Kawaki calling Shikamaru "worthless" sparks Naruto vs Boruto fandom war

The two fandoms are at each other's throats yet again thanks to the latest Boruto issue (Image via Sportskeeda)
The two fandoms are at each other's throats yet again thanks to the latest Boruto issue (Image via Sportskeeda)

The latest officially released chapter of the Boruto manga series appears to have sparked a Twitter fandom war between its own fandom and the fandom of the Naruto series. Masashi Kishimoto, the creator of both series, appears to have unintentionally ignited this conflict between two of his own fanbases, which was undoubtedly not his intention.

The two fandoms have certainly been at odds before this, usually with each arguing for their own preferred series’ superiority over the other. Although it is difficult to compare Naruto and Boruto because the latter is still relatively new, the hostility between these two fanbases on this issue appears to have crept into the current discussion.

Follow along as this article breaks down the latest Naruto versus Boruto fandom war focused squarely on Shikamaru and Kawaki’s latest interaction.

Kawaki and Amado’s roasting Shikamaru in the latest Boruto chapter has started a fandom war with original Naruto series

The debate

OK, either Kawaki just got extra edgy with the Karma, or Isshiki is REALLY messing his personality alot, he just called Shikamaru WORTHLESS AND UPSET 😭😭#BORUTO #borutochapter72spoilers

As previously stated, the latest officially released chapter of the Boruto manga series seems to have started a war between its own fandom and the Naruto fandom. The cause of the latest, highly-intense debate comes from Kawaki and Amado’s making fun of Shikamaru in the latest chapter.

Y’all don’t want to hear it but Shikamaru doesn’t deserve any kind of respect from kawaki, idk if y’all have a soft spot for him but or that y’all just want to hate on kawaki but he’s 💯 honest & real

The reaction from Shikamaru fans and fans of the original series has been predictable, with many citing how skilled and smart a shinobi he is. His being a fan favorite for many viewers of the original series isn’t helping things, only giving people more reason to get involved in this latest debate.

I like Kawaki a lot but hey sometimes he should stop playing the disrespectful boy… Shikamaru is one of the best shinobis of Konoha, no one should be that disrespectful to him… 🍃🍥

Kawaki fans, meanwhile, have been arguing that Shikamaru really hasn’t done anything significant as of late in the sequel series. While the former is no doubt more of a star than the latter, fans do have a good point when discussing how little Shikamaru has contributed to the series thus far.

it’s deserved. shikamaru is constantly proving he doesn’t trust kawaki by constantly implying he’s withholding info about Kara with his questioning, meanwhile he became best friends with amado lmaoooo…

Boruto fans are going even further with these claims, poking fun at Shikamaru and his fans for putting him on similar levels to Naruto and Sasuke. These same fans are quick to point out that he's only the Hokage's assistant, not the Hokage himself, implying that he's incredibly weak in comparison to his professional standing.

Ik Kawaki ain’t talking to Shikamaru like this 😭😭😭😭😭

While he’s certainly weaker than Sasuke and Naruto, many are twisting this comparison to argue that Shikamaru is a weak ninja. While far from the strongest in Boruto or his original series, it’s incredibly disrespectful and ignorant to name him as weak. As both a tactician and a fighter, he’s certainly one of the strongest and most powerful characters in either series.

Nevertheless, many fans continue to propagate that the teasing from Kawaki in the latest issue is a true assessment. Despite not contributing much in the sequel series thus far, it’s certainly over-reactive to call him worthless as a result. There are certainly many shinobi weaker than him, just as certain as there are stronger shinobi than him.

Shikamaru losing his cool with a kid like kawaki and then he gets completely strong armed in the conversation by Amado, shikamaru is supposed to be a cool and collected genius what happened to him.

Furthermore, while Kawaki is powerful, he likely wouldn’t even be able to win in a matchup with the Hokage’s assistant due to his inexperience. The young, Karma-afflicted ninja has oftentimes shown his inexperience, whether it be rushing into battle without a second thought or disobeying orders from those who most definitely know better.

This boy couldn’t be my friend💀he’s so annoyingly rude

Regardless of who’s right and who’s wrong, this debate between the two fandoms shows no signs of slowing down. The two groups take every opportunity they can to go for each other's throats, and this situation is certainly no different.

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