Himawari and Sumire's Timeskip fan art spurs anticipation for Boruto manga's return

Himawari and Sumire
Himawari and Sumire's Timeskip fan art spurs anticipation for Boruto manga's return (Image via Sportskeeda)

With Boruto Part 2 set to be released on August 21, 2023, fans of the manga series have been highly anticipating the next chapter's release. During this, the manga revealed Sarada's new look for the time skip. Following that, fans have been left urging for more such content from the series.

While the Boruto manga series itself hasn't revealed any new character designs, series fans have taken the job upon themselves as several fan arts are making rounds on the internet. While they are all fan arts, some particular ones, especially that of Himawari and Sumire have left many fans convinced that the manga revealed new character designs for the time skip.

New Boruto fan arts leave fans with heightened anticipation for the series' return

Following the reveal of Sarada's new look, Boruto fan on Twitter @Aldo93_4 has been releasing fan arts of characters from the series in such a way that it looks like they are leaked character designs from the manga. Given that the fan did not previously address that these were fan arts, many were led to believe that the fan arts were official and hence ended up being excited by the characters' new looks.

To date, the fan account released fan arts of Himawari, Shinki, Inojin, Sumire, and Mitsuki. All of them managed to fool fans into thinking that the new character designs were out. However, in reality, they were just edits made by the Twitter user of fan arts made by other artists.

Fortunately, the Twitter user later openly revealed how all of the posts were just predictions based on fan arts. The same was also, at times, revealed in the comments of the posts as well.

That said, fans especially loved Himawari and Sumire's fan arts as they gushed about them in the comments.

As mentioned earlier, several fans previously believed that the fan arts were real and wished that the actual character designs would also look similar. Many fans praised the fan arts as it was a great interpretation of how the characters may look based on their personality.

Considering how Himawari was a cheerful girl in the first part, there is a good chance that she will choose to keep hair buns. While they are bound to look cute on her, the hairstyle is also efficient for a shinobi. The anime showed Himawari having joined the Shinobi school. Hence, fans can expect her to be a Shinobi in the second part.

With that, fans hope to see more of her in Boruto Part 2. Moreover, they hope to learn her age soon and what role she would play in the story. Boruto Part 1 saw her being left alone after her parents were sealed away and her brother had to run away from the village. Hence, she might be living either with Iruka-sensei or Sakura.

Fans even loved Sumire's look and hoped that her character design would look similar to the fan art. Some fans loved the fan art to the point that they believed it to be a better-looking character design than that of Sarada's.

Hence, several people wished that the series manga artist Ikemoto would take a look at these character designs and get inspired by the same.