Everything we know about Admiral Akainu from One Piece

Akainu as seen in the series' anime (Image via Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha/Viz Media/One Piece)
Akainu as seen in the series' anime (Image via Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha/Viz Media/One Piece)

Following the latest One Piece issue, Admiral Akainu (currently known as Fleet Admiral Sakazuki) has once again become a hot topic of discussion among fans.

While this is far from his first major role or appearance in the series, fans are incredibly excited as he is seemingly being teased for a major role in the final saga.

Although no one besides author and illustrator Eiichiro Oda knows what will happen in One Piece’s final saga, fans are convinced that Akainu will play a major role. Looking back at his history and actions in the series can help fans predict his role in a more specific sense.

Follow along as this article fully breaks down exactly who One Piece’s Admiral Akainu is.

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One Piece’s Admiral Akainu has a sketchy past, but what is known may predict what his final role will be

Who is Admiral Akainu?

One Piece’s Admiral Akainu was first introduced as a Marine Admiral alongside Admirals Kizaru and Aokiji. While his introduction came last, he was made out to be just as intimidating and strong as his colleagues, with some fans believing him to be the strongest of the three.

Not much is known about Akainu’s childhood at this time, with his birth in the North Blue being the only concrete fact. An SBS drawing of Akainu seemingly implies that he had a rough childhood. He had a grim disposition and strict sense of justice at a very young age.

The next major event fans know him to be a part of is the destruction of Ohara. He was one of the five Vice Admirals leading the Buster Call on the island. He was seen attacking a civilian transport, claiming it needed to be destroyed in case one of the island’s scholars managed to sneak aboard unnoticed.

Sometime after the event, he was promoted to Admiral and given his codename Akainu. His real name is Sakazuki, which he uses for his title of Fleet Admiral in the contemporary series. He was also known by his real name during his time as a Vice Admiral, as shown during Robin’s flashback to the destruction of Ohara.

Fans next see Akainu during the Marineford War, where he is shown to be a soldier willing to sacrifice anything for victory. He is seen executing some of his own men who were deserters and manipulating one of Whitebeard’s allies into betraying and stabbing the Yonko.

Akainu has no mercy for any pirate, regardless of how evil or innocent they may be. He also seems to prioritize specific targets within the pirate world, seen when he specifically says Luffy must be eliminated upon his arrival on the Marineford battlefield.

His actions throughout the series follow a similar pattern. He shows a universal hatred for all pirate-kind even when they’re part of the Shichibukai or Yonko.

No official backstory for Akainu has been presented in One Piece yet. However, many fans suspect it to be heavily intertwined with the brutality some of the series’ pirates are shown to possess.

Final role

With this in mind, fans expect Fleet Admiral Sakazuki to use the power of his high-ranking position to wipe out all pirate-kind and the Revolutionary Army. His love for justice and his hatred towards those he considers evil suggest this to be the case.

Oda has previously teased a massive war arc to be coming in One Piece’s future, and it seems like Akainu will play a pivotal role in creating the conflict itself.

There's little doubt this will be the case since he's dedicated to eliminating piracy and imposing the Marines' and World Government's principles of justice upon the world.

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