One Piece Episode 1025: A noble samurai sacrifices himself for his friends, and the Yonko uses powerful attack against Worst Generation

Ashura's friends will never forget the sacrifice he made in One Piece Episode 1025 (Image via Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)
Ashura's friends will never forget the sacrifice he made in One Piece Episode 1025 (Image via Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)

One Piece Episode 1025 just came out a few hours ago, packed with action, emotive moments and beautiful scenes that fans will surely enjoy. The heroes of the Land of Wano are still fighting ardently to liberate their land from Kaido’s claws.

The last miraculous reappearance of Oden was confirmed as nothing more than a devious trick created by Kanjuro, something the Scabbards will have to deal with quickly. At the same time, the Supernovas are struggling to keep fighting against Kaido and Big Mom. Continue reading to learn how these situations will play out in One Piece Episode 1025

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers.

Akazaya Samurai and the Worst Generation are more motivated to fight than ever in One Piece Episode 1025

Shinobu and Yamato will keep Momonosuke safe (Image via Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)
Shinobu and Yamato will keep Momonosuke safe (Image via Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)

One Piece Episode 1024 began with Yamato and Shinobu fighting against Kaido’s forces to protect Momonosuke. The little kid felt like a burden to everyone, turning into his dragon form because of his strong emotions.

Yamato was surprised because this transformation reminded her of Kaido's. In another room, a member of the CP0 was talking about an artificial devil fruit created with Kaido’s lineage as a base.

Far away from there, the Red Scabbards were waking up, prepared to fight, when someone who looked and sounded just like Oden entered their room. Most members of the samurai group were elated after seeing their master again, but Ashura and Raizo began having doubts.

One Piece #1024. Solid stuff. It's Sho Inuzuka's 2nd episode as an ED and I dig what I see from him, particularely in the lightning & compositing department. However, he's still in his training period so we have yet to be patient in order to see the full extent of his abillities.

To prove this was not the real Oden, Ashura tried to cut him. This action revealed the fake Oden as a painting created by Kanjuro, a former Scabbard who betrayed his comrades.

He wanted to distract the samurai long enough for him to kill Momonosuke. It cuts back to the little kid and his companions, who wondered how Luffy’s fight against Kaido was developing.

On the castle's roof, Luffy and the other members of the Worst Generation continued their fight against Kaido and Big Mom. All of their attacks were pointless because neither of the two Yonkos were receiving any damage. Still, the young pirates were not ready to give up the fight, only getting more excited because of the difficulty of the battle.

One Piece Episode 1025 is titled The Worst Generation Gets Wiped Out?! The Emperors’ Deadly Attack!

Ashura’s sacrifice

1025 was great! Felt the anguish from the others for Ashura. Also cool for Inu to stay behind and find Jack, since Momo is the main priority. And they made Orochi more sinister while still goofy. Big moment was Big Mom and Kaido's attack and how it was blocked. It was awesome!

One Piece Episode 1025 starts with the Akazaya members trying to destroy Kanjuro’s fake Oden. The traitor is laughing at them because they have no way to get past him and save Momonosuke in time.

All his former friends are appalled by his actions, cursing his name and trying to find a way to get to him before he finds Oden’s son. To prevent this, Kanjuro reveals that Oden’s painting has explosives attached to it, ready to blow up the samurai.

Denjiro, fighting the painting, does not know what to do, which seems to be the case for all his other comrades. In a moment of heroism, Ashura jumps with all the strength his injured body can produce and takes the explosive painting with him.

Ashura screams for his friends to save Momonosuke and foil Kanjuro’s plans. The pink-haired samurai is ready to die to save his friends and prevent Kanjuro from soiling Oden’s name. The painting explodes just as it and Ashura are falling out of a window and his friends cannot believe he is dead.

The battle is not over

Dogstorm is preparing for another difficult battle in One Piece Episode 1025 (Image via Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)
Dogstorm is preparing for another difficult battle in One Piece Episode 1025 (Image via Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)

One Piece Episode 1025 cuts to Kanjuro, who is still running in search of Momonosuke, claiming he will end the Kozuki bloodline and die shortly after, putting an end to his performance. Meanwhile, a mysterious figure laughs as he starts a fire inside the castle in another room.

The samurai group chased Kanjuro when they encountered Jack in his Mammoth form, with several enemies defeated at his feet. They know they have to let him go free or stay and fight him, but both choices are hard to take.

I love the Kozuki/Kurozumi’s tweet #15737 #ONEPIECE1025

To help his friends save Momonosuke, Dogstorm offers to stay behind and fight Jack, telling his fellow samurai to hurry up and save Oden’s child. After his friends leave, Dog and Jack prepare for their encounter, both injured and without their most powerful weapons.

Chaos reigns inside the castle

THIS ANIMATION, BRO!!! Is that Ota?!! #ONEPIECE1025 #ONEPIECEspoilers

One Piece Episode 1025 continues on the Live Floor, just after Queen receives Chopper’s powerful punch. The Android is not out of the fight yet and is preparing to fire a laser against the Strawhat doctor.

In the nick of time, Marco kicks Queen, knocking him down again. All those inside the live floor are ready to help Chopper take down Queen, who is getting angrier by the second.

Out of all the villains in One Piece, Orochi is a scum bag #OnePiece1025

There is another cut and we see Kaido’s forces trying to put out the fires inside the castle. The mysterious figure is revealed to be Orochi, who somehow survived Kaido’s betrayal. He was accompanied by Fukurokuju, who made an ominous comment about Kaido decapitating him only once.

The power of the Yonko

One Piece Episode 1025 makes a final cut and transports us to the roof, where the members of the Worst Generation are still figuring out how to defeat the Emperors. Kid asks Law to use his power to transport one of them into another place, but Trafalgar informs him that he cannot.

Big Mom suggests to Kaido that they should combine powers to wipe out the young pirates in a single attack. They create a massive ball of energy called Conquest of the Sea, which is too big and fast for the Supernovas to avoid.

Zoro manages to pull it off #onepiece1025

Zoro surprises everyone by stopping the attack with his swords while screaming for his friends to get out of the way while they still can. Law takes advantage of the situation and uses his Shambles to move his comrades away from the blast.

The Strawhat swordsman barely survived the powerful technique the Yonko used against them. Luffy gets furious with Kaido for hurting his friend and attempts to use another Red Roc to hit the tyrant. Kaido avoids it and Luffy mocks him, asking him if it hurts, which only makes the dragon-hybrid angrier.

One Piece Episode 1025 ends with a determined Luffy waiting for Kaido to attack him.

Final thoughts

Last week’s episode focused more on establishing the setting for the fights that will happen in the next episodes. In contrast, One Piece Episode 1025 gave fans exactly what they asked for, non-stop action. From the beginning, all the characters in the episode fight or deal with a dangerous situation.

The Akazaya members are more determined than ever to defeat Kanjuro and all the evil individuals who have been terrifying their country for decades. Ashura’s death will motivate them to keep fighting no matter what.


Orochi’s surprising appearance was also something that few fans saw coming, which got them wondering how important he would be moving forward. Fans also praised Zoro for his bravery and power when defending his friends and admiring how awesome the attack on Yonko looked.

One Piece Episode 1026 Preview: The Plan to take down Big Mom!! #ONEPIECE

One Piece Episode 1025 was an outstanding addition to the series, with great animation and a quick-paced story that many fans will be thankful for. Next week’s episode will focus on the strategy the Supernovas will use to separate Big Mom from Kaido, and fans cannot contain their excitement at how good it looks.

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