One Piece Chapter 1056 full summary: Imminent departures from Wano, learning a lesson from an enemy, and more

Carrot is faced with a difficult decision in One Piece Chapter 1056 (Image via Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha)
Carrot is faced with a difficult decision in One Piece Chapter 1056 (Image via Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha)

Just hours after some new spoiler details were leaked, the full summary of One Piece Chapter 1056 was published by reputable leakers within the series’ community. While the broader details of One Piece Chapter 1056 were covered by previous leaks, the full summary gives fans paraphrased dialogue and more specific locations for each scene.

The full summary for One Piece Chapter 1056, much like the spoilers, paints it to be a fairly exciting issue, which is almost certainly among the final ones in the Wano arc. With the three captains involved in the Onigashima Raid already having their next course plotted, it’s almost a certainty that this chapter is one of Wano’s last.

Follow along as this article fully breaks down the full summary for One Piece Chapter 1056.

One Piece Chapter 1056 full summary: Challenging choice for Carrot, Caribou’s covert client, and more

One Piece Chapter 1056: The Akazaya’s acceptance and Carrot’s conundrum

One Piece Chapter 1056 begins with the celebration banquet having ended. Shinobu and Raizo are seen lying in a bed, malnourished, as the other Akazaya take care of them. The group also discusses what Ryokugyu said, admitting that his claim about Kaido being a deterrent to their enemies was true; Kaido dissuaded people from attacking Wano because of his presence.

Kin’emon apologizes to the group for having been busy with Tsuru in Kuri when Ryokugyu arrived, but the Scabbards tell him not to worry about the attempted invasion since he retreated in the end. They also ask how she is, to which he responds by saying she is fine despite the severe burn on her face.

Tsuru is then seen talking to Ochocho about how she may follow Kin’emon to the Flower Capital to be with him. Returning to the Akazaya, Kin’emon blushes as he comments on Tsuru’s beauty, as the other Akazaya mock him for saying something so sweet.

One Piece Chapter 1056 then sees Carrot appear to meet with Inuarashi and Nekomamushi, where she’s told to become the King of the Mokomo Dukedom. After realizing what’s being asked of her, she says she doesn’t want to do it since there’s no way she can. The two current rulers then explain their plan to stay in Wano as Momonosuke’s samurai to protect him.

They then cite her as being one of the only Minks who has gone overseas, adding that this has given her what she needs to guide the Minks through the New Era. Carrot rejects this by saying that a stronger person would be better, but Shishilian appears and says that their duty is to protect the country, likely meant as a way of telling Carrot to accept her role.

Wanda then tells her that she’ll be there to support her and that she should respect the decisions of their current rulers. She then emphasizes that she inherited Pedro’s will as the scene ends with Nekomamushi saying he’ll leave Zou to them.

One Piece Chapter 1056 then shows Momonosuke, Hiyori, and Sukiyaki meeting with one another, where the lattermost character tells the other two about him being their paternal grandfather. They hug him as he apologizes and thanks them, and Momo says he’s grateful to have a living blood relative.

The Akazaya then seem to appear on the scene, and he reveals that, as he thought, they'd discovered his identity long ago. Kawamatsu replies that the wearing of a Tengu mask outside of celebratory times gave it away, with Okiku adding that it would’ve been rude for them to guess and be correct.

Hilariously, Kin’emon reveals, after thinking long and hard, that he didn’t even think of the possibility of him being Sukiyaki. The Kozuki senior and former shogun then reveals he has something to tell the Akazaya but requests a retirement without civilians knowing about him afterward.

One Piece Chapter 1056: Crews reunited with an extra guest

One Piece Chapter 1056 then cuts to the Straw Hat crew gathered together, where Franky is expressing his shock not only at Pluton’s existence but at its being located in Wano. Luffy begins remembering the events of Enies Lobby, correctly saying that Franky once burned the Pluton blueprints.

Robin confirms this and asks him if he wants it for himself, but he rejects the offer. She says she expected this answer before wondering aloud why Oden would want to release it. This is when the two are interrupted by Shinobu and Otama. Shinobu asks if mature women are weapons, while Otama explains that she has become Shinobu’s apprentice.

She then asks Luffy to make her part of his crew the next time they meet since she’ll be stronger by then. Nami, meanwhile, runs to hug her out of excitement at how cute she is, while Luffy accepts and says that if she can use ninjutsu by then, she can join. As Otama celebrates this news, One Piece Chapter 1056 reveals an unforeseen presence nearby.

Wet-Haired Caribou is revealed to have been listening in on the conversation and is shocked to have heard about Pluton in their discussion. However, he instantly says that he must tell “that person” about the news related to Pluton. While the full summary doesn’t comment further, this person is most likely either Blackbeard or someone in the Marines or World Government.

One Piece Chapter 1056 then sees a few days go by, as shots of people in the Flower Capital happily living their lives are seen. Momonosuke is seen looking out on the city as he receives shogun-related work but is distracted by watching happy children talking. As he walks by, people call him shogun.

Momonosuke then opens a door and begins asking Zoro to teach him swordsmanship before realizing that the room is empty. He begins running through the Flower Capital Castle, calling out the Straw Hats' names (including Yamato’s), but he gets no answer. He eventually finds Hiyori playing with Otoko and the Shamisen and asks her about Luffy and the others.

Unfortunately, she tells him that they left after saying their goodbyes to everyone else. He’s surprised since they said nothing to him as Kin’emon enters while discussing the same topic, confirming that the other Akazaya said their farewells but no one told the two of them about it.

One Piece Chapter 1056 then shows Luffy, Kid, and Law at Tokage port. Law tells Luffy to change the day his crew leaves Wano, but he responds by saying that they already chose this day. Kid interrupts and states that it can’t be helped if it’s a coincidence, and they each decide to choose different routes on the Log Pose between Northeast, East, and Southeast.

Hilariously, Luffy and Kid both choose East, thinking it’ll get them the farthest, when in reality, Law’s choice of Northeast achieves this goal. Law mocks them for this as the other two hold a lottery to see which one goes East, which Kid wins, much to Luffy’s chagrin. He then emphasizes that he lost despite being a Yonko, which upsets Kid, who then elaborates that Buggy is the one he can’t accept as a Yonko.

A newspaper page is then shown, which reveals Buggy’s new Cross Guild organization, featuring himself, Dracule Mihawk, and Crocodile in the writeup. Luffy is surprised to see the latter two as the former’s subordinates, which Zoro says he simply cannot believe, especially for Mihawk, his former mentor.

Law says that if Buggy was able to make the two former Shichibukai bend to his will, then he deserves the title of Yonko. Luffy, however, replies by telling him that Buggy is an idiot. Kid subsequently reveals that the Cross Guild has begun putting bounties on Marine soldiers, forcing them to be distrustful and wary of even civilians who may try to kill them.

In a shocking twist, Law gives Kid a copy of the Road Poneglyph, saying that he and his crew have the right to keep a copy. Killer says that they have to become more serious about the race for the One Piece, which causes Kid to ask him if he’s trying to say they should find “the man with the burn wound” despite not knowing where he is.

Luffy and Robin seem to take a curious interest in this, with Law making an expression that leakers say seems to either suggest his knowledge of who they’re discussing or having no clue. Kid, however, chooses not to elaborate since he knows this will give them an advantage over the other crews.

In its final panels, One Piece Chapter 1056 returns to the Flower Capital Castle, where Momonosuke shouts, asking if Yamato has left too. However, she’s revealed to be on the roof of the castle, and she shouts back to Monosuke that it’s time to go with Luffy and live like Kozuki Oden.

One Piece Chapter 1056, unfortunately, confirms that the series will be on a hiatus due to a Weekly Shonen Jump general publication break next week.

One Piece Chapter 1056: Final thoughts

With a full, detailed summary of the issue now released, it’s quite clear that One Piece Chapter 1056 is one of the last issues in the Wano arc, if not the very last. All three crews are clearly set to depart, with their courses plotted, and almost all crew members and details accounted for.

One Piece Chapter 1056 does open the door for a slight extension to the Wano arc, however, as well as the potential for Straw Hat to join the crew. While this is completely unknown as of now, it’s possible that the next chapter will see Carrot rejecting the task assigned to her and instead choosing to follow Luffy out to sea.

Finally, the teasing of unknown individuals by both Caribou and Kid in this issue is certainly something fans can look forward to being elaborated on in the future. It’s entirely possible that both of these figures may become key players in the series’ final saga if they’re not already. However, fans will likely have to wait well beyond One Piece Chapter 1056 for elaboration in those areas.

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