Manga and anime to go on hiatus in 2022: One Piece, Boruto, and more

Boruto, One Piece, Blue Exorcist manga covers (Image via Sportskeeda)
Boruto, One Piece, Blue Exorcist manga covers (Image via Sportskeeda)

2022 is almost here and there is no better time than now to look back at the past year. 2021 has been a rollercoaster for anime and manga readers alike, and now, with the year coming to an end, even long-running series are itching to take a break.

@Namaryuu @animetv_jp The glory of the goods knows no bounds. I'm actually excited... Between this, World Trigger S3, and the WANO War in One Piece...We are lucky! 💯🤩🙌

The Jujutsu Kaisen manga went on a month-long hiatus early in 2021, while Bungou Stray Dogs manga was also on hiatus for months before creator Asagiri Kafka resumed regular updates again. My Hero Academia creator Horikoshi is both unpredictable and prolific in his updates, often skipping weekly updates, or releasing two consecutive chapters together in the same week.

While manga series going on hiatus is not that uncommon, anime shows are more scheduled in their releases, especially because most new anime are released as seasons, instead of steadily airing episodes every week, as was the trend among older series.

Some popular anime and manga series going on hiatus around 2022

One Piece

The One Piece anime will be on a 2 week break from December 26th to Jan 2nd 2022 #ONEPIECE

The One Piece anime is set to go on a two-week hiatus after the release of episode 1004 on December 19, 2021, with episode 1005 set to air again on January 9, 2022. One Piece recently celebrated its 1000th episode, but with the Wano Country Arc still in full swing, the hiatus comes at a crucial point in the current story arc.

I was expecting a relatively short thread this week, but man. This week's episode was really good. Definitely one of Michibata's best episodes so far. Solid pacing, and the in-canon filler content was super enjoyable. Really neat board as well. #onepiece #onepiece1003


Boruto episode 231 title and possible plotline (Image via Reddit)
Boruto episode 231 title and possible plotline (Image via Reddit)

The Boruto anime has been treading thin ice for a while now, with how close the anime timeline has come to the current arc in the manga, with the anime having to resort to animating filler episodes while they wait for the manga to update and provide them with enough material to get to the next major arc.

And maybe in time your teammates will protect you… #Boruto

So with the chunin exams in the anime done and dusted, and Kawaki showing interest in becoming a shinobi, the anime’s short hiatus comes at a good time, with episode 231 being aired on January 9, 2021 instead of on January 2. The title of the episode is “Rusted Sword” and the episode is reported to center around Tsubaki and the Land of Iron.

Blue Exorcist

"Blue Exorcist" by Kazue Kato will be on hiatus until April 2022 in Jump SQ magazine after this month's chapter. It will resume in Jump SQ issue 5/2022

A dark fantasy series that still has fans hoping for a third season after the first season of the series aired in 2011, with a second season almost six years later in 2017, the Blue Exorcist manga has a steady and loyal fanbase. Creator Kazue Kato announced in June 2021 that she would be taking a break from the series, and this hiatus extends well into 2022. Blue Exorcist manga chapters are set to appear again in the May 2022 issue of Jump SQ magazine.

Shadow House

"Shadows House" by Soumatou is going on a 4-week hiatus. It is scheduled to resume in Weekly Young Jump issue 6-7/2022 out Jan 6, 2022

Shadow House is another intriguing dark fantasy series about a house full of mysterious nobles, called The Shadows, who create Living Dolls as attendants and companions for Shadow children when they come of age. The series follows Living Doll Emilico and her master Kate, as they navigate the secrets of the Shadow House manor.


Adapted into an anime series in 2021 with a confirmed second season on its way, the series has gathered quite a fan following for this manga and anime series with supernatural and horror elements. The manga, however, is currently on hiatus up till 2022, and is slated to return on January 6, 2022.

2022 opens with a bang, bringing with it not only a host of new anime, and sequel series, but also movies and manga chapters. With Christmas and New Year celebrations right around the corner, the year-end serves as a breather not just for creators but anime and manga enthusiasts as well, as they gear up for exciting new content next year.

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