Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 12 highlights: The battle against Daki commences

Tanjiro uses Hinokami Kagura in Demon Slayer (Image via ufotable)
Tanjiro uses Hinokami Kagura in Demon Slayer (Image via ufotable)

Demon Slayer season 2's episode 12 dove headfirst into battle, and proved exactly why Daki is Upper Rank Six of the Twelve Kizuki. This action-heavy episode moved back and forth between events happening simultaneously, and created mini cliffhangers all the way.

Here is a breakdown of the much-awaited Demon Slayer season 2 episode 12.

Best moments from Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 12

Uzui rescues Hinatsuru while Tanjiro fights Daki

Demon Slayer's latest episode began with Uzui scouring the district, trying to sense the presence of an Upper Rank demon. He found Hinatsuru during his search, and administered an antidote to her when she explained about her failed attempt to escape from Daki by drinking poison.


The episode contained several battles, and it starts off with Tanjiro and Daki’s face off, which was the cliffhanger where Demon Slayer season 2's episode 11 had ended.

Tanjiro held his own against Daki well, but was quickly forced into a defensive stance due to Daki’s relentless attacks. Daki praised his determination but mocked his skills, and pointed out that Tanjiro’s sword was already chipped from parrying her attacks.

Tanjiro internally mused that it was not because of the sword’s craftsmanship, but rather the user’s potential and prowess, and admitted that he was not cut out to be a Water Breathing user.

The episode reached a crucial point in the storyline, as Tanjiro realized that he was more suited to use Hinokami Kagura, which Shinjuro referred to as Sun Breathing.

Once more, Rengoku appeared before Tanjiro’s eyes, and with his back turned towards Tanjiro, he quoted his slogan, “Set your heart ablaze!” And right away, the demon slayer unleashed Hinokami Kagura on Daki.

Tanjiro has not mastered Sun Breathing yet, and doesn't even know much about its significance. And yet, fans saw him use sword forms other than the “Enbu” slash that he had used on Rui in Demon Slayer season 1, including “Raging Sun” and “Fake Rainbow”.

The repercussions of using Hinokami Kagura caught up to him, and the scene cut off just as several of Daki’s suspended obi sashes rushed towards him.

Inosuke finds Daki’s lair

Demon Slayer's episode 12 then moved on to Inosuke using his Animal Breathing to hunt out the hidden passageway in Ogimoto House leading to Daki’s lair. Inosuke found human bones on the ground and quickly realized how Daki trapped and ate her victims at leisure.


This segment of the episode also revealed more about Daki and her Blood Demon Art. The demonic obi draped around the underground cavern seemed to have a consciousness of its own, depite being a part of Daki and being under her absolute command.

The sentient obi wasn’t nearly as powerful as Daki’s original body however, and Inosuke quickly cut through the sash, and rescued the victims. Just as he got cornered, as he was attempting to fight while protecting the victims, Suma and Makio backed him up, as they had been released from the slashed obi.

Zenitsu’s thunder and Uzui’s entrance

Daki’s obi had the advantage. The demon's penchant for beauty was revealed as she ordered the obi sash to kill everyone but Inosuke, because she found his face beautiful and wanted to eat him herself.

But before it managed to make a move, a sleeping Zenitsu unleashed his Thunder Breathing to cut through the obi multiple times in a flash.

Before the demon got time to process the second thunderous sound that echoed from Zenitsu’s sword form, Uzui made his entrance. He cut through rock and soil, and barely paused before he slashed the obi into shreds.

Makio and Suma were finally reunited with Uzui. Makio had a brief flashback to a younger Uzui telling them that they were more precious to him than the lives of any other people. The episode ended with them gearing up to find Daki’s main body.

Preview to episode 13

The preview to Demon Slayer season 2's episode 13 started off with the episode’s Taisho-era secret which revealed that Uzui’s family was polyamorous. While it was usually the head of the family who chose three brides based on compatibility once the Uzui child turned fifteen, Suma had actually volunteered herself. The title of the next episode was revealed to be “Layered Memories.”

Demon Slayer season 2 episode 13 is scheduled to air on January 9, 2022.