Every Upper rank demon in Demon Slayer ranked based on strength

Ranking the Upper Moon demons in Demon Slayer (image via Ufotable)
Ranking the Upper Moon demons in Demon Slayer (image via Ufotable)

Demon Slayer is arguably one of the most popular anime and manga series at the moment. This series has showcased some of the most powerful characters, most of which were demons. The demons have a ranking system based on their strengths and overall abilities in combat.

The most elite demons belong to the "12 Kizuki" group commanded by the Demon King himself, Muzan. There are two sections within the 12 Kizuki called the Upper and Lower Moon. These are some of the strongest demons within the 12 Kizuki.

Disclaimer: The article contains major spoilers from the Demon Slayer manga.

Ranking all the Upper Moon demons in Demon Slayer

8) Kaigaku

Kaigaku is probably the weakest Upper Moon demon on this list. He served as a replacement to Upper Moon 6, Daki and Gyutaro after they were defeated by members of the Demon Slayer Corps.

However, when he fought Zenitsu for the first time, he wasn’t accustomed to his newfound powers. Yet, Kaigaku was so weak that Zenitsu could kill him all by himself. Every Upper Moon demon was defeated by multiple demon hunters, except for Kaigaku.

7) Daki and Gyutaro


Daki and Gyutaro were strong demons who had an impressive set of powers. Gyutaro proved to be extremely difficult to deal with. His Blood Demon Art allows him to manipulate blood into small sickle-like shapes that could cut the human body.

Even the slightest nick can kill someone eventually due to the poison in the blood. It took the combined efforts of Tanjiro, Tengen Uzui, Nezuko, Inosuke and Zenitsu to defeat the demon pair.

However, members of the Demon Slayer Corps prevailed, as Nezuko’s Blood Demon Art was able to heal the demon hunters who were infected by Gyutaro’s poison.

6) Gyokko

Gyokko was another strong member of the 12 Kizuki and was the Upper Moon 5, who ambushed the demon hunters in the Swordsmith Village. Gyokko’s abilities allowed him to teleport between pots he placed around the field. He could also summon fishes and other beings to attack intended targets.

Gyokko nearly killed Muichiro with his Blood Demon Art and could push the limits of one of the most talented swordsmen in the series. However, it was over for the demon as soon as Muichiro activated his Demon Slayer Mark.

5) Nakime


Nakime was the demon that was responsible for summoning the demons when Muzan wanted to talk to them. Muzan had summoned all the Lower Moon demons and killed them since Rui was killed by demon hunters.

She is the demon that plays the Shamisen and can manipulate the layout and the dimensions of the Infinity Castle. She was promoted to Upper Moon 4 after Hantengu’s death. While she might not have much power, she’s extremely hard to locate and attack.

4) Hantengu

Hantengu was the Upper Moon 4 who ambushed the demon hunters in Swordsmith Village. He was extremely strong and took on Tanjiro and his team. Hantengu’s Blood Demon Art is arguably one of the best in the series.

It allows his emotions to manifest in the physical form as multiple clones with unique abilities and appearances. It took the combined efforts of Tanjiro, Nezuok, Genya and Mitsuri to defeat this demon. Mitsuri was pushed to an extent where she activated her Demon Slayer Mark during the fight.

3) Akaza

Akaza is one of the strongest demons in the series if we compare the demons’ raw strength. Even before he turned into a demon, he was able to kill dozens of people after a rage-fueled breakdown.

Akaza was so strong that it required Giyu Tomioka to activate his Demon Slayer Mark and Tanjiro to use his Breath of the Sun during their fight.

Even then, Akaza could regenerate his head, and he chose not to do it, which was the only reason why Tanjiro and Giyu emerged victorious in that fight. Akaza was also responsible for killing Kyojuro Rengoku.

2) Doma

Doma is yet another strong demon in the series who was able to kill plenty of humans and climb up to the position that he was in. While he is strong, some might even argue that Akaza was stronger given the way the demons performed against the demon hunters.

However, the only reason Inosuke and Kanao were able to beat him was because of Shinobu’s sacrifice by letting him consume her. She had plenty of poison that would make him vulnerable.

His Blood Demon Art allowed him to manipulate ice, which could turn into a fine powder-like substance that would kill anyone who inhaled it.

1) Kokushibo

Kokushibo is undoubtedly the strongest demon in the 12 Kizuki. Before becoming a demon, Kokushibo was Yoriichi’s elder brother and aimed to become the best swordsman. However, he was no match for Yoriichi and then turned into a demon after Muzan offered him a chance.

Kokushibo developed his own breathing technique called the "Moon Breathing," which was so powerful that it took the combined efforts of Gyomei, Muichiro, Genya and Sanemi to defeat him. Members of the Demon Slayer Corps didn’t come out unscathed since Genya and Muichiro died in an attempt to defeat him.