Is the My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising canon?

When duty calls, a hero never rests (Image via Studio Bones)
When duty calls, a hero never rests (Image via Studio Bones)

Whether or not it's canon, My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising is still an enjoyable viewing experience.

More often than not, fans are deeply invested in the source material of My Hero Academia. The second movie in the series follows Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo, who team up to fight the powerful supervillain Nine. Of course, the question remains whether or not this matters in the main story.

Certain fans are put off from watching non-canon movies. They believe there is no point in doing so. Hopefully, this article may clear up some confusion in regards to My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising. This article may inform readers on how to approach the movie if they plan to watch it.

Note: This article contains a plot twist from the movie.

What is the canon status of My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising? Here is a definite answer


My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising runs for about 104 minutes. This is a lot of time to invest in the movie.

Fans might be interested in learning more about its canon status in the timeline. This will help them enjoy the story a bit more.

Yes, the movie is canon


Kohei Horikoshi wrote and supervised My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising himself. In a 2018 interview with Toho Cinema Magazine, he talked about the process of making his movies.

Horikoshi was asked whether or not these stories are connected with the manga. He plainly replied with the following statement:

"Of course, without a doubt, the movie and manga are adjoined, and the movie’s story is connected to the manga story that happens after it."

This should apply to all movies, including My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising. It also fits into the official timeline. The film took place right after the Meta Liberation Army was defeated by Tomura Shigaraki.

Of course, anybody can sit down and watch these movies. Since they were released in Japanese cinemas, viewers only need a basic knowledge of the series. While the events are canon, it doesn't affect the manga that much.

However, there are a few strange discrepancies


There is a major plot twist in the final battle of My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising. Izuku Midoriya gives Katsuki Bakugo his powerful OFA Quirk. Together, both these heroes manage to defeat the villainous Nine, who was using multiple Quirks of his own. However, some fans were confused by the transfer process.

In the original manga, OFA recipients must consume a DNA sample from the current user. For example, Midoriya would have to eat a strand of hair from All Might.

That's not the case in this movie. Instead, Midoriya and Bakugo shared a bloodied handshake with each other. Somehow, Bakugo was then able to use OFA abilities. However, he ended up losing OFA after Nine was defeated, along with memories of the incident.

All Might speculated that the previous OFA users wanted to stay with Midoriya.

The movie is canon, but it doesn't affect the manga


My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising isn't a crucial viewing appointment for manga readers. Likewise, fans who prefer the anime don't have to read the manga to see this movie.

Horikoshi wanted to make sure this film would be easily digestible for his entire audience.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

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