"I have no enemies": The Vinland Saga quote that went viral, explained

Thorfinn saying, "I have no enemies" (Image via Kodansha)
Thorfinn saying, "I have no enemies" (Image via Kodansha)

Vinland Saga sets itself apart by making its protagonist a pacifist in the violent Viking Era. The series follows the story of a young boy named Thorfinn, who vows to avenge his father's death at the hands of Askeladd, the leader of a mercenary band of Vikings. Thorfinn ends up joining Askeladd's crew, growing up to be a strong warrior.

However, with Askeladd dying at someone else's hands, Thorfinn is unable to get his revenge and is left hollow and suicidal. This is when he decides to renounce violence and become a true warrior, as he truly understands the words his father told him prior to his death about how no one has any enemies. It is then he utters the now-famous quote "I have no enemies".

Vinland Saga's quote "I have no enemies" was spoken by Thorfinn, recalling the words of his father Thors

Thors telling Thorfinn that he has no enemies in Vinland Saga manga (Image via Kodansha)
Thors telling Thorfinn that he has no enemies in Vinland Saga manga (Image via Kodansha)

At the beginning of Vinland Saga, Thors, the strongest Jomsviking, departs from the battlefield and settles in Iceland with his wife. They are blessed with a son, Thorfinn, and a daughter, Ylva. However, their peaceful life is disrupted when Thors is tracked down by his former comrade Floki and recruited for battle.

Thorfinn, wanting to join his father in battle as well, takes a short sword from Thors' old war chest. However, Thors arrives and takes it away asking his son who he will kill with this sword. Thorfinn replies that he will kill his enemies and Thors asks him who is his enemy. Thorfinn, being unsure, says the name Hafdan.

Thorfinn saying he has no enemies Vinland Saga manga (Image via Kodansha)
Thorfinn saying he has no enemies Vinland Saga manga (Image via Kodansha)

Upon hearing this, Thors tells Thorfinn that he has no enemies, that no one in the world has enemies, and that there is no one he needs to hurt. However, the young boy is unable to understand his father's words and runs away. It is only after living a life fueled by violence and vengeance that Thorfinn finally realizes the meaning of his father's words.

In Vinland Saga's Slave Arc, the farm where Thorfinn worked as a slave under the ownership of Ketil is invaded by Canute's army. This is when Thorfinn gets beaten within an inch of his life and despite that says, "I have no enemies" so that people don't start an all-out war and spill more blood.

He takes a hundred punches without retaliating in exchange for having an audience with King Canute and asks him not to take the farm. This act of nonviolence has led to the "I have no enemies" quote going viral on social media platforms. Many people have resonated with this sentiment of living a life without hatred and ill will and forgiving those who have wronged them.

In conclusion

On social media, the quote "I have no enemies" has been used in memes, videos, and parodies making it an immortal part of internet history. The quote's reception shows how deeply it has resonated with people, making them want to actively let go of their hate or at the very least reflect on their actions.

Thorfinn's way of life and the quote demonstrate that in order to become a genuine warrior, it is necessary to forgive oneself and others, thereby putting an end to the anguish and hollowness in one's life. The quote also urges people to find peaceful solutions to situations and refrain from using violence.

The aforementioned tweets show the general sentiment around the Vinland Saga quote right now. Some are even comparing Thorfinn to revenge-fueled characters like Eren Yeager and ranking him above them. Some memes also present scenarios in which characters act with kindness instead of acting violently.

Overall, the quote "I have no enemies" is a thought-provoking one and challenges people to reflect on how they deal with hate and violence in their life. It has created a significant impact on social media and continues to gain momentum.

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