Fans flood the internet as Demon Slayer Entertainment District Arc comes to an end

Former Upper Rank Six demon, Douma (Image via Ufotable)
Former Upper Rank Six demon, Douma (Image via Ufotable)
Arundhoti Palit

Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 18 marked the end of the Entertainment District arc, and needless to say, fans have a lot to say about the final episode of the season. With the last few episodes being extremely action-heavy, this episode eased up on the combat and was more of a tearjerker. The well-paced arc was properly rounded off with this episode, and Ufotable’s consistently fantastic animation this season made it even more satisfying.

That was an amazing ep and a beautiful conclusion to the 2nd season of Demon slayer. Gyutaro's and Daki's past and development was really emotional#DemonSlayerSeason2 #DemonSlayer

Twitter fans’ response to the Demon Slayer Entertainment District arc finale

The verdict regarding season 2 episode 18

That was a really good arc. There were laughs, there was action, there was pain (in the end, Tanjiro's pity managed to make the antagonists likable, as usual).So once again: Demon Slayer is a really solid anime that even myself, a former but not current shonen fan, enjoy fully.
Amazing way to end the season, one hell of an arc for the anime, ufotable just done a fantastic job! Can't wait for Demon Slayer season 3! 🔥🔥#鬼滅の刃 #DemonSlayer#DemonSlayerSeason2

The episode garnered ample praise from fans for the overall quality of the episode, both in terms of content, voice acting, and animation.

Getting emotional because of Gyutaro's WHAT IFs for his sister, Ume. 😢💔#kimetsunoyaiba#demonslayer#鬼滅の刃
this is the first time I have felt sorry for demonic moons, what an episode to end this season! Demon Slayer what a performance 🤩❤️@Jayson_ytb

Season 2 episode 18 turned out to be a tear fest for fans, many remarking upon its emotionally heavy content. Especially the tragic backstory of the Upper Rank siblings, Gyutaro and Daki, had fans bawling their eyes out.

This is why demon slayer is the best anime out. Boruto is mid and don’t even get me started on mid ball super “super hero” 🤦🏽‍♂️ people are stuck on the era where anime was more of a cartoon and just fighting. Grow up and focus on the story telling who cares about blowing up planets
"No matter how many times i'm reborn, i'm always going to be your little sister" 😢💔 #DemonSlayer #kimetsunoyaiba
Just watched the Demon Slayer finale and it’s so bittersweet. This has been an awesome season and the best is yet to come in season 3 and beyond. Thank you @ufotable and shout out to knytwt! I’ve loved experiencing this arc being animated with you all! Season 3 here we come!

Other fans have been shedding tears of relief along with Tanjiro, Zenitsu, Inosuke, and Uzui’s wives, with the heartwarming end to the arc. Yet others are simply in tears because the season has come to an end, and Sundays will probably feel a bit less exciting from next week (thankfully for them, Attack on Titan is still airing).

I can’t believe this season is over! Like how I’m supposed to spend my Sundays from now on? #kimetsunoyaiba #DemonSlayer

A large chunk of fans have been very excited by the reveal of the former Upper Rank Six demon, Douma. Douma is voiced by Miyano Mamoru, which lovers of the series have vehemently approved of. Manga readers, in particular, agree that Miyano Mamoru is the perfect fit for Douma, considering his role later on in the manga as a major villain.

The bone-chilling demeanor of Mamoru Miyano couldn't have fit the bill any better as Douma, we're bringing it back to Light Yamagi levels 👏#DemonSlayer#KimetsuNoYaiba
the best villain of demon slayer (doma) is voiced by mamoru miyano!!!! i cannot wait for the next season. it's going to be sick!! #DemonSlayerSeason2
Remember this face #DemonSlayer fans! You will despise this motherfucker...#Douma Mamoru Miyano is such a prefect VA casting for him.…
This psychopath already stole my heart 💖Can't wait for #DemonSlayer swordsman village arc 🔥Also can't wait for see #Douma in action

Ufotable’s animation has also had fans appreciating Douma, with special focus on his eyes. The focus on beautifully animated eyes also extends to Upper Rank Three demon Akaza, Daki during her human life, and Serpent Hashira Iguro Obanai.

Many fans have also begun looking for clues and Easter eggs in the episode foreshadowing the events of future story arcs of the Demon Slayer manga. Akaza being summoned to the Infinity Castle is such an instance.

Demon Slayer Finale | Season 2 Episode 11 The fact that they ended the final episode here is gonna drive me insane till Season 3

Of course, Twitter wouldn’t be complete without memes and comic content. The series has a distinctive humor with a knack for cutting through tense situations by making them trivial, and fans took ample advantage of those moments, along with the usual barrage of memes.

This frame had me in hysterics for a solid 2 minutes 😂😭 #DemonSlayerSeason2
Nezuko heal Uzui by using her blood demon art on him but his Wives reaction funny 🤣#Demonslayer
The faces in demon slayer really crack me up 😂😂 #DemonSlayerSeason2
Loved the finale of Demon Slayer but they cut the Infinity Castle scene so short!! two whole years before ufotable blesses me again
This final Demon Slayer Ep:
Iguro looking at Uzui after fighting a Upper Moon 6 #DemonSlayerSeason2

Fans’ reaction to announcement for Season 3

that Demon Slayer finale 😭😭😭 this arc was on a whole different level, can’t wait for what’s next for the team in Swordsmith Village!!

With the announcement for Demon Slayer Season 3 dropping almost at the same time as the final episode, a large chunk of tweets have been speculatory in nature, and already looking forward to the third season of the anime, which will adapt the Swordsmith Village arc.

Demon Slayer fans are especially looking forward to seeing the Love Hashira and Mist Hashira in action, along with the demon slayer Shinazugawa Genya.

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