Fans take to Twitter after Lucifero overpowers Nozel Silva in Black Clover chapter 319 raw scans

Fans react to Lucifero beating Nozel Silva and the rest of the captains (Image via Twitter/@ItDoBeLikeItDo)
Fans react to Lucifero beating Nozel Silva and the rest of the captains (Image via Twitter/@ItDoBeLikeItDo)

Black Clover fans cannot contain their excitement as the captains team up and fight against the Devil King, Lucifero. The previous chapter ended with the captains entering the battlefield, leaving fans excited for the next chapter.

Sources have uploaded the raw scans, and fans have taken to Twitter to react to some of the panels from it. The captains, individually, are not nearly as strong as the Devil King, and the raw scans have left fans speechless as Lucifero overwhelms the captains.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from the raw scans of the upcoming chapter.

Twitter goes berserk as Black Clover raw scans reveal Lucifero beating Nozel Silva with ease

Fans have taken to Twitter after a panel showed Nozel Silva receiving a blow to the face. The captains are trying their best to deal some damage, but their efforts seem futile. Lucifero is extremely strong, and his powers are on another level. Asta used the Devil Union, and even that seemed to have no effect on the Devil King.

Here’s how the fans reacted to Lucifero landing a blow on the captain of the Silver Eagles:

Black Clover fans also appreciated the details present in some of the panels. They liked the manner in which Lucifer's hands were drawn in this panel. Fans also loved the the rest of the panels, which even included a two-page spread of all the characters. Here's how the fans reacted to some of the panels:

Most fans expected Lucifero to easily beat the captains as he was far stronger. But the manner in which Lucifero stopped some of these attacks left fans speechless. These captains are some of the strongest mages in their kingdom, yet they struggled against the Devil King.

So far, the captains haven't dealt any bit of damage to Lucifero in this fight. But Black Clover fans would like to see the captains and Asta inflict some damage to make this fight a tad bit less one-sided. It will be interesting to see if the captains will be able to undergo a new transformation or power scale to beat Lucifero.

Fans are excited as chapter 319 is set to be released on January 16, 2022. The latest chapters of Black Clover will be available on Viz and Shueisha's Manga Plus.