontally to deliver a powerful, 360-degree slash.

Raging Sun


Tanjiro and Daki’s confrontation was one of the more anticipated faceoffs of the Demon Slayer Entertainment District arc. Locked in combat against the Upper Moon Six demon Daki, Tanjiro’s sword started chipping while parrying attacks as he came to the realization that he was inherently unsuitable for Water Breathing.

By this point, Tanjiro had already connected Hinokami Kagura to the legendary Sun Breathing that the former Flame Hashira Rengoku Shinjuro tells him about. Despite the negative repercussions that his body faced, being unable to keep up with the powerful technique, Tanjiro decided to use it. He unleashed two horizontal attacks against Daki’s demonic obi, calling the attack “Retsujitsu Kokyu”, or Raging Sun.

Flame Dance


The fight against Daki showed Tanjiro using multiple Hinokami Kagura techniques consecutively, for the first time in the Demon Slayer series. Raging Sun succeeded in slashing Daki’s obi, and using the momentum of that attack, Tanjiro launched into his next move, Flame Dance. Beginning with the “Enbu” attack’s vertical slash, Flame Dance followed it with another horizontal slash.

Fake Rainbow


To evade Daki’s next attack, Tanjiro used a Hinokami Kagura technique, which is more effective as a decoy. “Gen’nichi Ko”, or Fake Rainbow, created an afterimage of Tanjiro through high speed spins and movements fueled by the Hinokami Kagura Breathing form. Daki’s momentary bafflement also gave Tanjiro enough time to launch into his next attack.

Fire Wheel


With the “Kasha” or Fire Wheel attack, we see the iconic opening thread that Demon Slayer season 1 Tanjiro was shown sensing, while trying to behead the demons he was fighting. Unlike Clear Blue Sky, in the Fire Wheel attack, it is the sword that is moved in a circular motion rather than the wielder himself, while jumping behind the opponent and moving downwards.

However, the attack proved to be too slow and Daki evaded it easily.

Burning Bones, Summer Sun


“Shakkotsu En’yo” or Burning Bones, Summer Sun proved to be the highlight of the Tanjiro versus Daki showdown in Demon Slayer season 2 episode 13. Tanjiro, consumed by rage at Daki’s flippant attitude towards human life, rushed towards her. The demon underestimated Tanjiro, activating her Blood Demon Art enforced attack, Eight-Layered Obi Slash to kill Tanjiro in one swoop.

But the circular Hinokami Kagura attack slashed through them easily, not only causing a burning pain at the point of the wounds, but also compromising the obi’s regeneration ability.



Zanjiro’s Hinokami Kagura, or Sun Breathing was the first Breathing form of all, created by the legendary demon slayer Tsugikuni Yoriichi. Sun Breathing mimics the Sun in its movements and techniques, and is versatile enough to be effective against various kinds of demons. While Sun Breathing has twelve forms generally, Yoriichi created an unnamed thirteenth form specifically for killing Muzan.