Fan-made Dragon Ball short film is the best thing you'll see on the internet today

The Saiyan trio make a return in new forms in Naseer Prasha and Studio Stray Dog's fan-made film (Image Credits: Akira Toriyama, Toyotarou/Shueisha, Viz Media, Dragon Ball Super)
The Saiyan trio make a return in new forms in Naseer Prasha and Studio Stray Dog's fan-made film (Image Credits: Akira Toriyama, Toyotarou/Shueisha, Viz Media, Dragon Ball Super)

A fan-made Dragon Ball short film, that was uploaded recently, has taken the series’ fandom and the general anime community by storm. The film comes from Naseer Pasha's Studio Stray Dog who uploaded the film to their YouTube channel, Agent Mystery Meat.

The fan-made Dragon Ball film has impressed nearly everyone who has had the chance to view it, with said viewers highlighting the superior quality and feel of the film. Some are even saying it’s the best franchise project to be released in the last 10 years, even beating out official releases.

Follow along as this article covers the fan reaction to the Dragon Ball fan-made short film.

Naseer Pasha-led Studio Stray Dog releases Dragon Ball short film that leaves viewers impressed


As mentioned above, Naseer Pasha and their Studio Stray Dog animation group recently released a fan-made Dragon Ball short film. The film is incredibly made from the ground up, using no pre-existing footage or drawings of official franchise characters. For this reason, viewers are praising the exceptional quality of the completely original animation.

Yikes! The support has been overwhelming and awesome. I feel like #Goku receiving life energy for a huge Spirit Bomb! THANK YOU ALL!!I guess I can finally let the secret out, huh?; Broly's in it ; ) #vegeta #broly #chichi #animation

The film reinvents the meeting of Goku and Vegeta, also including Broly in the mix which works out perfectly. Chi-Chi is also present in the film, playing a relatively minor role as compared to the aforementioned trio. The film begins with Vegeta being sent on an assassination order, something he’s apparently trained his whole life for.

@reMENgeance Congratulations my dude! What an amazing journey you have been on and lead people thru. Mad respect for the love you showed in every frame! My best to all of your cohorts!

Perspective then quickly shifts to a World Martial Arts Tournament match between Goku and Chi-Chi, with the overall dialogue and tone very similar to their canonical match. This is, however, quickly interrupted by a hooded assailant who shortly reveals himself to be Broly. He overpowers Goku and Chi-Chi easily, but then Vegeta shows up just in time.

@reMENgeance BIG W man love to see more of this in the future ! its great storyline and it get me hookup to it 100%

The rest of the film is essentially a montage of beautifully-nominated fight sequences with a nice surprise transformation and a well-done ending. Fans are highlighting the aforementioned transformation on social media, which is based on the myth of Sun Wukong, also called Son Goku. Fittingly, the transformation is based on the mythological character who inspired Goku and his journey.

This is the Best Dragon Ball Project I've seen in the last 10 Years since Dragon Ball came back. That includes Official Releases.Legend - A Dragon Ball Tale - 2022 STUDIO STRAY DOG

As previously discussed, fans are expressing their love for the film all over social media. The Twitter and Reddit communities have been celebrating the film for quite a few days now, and they are showing no signs of slowing down. The film continues to trend on social media and garner thousands of views.

@reMENgeance INCREDIBLE WORK DUDE. This taps into how DBZ FEELS on such a visceral level.

Many fans are commenting on how authentic the Dragon Ball Z short film feels, from the setting and the characterization to the dialogue and the choreography. The animation is admirably fluid as well, and fans are applauding Naseer and his team for their efforts.

@reMENgeance It was a great watch, I really enjoyed it <3 I hope I'll be able to dissect it at some point <3

The Dragon Ball fanbase is unanimously expressing their appreciation for the fan-made film, whereas recent official franchise projects have been highly divisive. This is an interesting point to note because the film has managed to unite a fanbase that usually boasts a variety of strong opinions.

@SaiyanScholarGT This animation was top notch 👌 it really got me thinking what would DragonBall be if the direction was different 🤔

Some are even asking for a sequel, which is very clearly set up based on the film’s ending moments. Regardless of whether Naseer and their team decide to pursue a sequel, the film’s legacy has already been cemented in the hearts of fans everywhere.

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