My Hero Academia: 4 characters Bakugo secretly cares about (and 4 that he doesn’t care about)

Bakugo is a rather complex individual (Image via Sportskeeda, all copyright belongs to My Hero Academia)
Bakugo is a rather complex individual (Image via Sportskeeda, all copyright belongs to My Hero Academia)

Katsuki Bakugo might not be the nicest character in My Hero Academia, but he does have his moments.

Bakugo is a prideful student who believes he is better than everybody. He also suffers from severe anger issues. It's no surprise that he can barely get along with anybody. However, there are a few select people he does care about, even if he would never admit it.

Here's a quick look at who Bakugo truly cares for, along with a few characters that get on his bad side.

Note: There are major spoilers in the Izuku Midoriya section. This article is subjective and reflects the writer's personal views.

Eijiro Kirishima, Shoto Todoroki and 2 more My Hero Academia characters that Bakugo secretly looks out for

1) All Might


Like most young students in My Hero Academia, Bakugo grew up idolizing All Might. He believes that heroes should always keep fighting villains, no matter the obstacles put before them.

When he found out that All Might chose Izuku Midoriya as the OFA successor, Bakugo was deeply hurt. He would also regularly insult the Pro Hero for his questionable teaching methods.

Regardless, Bakugo does care about All Might more than he realizes. He cheered him on during All Might's final battle with All For One.

After the hero was forced to retire, Bakugo also blamed himself and even cried about it.

2) Eijiro Kirishima


Eijiro Kirishima is among the few characters in My Hero Academia who can stand being around Bakugo. These Class 1-A students regularly interact with each other.

At first, Kirishima didn't like Bakugo's unpleasant attitude. However, they got along when they teamed up in the U.S.C. arc.

Kirishima's hardening techniques are highly compatible with Bakugo's powerful explosions. For that reason, these students can work together without hurting themselves.

Kirishima is also a friendly guy in general. Everybody gets along with him in My Hero Academia, including Bakugo himself. Back when Class 1-A almost got expelled, Bakugo cheered Kirishima up by paying back some expensive night-vision goggles.

3) Shoto Todoroki


At first glance, these students couldn't be any more different from each other. Bakugo is a loud-mouthed brat, while Shoto Todoroki is quiet and respectful. They also fought each other in the finals of the Sports Festival.

Nonetheless, they both have surprisingly good chemistry in My Hero Academia. Bakugo and Shoto had a few normal conversations during the Forest Training Camp arc. They also worked together on the Remedial Course exams. In fact, Bakugo listened to Shoto's advice on helping kids.

Although he would never say it out loud, Bakugo does respect Shoto for his fighting capabilities, along with his heroic actions.

4) Izuku Midoriya


Bakugo has a very complex relationship with his childhood playmate. Back in the day, he used to bully Izuku Midoriya for not having a Quirk. He even gave him the derogatory name Deku. In reality, Bakugo was simply jealous of him.

In the later stages of My Hero Academia, it's revealed that Bakugo wanted to make it up to Midoriya. Right before the Paranormal Liberation War, All Might realized the main reason why Bakugo trained Midoriya and his multiple Quirks. It would give him a chance at redemption.

During the Tartarus Escapees arc, Bakugo finally had the chance to apologize to Midoriya for everything he did. My Hero Academia readers have been waiting for that moment ever since the beginning of the series.

Himiko Toga, Neito Monoma and 2 other My Hero Academia characters that Bakugo will never care about

1) Neito Monoma


Neito Monoma has gotten on Bakugo's nerves since the Sports Festival. The Class 1-B student had already held a grudge against Class 1-A for stealing the spotlight multiple times.

Monoma made it personal during the Cavalry Battle when he stole Bakugo's headband. He also repeatedly mocked him for letting it happen. That's one way to make Bakugo a sworn enemy in My Hero Academia.

It was very telling when Bakugo stopped going after Midoriya and focused his attention on Monoma instead. Since losing the round, Monoma has only gotten more annoying. Later on, he repeatedly made fun of Bakugo for his failure to pass the Provisional Hero License Exam.

2) Seiji Shishikura


These students were destined to become enemies in My Hero Academia. Back in the Provisional Hero License Exam, they immediately developed a dislike for each other.

Bakugo doesn't like how formal Shishikura can be. Meanwhile, the Shiketsu high schooler believes that Bakugo is unfit to become a hero.

Shishikura almost eliminated Bakugo from the license exam before the very timely arrival of Denki Kaminari. Unsurprisingly, they still don't get along in My Hero Academia, even after the exams have ended.

3) Himiko Toga


Bakugo gets annoyed very easily in My Hero Academia. He certainly wouldn't put up with Himiko Toga and her crazed stalker tendencies.

It also doesn't help that she's obsessed with Izuku Midoriya, his main rival in the series. Bakugo would hate it if he kept having to hear his name.

Of course, the biggest problem with Toga is that she is also a serial killer with very creepy vibes. Bakugo might seem unheroic, yet he is anything but. He would never tolerate her creepy and disturbing nature.

4) Tomura Shigaraki


At the end of the day, Tomura Shigaraki is a dangerous villain, plain and simple. Bakugo would never associate himself with the League of Villains.

After his kidnapping in the Forest Training Camp arc, Shigaraki attempted to recruit Bakugo to his cause. Predictably, this ended in complete failure when the hero tried to blow up the villain.

Bakugo made it clear that he looked up to All Might. Despite his antagonistic nature, he still wanted to save lives. The League of Villains is counterintuitive to his main goal.

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