JoJo' Bizarre Adventures : Stone ocean part 2 leaves fans disappointed about some creative changes

Fans react to the second batch of Stone Ocean episodes (Image via David Productions/Netflix)
Fans react to the second batch of Stone Ocean episodes (Image via David Productions/Netflix)

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean finally released the second installment. The next 12 episodes have been released in one go, and now fans cannot wait to watch what Jolyne will do next. The previous chapter ended with Jolyne successfully handing over her father’s DISC to one of Speedwagon Foundation’s messenger birds.

Fans had to wait for almost a year since Netflix did not release the episodes on a weekly basis. While they complained about this issue, fans are happy with the fact that the next 12 episodes have been released. Let’s take a look at how the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure fanbase reacted to the release of the second installment of part 6.

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Fans react on Twitter as the next 12 episodes of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean is out

One of the things that the entire fanbase was hoping for was a new opening. It’s quite normal for an anime series to have multiple openings. Since fans were expecting a new opening, some wanted to revisit the first opening that was announced for Stone Ocean. However, they were utterly disappointed over the fact that JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure did not create another song for Stone Ocean. This series is known for its top-tier openings, which only added to the fanbase’s disappointment.

While the opening remains the same, the series managed to change the animation towards the end of it. While some fans loved this new change in animation, others were quite sad about not having another opening for the second installment of Stone Ocean.

Additionally, fans also mentioned that the sound design for the second installment was quite good. The animation might not be up there when we compare it to the likes of Demon Slayer, but the studio did a great job of retaining the unique art style of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Fans believe that Stone Ocean hasn't had the best art, yet the animation studio did an amazing job adapting this.

Every JoJo's Bizarre Adventures fan knows that Stand names are references to music artists, songs, and bands. The series also has a localized name for each Stand in the series. For example, the Stand for Spice Girl's localized name is Spicy Lady. Jojo enthusiats knew that the popular Stand Limp Bizkit was going to be introduced in the series. However, the localized name for this Stand was changed from Flaccid Pancake to Limp Viscuit. Moreover, fans were excited about this scene, but it was sad to see the character use another localized name.

There was no doubt that the excitement was through the roof. Fans were waiting for this day for months on end. The content that was adapted was entertaining and the animation quality was a total hit. However, fans were so excited that they binged the entire second set. Since that's the case, the third and final installment will only be released in about eight months, according to fans' speculations.

It's safe to say that JoJo fans were quite happy with how the second batch of episodes turned out. While a few things disappointed them, the overall execution of these episodes was great. Fans are now eager to know when the third batch will come out. However, they will have to patiently wait for the series to announce the release dates.

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