Smash-hit Shonen Jump+ series Kaiju No. 8 announced for anime adaptation

The beloved Shonen Jump+ series has finally, and rightfully, been announced for an anime adaptation (Image via Reddit user u/macinatorinator)
The beloved Shonen Jump+ series has finally, and rightfully, been announced for an anime adaptation (Image via Reddit user u/macinatorinator)

With a key visual and teaser video, the official Twitter channel of Naoya Matsumoto’s smash-hit Shonen Jump+ manga series, Kaiju No. 8, on Thursday morning announced that the series will be getting an anime adaptation.

While no release window or any other production information has been announced as of yet, TOHO Animation is seemingly attached as a producer. This is apparent due to their logo appearing at the beginning of the aforementioned Kaiju No. 8 anime teaser video.

Follow along as this article fully breaks down the latest Kaiju No. 8 anime news, as well as provides a brief synopsis on the series’ story and history.

Long-standing prediction of fans for Kaiju No. 8 anime comes true as series releases its 68th issue

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As mentioned earlier, the news of the Kaiju No. 8 anime’s announcement comes from the series’ official English and Japanese Twitter accounts. Naoya Matsumoto’s smash-hit Shonen Jump+ series has been one of the most popular in Shueisha’s current lineup, despite still being somewhat underrated in the general community.

Nevertheless, the latest anime announcement is sure to catch the attention of many who’ve ignored the series for quite some time. Alongside the anime adaptation announcement came a key visual and teaser trailer for the series, both of which are posted above.

Kaiju No. 8 is set in an alternate Japan where Kaiju attacks are incredibly common, to the point of both military and private industries focused on Kaiju being created. Protagonist Kafka Hibino is a member of the latter, where he’s part of a Kaiju cleanup crew despite wanting to be a part of the Japan Anti-Kaiju Defense Force like his childhood friend, Mina Ashiro.

One day, on a cleanup job, he’s attacked by a Kaiju alongside colleague Leno Ichikawa, but both were saved by Third Division Captain Mina Ashiro. As the two spent the night in the hospital, Hibino (inspired by seeing his childhood friend) and Ichikawa, both promise to try once more to join the Defense Force.

Shortly after, a tiny, flying Kaiju appears, spotting Kafka and saying “I found you” before flying into the unsuspecting human’s mouth. He instantly transforms into a humanoid Kaiju, which the government labels Kaiju Number 8, hence the title. Now inspired to rejoin the Defense Force, he must hide his new powers from the anti-Kaiju group as he works hard to stand by Mina’s side.

The series began serialization in December 2020, and in September 2021 passed 4 million copies in circulation, becoming the quickest Shonen Jump+ digital release manga to do so. The series was also nominated for several noteworthy awards, including the coveted Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize award in February 2021, and even winning the web manga category for the Next Manga Awards in August 2021.

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