One Piece live action Going Merry disappoints everyone

One Piece Live Action Going Merry disappoints everyone
One Piece live action Going Merry disappoints everyone (Image via Sportskeeda)

Fans have been waiting for Netflix to announce the release date for the One Piece live action series. While the streaming company is yet to announce it, they did release a new key visual for the series. The new key visual featured the Straw Hats Pirates' first ship "Going Merry." However, not everyone was amused by the ship's live action design.

Eiichiro Oda's One Piece follows the story of Monkey D. Luffy, a boy who unintentionally ate a devil fruit. He aspires to become the Pirate King and find the deceased pirate God D. Roger's treasure "One Piece." Thus, he set off on a journey in the East Blue Sea with his pirate crew "The Straw Hat Pirates."

One Piece fans disapprove of the live-action Going Merry design

Instantly after the new One Piece key visual was released by Netflix, fans could not stop themselves from pointing out the mistakes in Going Merry's design.

Firstly, in an attempt to make the design look more realistic, the show's creators made several changes to its details. Instead of the plain white wood that covers the ship in the anime, the live action features planks that have ridges in them. Moreover, one fan pointed out how the ship looked asymmetrical in the key visual.

Nevertheless, there were some fans that did try to defend the series. As per them, the live action design was much better considering that it had a much more realistic look for a pirate ship. Meanwhile, others started claiming that One Piece live action series was set to be the best live action adaptation of an anime series.

Fans arguing over the live-action Going Merry design (Image via X)
Fans arguing over the live-action Going Merry design (Image via X)

However, others quickly tried to shut down their claims. Considering the number of failed live-action adaptations of anime and games, it seemed very careless to claim that One Piece's live-action series was going to be great. Thus, even die-hard fans of the franchise were staying wary of a possible failure.

Additionally, many fans also mentioned how Going Merry did not need to look realistic. The ship's design in the anime was quite goofy, so putting a serious spin on it seemed odd to fans.

Something that really stood out in the new design for Going Merry was the goat figurehead. In the anime, the goat looked really cute with a smile. However, the live-action series' creators decided to take a different direction.

Considering that a real goat would not smile, the creators added a figurehead that had a goat with its mouth open. Fans were puzzled as to why the show's creators took such a decision.

The new figurehead not only has the goat's mouth wide open but it also has a tongue. Altogether, the design was horrific for fans. The goat from the original design looked calm and happy, while the live-action design made the goat look like it was screaming for help.

Thus, fans could not understand why the design needed to be changed. Fans disapproved of the design to the point that one fan even edited the face and made it look very similar to the anime's design. With that, fans hoped that the executives from Netflix would soon take notice of the fans' disapproval and make appropriate changes to the design before the show was released.