Hell's Paradise episode 9 animation finally turns fan opinion

Zhu Jin as seen in Hell
Zhu Jin as seen in Hell's Paradise episode 9 (Image via MAPPA)

Before the release of Hell's Paradise episode 9, fans of the anime often complained about the animation quality of the series. However, following the latest episode's release, it seems that viewers have finally changed their opinion as fans have showered MAPPA with praises.

Hell's Paradise episode 9 saw Gabimaru running away from his group in order to go to Horai. Upon reaching its gate, he encountered Zhu Jin and fought him. Although he dominated the fight, he was defeated at the end, following which, Mei saved him. Soon after that, the Tensen had a meeting to discuss the humans who had infiltrated the island.

Fans praise the animation quality of Hell's Paradise episode 9

Following the release of Hell's Paradise episode 9, titled God and Man, fans took to social media to praise the animation in the latest episode. The overall quality has apparently improved by a mile, and fans loved the atmosphere the anime managed to create with contrasting colors.

Even fans who were previously quite critical of the animation quality praised the anime. According to them, while the animation quality is not always up to the standard, when it comes to any important scenes, MAPPA makes sure to animate the sequence well.

The latest episode brought in a lot of spectacular moments that were captured perfectly with the animation quality. This includes intense moments like fights as well as emotionally riveting moments like the one with Gabimaru and his wife Yui.

Further, upon witnessing Gabimaru's fight against Zhu Jin, fans began comparing Gabimaru with One Piece's Luffy. This is because Gabimaru's latest move against Zhu Jin looked similar to Luffy's Gum-Gum Gatling Gun.

When Hell's Paradise previously announced that they were taking a one-week break before the release of episode 9, fans were naturally very disappointed. However, some were convinced that the break would improve the animation quality of Hell's Paradise episode 9. Manga fans knew that the upcoming episode was set to have a huge fight, meaning it needed to be animated well.

After the episode's release, fan speculations were confirmed as the latest episode managed to enthral them in every way possible. Thus, fans were happy that Jigokuraku Saturdays were back as they could now watch the anime's episodes every week, without a break, until the season's end.

Following the uptick in the animation quality, some fans have even begun recommending the anime to others, believing that it deserves a lot of plaudits. However, considering that the anime is yet to leave a mark on the anime industry, they believe that the ones who aren't watching it are missing out on something special.

Final thoughts on Hell's Paradise episode

Gabimaru the Hollow as seen in Hell's Paradise episode 9 (Image via MAPPA)
Gabimaru the Hollow as seen in Hell's Paradise episode 9 (Image via MAPPA)

Hell's Paradise episode 9 saw Gabimaru fighting against the Tensen Zhu Jin. While the Tensen easily defeated Yamada Asaemon Tenza, he could not deal similar damage to Gabimaru. However, since Gabimaru himself had never fought someone as strong and difficult to deal with as Zhu Hin, he had a tough time resisting his attacks.

Following their fight, Zhu Jin went back to the other Tensen and expressed that he managed to kill his opponent, but that was far from the truth. Thus, there is a good chance that Gabimaru could again fight Zhu Jin in the future. However, at that time, the battle's result may turn out to be completely different.

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