Hunter x Hunter: What to expect as the manga returns

Here are some things to expect from the upcoming 'Hunter x Hunter' chapters (Image via Madhouse)
Here are some things to expect from the upcoming 'Hunter x Hunter' chapters (Image via Madhouse)

It is widely known that the Hunter x Hunter manga has progressed further than the anime. As a result, many of the latest chapters of the manga have important plot points that have not been adapted yet. Hence, it is likely that the upcoming chapters that Togashi-sensei is currently writing will focus more on the manga-only story instead of anything seen in the anime.

Note: This article contains massive spoilers for the Hunter x Hunter manga.

Chrollo vs. Hisoka, Gon and Killua's adventures and more things that we might see in the upcoming Hunter x Hunter chapters

1) Hisoka's quest to eliminate the Phantom Troupe


In the manga chapters that have yet to be animated, Hisoka got his wish to fight Chrollo. However, his desire to fight the strongest version of Chrollo got the best of him, and he was killed. After coming back with the help of Machi, Hisoka made a vow to kill every last member of the Phantom Troupe. He has already killed Shalnark and Kortopi, so the next chapters should feature him hunting down the rest.

2) Chrollo vs. Hisoka Round Two


As a result of Hisoka's quest to kill the Phantom Troupe, his rematch with Chrollo is inevitable. Hisoka loves fighting incredibly powerful opponents, but he never likes to lose. This time around, instead of allowing Chrollo to prepare as much as possible, Hisoka is going to fight him then and there. This will allow for the fight to be more fair, giving Hisoka a higher chance of winning.

3) Kurapika's journey to find the missing Scarlet Eyes


Ever since the beginning of the series, Kurapika has been focused on finding the lost Scarlet Eyes of the Kurta Clan. As a result, he has devoted his attention to killing the members of the Phantom Troupe since they are the ones most likely to know where the eyes have been distributed. However, as Kurapika travels the word, he is getting closer and closer to finding all of the eyes. He has already encountered people who hold the eyes as decorations and trophies. These people will be able to lead Kurapika in the right direction.

4) Gon and Killua going on an expedition to the Dark Continent


The Dark Continent was teased by Ging towards the end of the Hunter x Hunter anime. It is a massive place with monsters as far as the eye can see. Many powerful characters in Hunter x Hunter have already journeyed through it, including Ging Freecss, Isaac Netero, and Maha Zoldyck. With that in mind, Gon and Killua going to the Dark Continent would be an amazing experience that would help make them even stronger. Unfortunately, they are nowhere near powerful enough at the moment, so they will need to train a lot more before they are ready to go to the Dark Continent.

5) Leorio getting more time to show off his character


Leorio is easily one of the most loved characters in Hunter x Hunter, but it is no secret that he seems to get less screentime than the other main characters. Fans have already missed the time he spent training to learn Nen, so they do not want to miss any more of Leorio's development. Togashi-sensei likely has plans to feature Leorio much more in the newest manga chapters than ever before.

6) Discovering the truth about Nanika


Nanika is perhaps the biggest mystery in the Hunter x Hunter anime. She has been residing in Alluka's body for as long as the Zoldyck Family can remember. Even when Alluka was a kid, Nanika was unintentionally causing harm to the people around them. Both fans and characters in the series want to know exactly who Nanika is and where she came from.

7) A complete explanation of the Five Great Calamities


In Hunter x Hunter, the greatest threat to humanity's existence was not Meruem's colony of chimera ants, not even close. The Five Great Calamities are more deserving of the title because of their ability to cause a worldwide calamity that could easily wipe out humanity. While almost nothing is known about their full abilities, they are one of the main reasons that the Dark Continent is so dangerous.

8) Gon and Killua reaching their full potential


Gon and Killua are often touted as having a lot of undiscovered potential. With proper studying and training, they may even surpass even Isaac Netero in terms of combat ability and Nen mastery. Although fans have already got a glimpse of Gon's true power, everyone is waiting patiently to see Killua's. If they continue to work together in the future, there is no doubt that they will be able to successfully uncover all the secrets of the Dark Continent.

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