One Piece: How does Kaido’s Devil Fruit work?

Kaido's dragon form can send chills down a person's spine (Image Credits: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)
Kaido's dragon form can send chills down a person's spine (Image Credits: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)

There is no doubt that Kaido lucked out when it came to Devil Fruits in One Piece.

Zoan users can transform into various animals. Depending on their fruit, they can turn into something like a cat or a dog. In the case of Kaido, he can become a massive dragon.

Not every fruit is created equally in One Piece. Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryu is very special, even by the series' standards.

For the past few decades, Kaido has made a name for himself in the pirating world using the powers of this fruit. The World Government even gave him the highest active bounty.

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An explanation of Kaido’s Devil Fruit work in One Piece


According to Big Mom, Kaido will always be in debt to her. Thirty-eight years ago, she gave him a very powerful Devil Fruit. Since then, he has put it to great use in the One Piece series.

Kaido can strike fear into many characters with his dragon form. This article will explain what the form is really about.

Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryu


Kaido has the ability to transform into an Azure Dragon, complete with shiny blue scales and a second pair of horns. His full Beast Form can stretch for miles. He can also turn into a hybrid between a human and a dragon.

Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryu is classified under the Mythical Zoan archetype. It's a very rare sub-class by One Piece standards. Not only do users turn into legendary creatures, but they also get special abilities on the side.

Advantages and disadvantages


First and foremost, Kaido's physical stats are skyrocketed with his Devil Fruit. The dragon scales also make him extremely durable to physical attacks.

Kaido has the ability to fly via Flame Clouds, which gives him extra mobility in the air. He can even lift entire islands with this method.

Unlike most characters in One Piece, Kaido also has access to elemental attacks. He can use wind blades, fire energy beams, and shoot lightning bolts. His most powerful attack can even summon a fiery dragon surrounding his body. It can melt anything within close proximity.

However, bigger isn't always better in the One Piece series. Kaido is a very easy target in his long dragon form. The Red Scabbards took advantage of this during the Onigashima Raid. Despite their devastating loss, they still landed pretty good hits on Kaido's dragon form.

Vegapunk wanted to research its Lineage Factor


At some point in the past, Vegapunk performed a series of experiments on Kaido. The latter was presumably captured by the Marines again. It's unknown if this was the same time that Kaido freed King from imprisonment.

Vegapunk took a sample of Kaido's Lineage Factor from his body. By doing so, he created an Artificial Devil Fruit with similar abilities.

For unknown reasons, however, Vegapunk considered his tests a failure. One Piece fans can only speculate on why that is the case.

Momonosuke has eaten that particular fruit, so he can also turn into a dragon. The only difference is that his main color is pink and not blue.

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