Twitter goes crazy with fans who loved Zoro's scene but hated Big Mom's in One Piece Episode 1027

Zoro was the MVP of One Piece Episode 1027 (Image via Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)
Zoro was the MVP of One Piece Episode 1027 (Image via Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)

Everyone aboard the hype train! It is time to talk about One Piece Episode 1027 and the massive accomplishments Zoro achieved this time. Last week, the Supernovas were able to take Big Mom out of the picture by sending her flying towards the sea.

This made things exponentially easier for them, seeing as they now have to deal with only one Yonko. Nonetheless, Kaido alone is still an imposing enemy who will force them to use all their powers.

Let’s review the events of One Piece Episode 1027, titled Defend Luffy! Zoro and Law’s Sword Technique!, and how fans reacted on Twitter after seeing it.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for One Piece Episode 1027.

Fans on Twitter could not be happier with Zoro’s Ashura attack in One Piece Episode 1027

Recap of last week’s events

Luffy’s determination knows no bounds (Image via Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)
Luffy’s determination knows no bounds (Image via Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)

One Piece Episode 1026 started with Orochi burning Kaido’s castle from the inside. The former shogun was quickly losing his mind and becoming more unhinged by the second.

He encountered the Red Scabbard, who were still looking for Kanjuro, and tried to fight them, only to be killed moments after by Kin’emon.

While the samurai group fought with Orochi, Luffy and his friends still tried to take down Kaido and Big Mom. The Emperors appeared to be too much for the young pirates and were losing interest in the fight because of this.

Luffy and his friends were determined to defeat them and proclaimed their intentions, although this only made Kaido angrier.

Luffy, hurt at some point in the fight, was unable to get up, prompting Kaido to try and kill him. Zoro stopped him and was about to be killed, but Luffy got up again to protect his comrade.

Luffy, now invigorated, commenced the fight against the Yonko once more, keeping up with him with no problem.

Seeing her partner in trouble, Big Mom distracted Luffy for a moment, enough for Kaido to take control of the fight once more. Seeing that their battle with the Yonkos would be much harder with them together, Law, Kid, Killer, and Zoro devised a plan to throw Big Mom into the sea, getting her away from Kaido.

Mama is in danger

One Piece Episode 1027 begins with Big Mom falling from the floating island she was fighting on. Her Homies are unable to do anything to help because Law, Kid, and Killer are keeping them distracted.

Zoro is not looking good but is still trying to maintain Prometheus again from Big Mom.

Law notices Zoro’s weakened state and has a flashback to Episode 1025, where Zoro saved Law and the rest from the combined attack of both Yonko. While this happens, Big Mom is drowning, pleading for Prometheus to save her.

Luffy is seen lying on the ground, knocked out after Kaido’s last attack against him. Kaido is about to end the Straw Hat captain’s life, only stopping because the desperate screams of Big Mom’s Homies distract him.

He mocks Linlin for her weakness but tries to attack Zoro anyway to give Prometheus a chance to escape.

To prevent his friend from dying, Trafalgar uses the power of his Devil Fruit to transport himself in front of Kaido and attack his neck. The Yonko is not hurt but is distracted enough for Law and Zoro to survive.

When Zoro lectures him about letting Prometheus escape, Law replies that he prefers the Homie escaping over his friends dying.

A new Homie is created?

One Piece Episode 1027 continues after Prometheus escapes from the floating island with Napoleon. Zeus is still trapped inside Kid’s machine and has no idea what is happening.

Outside, Kid reminds his comrades that the idea was to separate Big Mom from Kaido, nothing else. He and Killer jump from the roof, claiming they will deal with Big Mom themselves.

Big Mom is still drowning and is seconds away from losing consciousness, although Prometheus saves her just in time.

After taking a big breath and letting out all the seawater she swallowed, Big Mom thanks her creations for rescuing her. She lets Prometheus and Napoleon know how tired she is of Zeus’ incompetence, which makes Prometheus start plotting something.

He convinces Big Mom that Zeus is a weak Homie who is no longer part of the family, all while thinking he needs a new partner to use his full power. Big Mom and Prometheus keep talking while Kid and Killer wait for them on the edge of the island.

Before arriving, Prometheus asks Big Mom for a girlfriend, making the Yonko happy with the idea of a powerful new Homie.

Dire situation

One Piece Episode 1027 proceeds after a brief intermission, revealing that the Heart Pirates are watching the fight from their ship. They are disheartened after seeing that Big Mom survived.

They complain about how difficult it will be to reach Onigashima but need to help Law somehow. Before their ship goes underwater, Jean Bart looks toward the island, worried.

Back on the roof, Kaido mocks Luffy for being defeated once again. He reminds the unconscious Straw Hat that the last time they fought, Luffy also got knocked out but kept looking at the emperor.

Kaido ponders what part of Luffy’s body he should destroy first, his eyes, head, or heart.

Seeing his captain about to be killed by the ruthless Emperor, Zoro makes a decision that could cost him his life. He tells Law that he plans to attack Kaido with all of his power, but there is a possibility that it may not work.

Zoro asks Trafalgar to continue the fight if he is killed.

Zoro’s last stand

Kaido continues walking towards the defeated Luffy while Zoro starts to channel his Haki throughout his entire body. Zoro’s power is comparable to Oden’s, so his silhouette changes with the one of the former Daimyo momentarily.

Zoro calls for Kaido to fight him instead and leave his captain alone. In a massive display of power, the swordsman uses his Ashura Blades Drawn to counter all of Kaido’s attacks.

The clashes between Kaido’s weapon and Zoro’s sword do not seem physical, only pure Haki.

Putting all his remaining power into one last attack, Zoro outmatches Kaido’s speed and cuts his body with his Dead Man’s Game. Kaido looks fine at first, but it is revealed that Zoro was able to cut the Emperor’s chest.

The Yonko is impressed with Zoro’s attack causing him harm, yet the Strawhat Pirate is shocked to see Kaido still standing. Kaido asks Zoro if he is able to use The Color Of the Supreme King (Conqueror Haki), to which Zoro replies that he has no idea what he is talking about.

Zoro says he just wanted to see Kaido fall once before collapsing from exhaustion.

Power of Supernovas

One Piece Episode 1027 shows Kaido’s annoyance with the troubles the Worst Generation is causing him and prepares a new attack to incapacitate them. Law tries to save Zoro, but it is too late, as Kaido’s Thunder Bagua is already charged and hits both pirates simultaneously.

The Emperor tells the fallen pirates that they could have joined him and taken over the world with him. Shockingly, Luffy awakens and mocks Kaido’s offer, telling him he and his friends love the samurai.

One Piece Episode 1027 ends with Luffy announcing that he will beat Kaido no matter what happens.

What is Twitter talking about?

One Piece Episode 1027 is the best thing to happen to Zoro fans this week. Twitter is filled with praise for the massive feat our favorite swordsman accomplished in this episode.

Zoro stans cannot keep their excitement at bay, showing their support and happiness in any way they can. They also remind people of how amazing Zoro has been as a character throughout the series.

Fans did not forget to point out that Zoro was able to hurt Kaido with his Ashura even after many of his bones were broken in a previous episode.

The memes about Kaido being hurt came out moments after the episode aired. Before the events of today’s episode, Kaido mocked the Supernovas, telling them it would be nice for them to leave a scar on his body.

Zoro accomplished precisely that in One Piece Episode 1027, and fans did not wait to point it out.

The friendship between Zoro and Law also shined through in this episode, and followers of the series were happy to see them work together again.

However, not all fans are happy with One Piece Episode 1027. They have complained about the ridiculous scene of Prometheus, a being made of flames, entering the water to rescue Big Mom.

We saw Prometheus’ size be reduced when he came into contact with the water, and many fans pointed out that this scene goes against the original manga.

For these fans, the hype Zoro’s scene caused was diminished by the previous scenes involving Big Mom and Prometheus.

Final thoughts

Overall, One Piece Episode 1027 was a great and enjoyable watch. It did contain lots of unnecessary flashbacks, but they did not take that much time to get through.

Unsurprisingly, Zoro’s attack was the star of the show, with outstanding animation and incredible music to back it up.

Unlike last week, not many people complained about the auras shown in the episode, meaning the animator’s words impacted the community. Fans who have not seen One Piece Episode 1027 will surely enjoy it when they have the time to watch it.

Next week’s episode, titled Surpass the Emperor of the Sea! Luffy Strikes Back with an Iron Fist! will mainly focus on Luffy finally using his Conqueror Haki to deal severe damage to Kaido. It seems like we will also meet the new Homie Big Mom will create to replace Zeus.

Let’s hope this new episode is as impressive as One Piece Episode 1027, and fans will enjoy it as well.