One Piece Episode 1026: Orochi’s fate is revealed, Luffy is more determined than ever, and the Yonko are split up

Luffy will keep his promise to save the Land of Wano no matter what in One Piece Episode 1026 (Image via Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)
Luffy will keep his promise to save the Land of Wano no matter what in One Piece Episode 1026 (Image via Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)

The wait for One Piece Episode 1026 is finally over. The long-awaited episode was released just a few hours ago, and has brought the continuation of the intense fight between the Yonko and the Supernovas on top of Kaido’s castle.

This time around, the fights in One Piece Episode 1026 will get even more exciting as the Supernovas prepare for their retaliation against the Emperors.

Even though Kaido and Big Mom seem invincible when fighting together, if the Worst Generation is able to split them apart, their chances of victory will increase exponentially. Will they be able to accomplish this goal? Keep reading about what happened in One Piece Episode 1026 to find out.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for One Piece Episode 1026.

Luffy and his friends show how strong their determination is in One Piece Episode 1026

What happened last time?

Orochi made his comeback in last week's episode (Image via Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)
Orochi made his comeback in last week's episode (Image via Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)

One Piece Episode 1025 started with the Scabbards trying to take down the Oden painting controlled by Kanjuro. The traitorous Kanjuro, meanwhile, was running around the castle in an attempt to find Momonosuke and kill him. To allow his friends to go save Oden’s son, Ashura sacrificed himself by jumping out a window with the fake Oden, which turned out to be filled with explosives.

In another room, a mysterious figure started a fire inside the castle while grinning to themselves. While grieving the loss of their friend, the Scabbards attempted to locate Kanjuro to stop him from harming Momonosuke.

They encountered Jack, who was ready to fight against all of them. Dogstorm offered to stay, giving his friends time to find the traitor.

We were transported to the Live Floors, where Chopper was still trying to defeat Queen. When the situation seemed most dire, Marco joined the fight, saving Chopper from Queen’s attacks. With another cut, it was revealed that the mysterious individual who started the fire was in fact Orochi, who survived being decapitated by Kaido.

While all this was happening, the Worst Generation was still fighting the Yonko on top of the castle.

Trying to end the fight faster, Big Mom and Kaido joined forces to create a massive beam of energy that would have vaporized the young pirates if not for Zoro. Luffy became furious with Kaido for hurting his friend and tried to punch the Emperor again, forcing him to dodge.

One Piece Episode 1026 is titled The Supernovas Strike Back! The Mission to Tear Apart The Emperors.

One Piece Episode 1026: The Scabbards desire

One Piece Episode 1026 starts with Kaido’s castle burning down as Orochi laughs. Outside the room, Kaido’s lackeys are unable to stop the flames from destroying the palace. Orochi asks Fukurokuju if he knows where the explosives are stored, to which the ninja replies with an affirmative.

Orochi continues to laugh while claiming he will destroy the entire castle and kill all the pirates. The Scabbards are still running, searching for Kanjuro, when they come across the deranged Orochi. The madman screams at them because he thinks the samurai group came all this way only to kill him.

The Scabbards admit they hate him for the death of Oden, but they remark that they do not have time to lose to him, they need to defeat Kaido and restore the Land of Wano to its former glory.

Kin’emon has a flashback to a better time where Oden told his samurai to keep fighting for what they believed in, no matter what. He suddenly runs after Oden in a field of flowers, but Oden disappears as soon as he gets closer. He transforms into petals, a metaphor for his will that will carry on even after death.

The fight against Orochi

One Piece Episode 1026 returns to the present with Kin’emon telling Orochi to move, remarking that they do not have time for him. The former shogun becomes crazier by the second and transforms into his giant snake form to fight the Samurai.

With precision and skill, each of the Scabbards cuts one of Orochi’s heads, leaving only the main one for Kin’emon. Orochi is convinced he has done nothing wrong but starts feeling guilty when he notices that Kin’emon has the same look Oden had before his death.

Without wasting anymore time, Kin’emon cuts the last head of the monster and tells his friends to keep moving. Fukurokuju is enraged because of the death of his master, although his anger does not last long because he needs to focus to fight against Raizo, who stayed behind to protect his friends.

Luffy’s determination

One Piece Episode 1026 cuts to the roof of the castle, where the ground is shaking because of the fight between Luffy and Kaido. The Strawhat captain is still weaker than the Yonko but his attacks are starting to get stronger.

Due to their clash, bolts of lighting started to fly everywhere, causing the roof on top of the Scabbards to start crumbling. The samurai group starts to worry for Luffy’s safety but Kin’emon quickly calms them down by reminding him of Luffy’s promise to save the Land of Wano.

Back on the roof, we can see that Zoro is barely standing, while Kaido and Big Mom do not show any signs of being tired. Kaido is getting bored with the fight, and dares the Supernovas to give him a better challenge.

Big Mom is losing interest in the fight as well, and asks Kaido to kill the young pirates with their next attack. Before the Yonko are able to do anything, Luffy joins his friends once again, reminding the Emperors that they are still determined to win.

Yonko vs Supernovas

One Piece Episode 1026 continues after a brief interruption to show Kaido losing his patience after hearing Luffy’s words. The Yonko attacks the Strawhat pirate, sending him flying towards a rock. Meanwhile, Big Mom is using her energy rays to attack the rest of the Worst Generation.

Trafalgar tries to stop her attacks by creating a shield in front of him, although he is not strong enough to stop the woman’s power. Luffy jumps in and tries to reach his friend but is stopped by Kaido, who appears out of nowhere to hit the young man again.

Kaido mocks Luffy’s resolve, telling him how dumb he finds the idea of friendship and self-sacrifice. Before the monstrous man can attack Luffy once again, Zoro stands up to protect his captain from the Emperor.

Kaido’s anger only grows because of this actions, lecturing Zoro on the illogical decisions he is taking at the moment. The Yonko prepares an attack that will end the injured swordsman’s life. At the last second, he is stopped by Luffy, who uses his Haki to send the Yonko flying with a punch.

The Supernovas' counter attack

One Piece Episode 1026 continues after Luffy proclaims once again that he will save the Land of Wano, flooding the room with petals similar to the ones from Kin’emon’s flashback. In a flash, both fighters clashed once again, yet Luffy has no problem keeping up with Kaido this time.

Seeing her partner in peril, Big Mom rushes to join the fight, crashing against Luffy. Nonetheless, her intervention is cut short because the other members of the Worst Generation attack her simultaneously.

While his friends distract Big Mom, Luffy is sent flying away by Kaido, only to be rescued by Law and Kid. Luffy prepares his Red Roc, which hits the Emperor right in the face. Still, Kaido recovers from the attack and uses his Conqueror of Three Worlds, Ragunakraku, against the pirate, who is barely able to stop it.

In the meantime, Law, Kid, Killer and Zoro come up with a plan to separate Big Mom from Kaido. Using their powers, they isolate each of Big Mom’s sentient weapons, leaving her defenseless when Killer and Zoro send her flying off the floating Island. One Piece Episode 1026 ends with Big Mom falling towards the sea.

Final thoughts

One Piece Episode 1026 was everything fans were expecting and much more. This episode was hyped up all week long and did not disappoint even a little bit, providing viewers with amazing fights and emotive scenes.

Orochi is finally dead and the Scabbards have nothing left standing between them and Kanjuro. The Supernovas’ futures are looking brighter than ever now that Big Mom is far away from Kaido. Despite this, it seems like the real battle is just about to begin.

It appears that next week’s episode will focus on Zoro and Law protecting Luffy from Kaido. They will show their outstanding skills with the sword as they fight against this imposing opponent. Let’s hope this next episode can continue with the quality and amazing animation One Piece Episode 1026 had.