One Piece: 4 characters Momonosuke can beat (and 4 he can’t)

This little brat isn't completely helpless (Image Credits: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)
This little brat isn't completely helpless (Image Credits: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)

Momonosuke doesn't have much combat experience in One Piece, so he won't be winning too many bouts. With that said, he does have a lot of heart.

Momonosuke may not have the strength of his father, but he does share his resilience. He also consumed an Artificial Devil Fruit that could turn him into a dragon, just like Kaido.

Momonosuke is only eight years old, so he isn't a strong fighter by any means. However, willpower goes a very long way in the One Piece series. Here's a look at who Momonosuke can and cannot beat in a straight fight.

Note: This article reflects the opinions of the writer and contains major spoilers from the manga.

One Piece characters that Momonosuke can surprisingly defeat

1) Chew


During the Onigashima Raid, Shinobu used her Devil Fruit powers to age Momonosuke by 20 years. However, this only affects his body and not his mind.

At the very least, Momonosuke can transform into a bigger dragon. This updated version of the character will be used for this article.

Size and strength have their advantages in the One Piece series. Chew is definitely a small fry in comparison to Momonosuke. A member of the Arlong Pirates, this Fishman can shoot water from his mouth at incredibly high speeds.

However, once Momonosuke transforms into a dragon, his durable scales won't be affected. Chew would likely be taken out by a single tail swing. This early One Piece villain lacks durability, so it wouldn't be difficult to knock him out.

2) Charlotte Flampe


Charlotte Flampe is a child that was around Momonosuke's age, at least before his recent transformation. The pint-sized brat is a member of the Big Mom Pirates, but she isn't much of a fighter.

Flampe can shoot dart projectiles at a reasonable distance. She can also use a floating device to stay in the air.

However, Flampe does get scared very easily, so Momonosuke only needs to frighten her with his dragon form. It would be the quickest way to end the battle, but he can also rely on his swordsmanship.

Kin'emon did teach Momonosuke the ways of Wano Country, which gives him the combative edge.

3) Hamlet

One Piece readers cannot help but laugh at Hamlet's ridiculous design. The Gifter ate a giraffe SMILE, which gave him a very strange appearance. His human body is attached to a giraffe's neck.

However, judging by his performance in the Onigashima Raid, Hamlet is a complete pushover. Jinbe didn't even try when he swatted him away. That's not even getting to Hamlet's impractical body. Like most SMILE users, his "special abilities" only get in the way.

Momonosuke simply needs to bite him in his dragon form to defeat him.

4) Kurozumi Orochi


Orochi consumed a very rare Mythical Zoan fruit, which can transform him into an eight-headed serpent dragon. He can also survive decapitations for each head.

Regardless, Orochi completely wastes his Devil Fruit with a lack of fighting capability. He mainly uses it for intimidation purposes since he has very poor skill in using weapons.

Momonosuke is arguably the better swordsman in his child form, which is rather embarrassing. One Piece fans certainly wouldn't mind Orochi getting swallowed whole by Momonosuke's dragon form.

One Piece characters that Momonosuke will never have a chance to defeat

1) Fukurokuju


This master ninja is a direct rival to Raizo of the Red Scabbards. Given his reputation, that is quite the impressive feat in One Piece.

Fukurokuju has plenty of tricks in his bag, such as using his long earlobes like firecrackers.

One Piece fights can often be decided by speed rather than strength. Momonosuke wouldn't have much time for his dragon transformation, as Fukurokuju is known for striking quickly against his opponents.

2) Kurozumi Kanjuro


Kurozumi Kanjuro is a skilled artist known for his treacherous ways. He ruthlessly betrayed the Red Scabbards when he kidnapped Momonosuke. By doing so, he intended to send the young boy to his death.

Kanjuro can make his drawings come to life with the use of his Devil Fruit. Even if Momonosuke uses his dragon form, the villain can rely on his versatile moveset. That's not even getting into Momonosuke's traumatic state of mind. He doesn't fare well under pressure from his enemies.

One Piece fans have every reason to despise Kanjuro since he is still a very manipulative fighter. His mind games are disturbingly effective against his foes.

3) Kin'emon


Kin'emon used to serve directly under Kozuki Oden. He even mastered his distinct swordsmanship.

Kin'emon can not only cut through fire, but he can also deal some damage to Kaido's dragon form. Very few One Piece characters have the strength to get past those defensive scales.

Momonosuke is far weaker than Kaido on his worst day. Kin'emon knows how to deal with large dragons. His swordplay is also surprisingly good, which is why Zoro learned a few of his moves.

4) Nami


Momonosuke is very similar to his father in One Piece. Both men are highly perverted around beautiful women.

Nami is a very sharp-witted person. There is no way she wouldn't take advantage of Momonosuke and his desires. She could easily lure him into a trap with her weather manipulation.

Zeus is powerful enough to strike down Ulti of the Beasts Pirates, so Momonosuke doesn't stand a chance.

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