My Hero Academia: 10 Class 1-B students that Deku would get along with

Not everybody is like Neito Monoma (Image via Studio Bones)
Not everybody is like Neito Monoma (Image via Studio Bones)

Class 1-A may be direct rivals to Class 1-B in My Hero Academia, yet Deku could easily make some friends in the latter.

For most of the series, Class 1-A has completely outshined Class 1-B. The former were consistently targeted by the League of Villains, so they got to experience much harder training. Nonetheless, with the notable exception of Neito Monoma, Class 1-B tends to get along with their rivals.

Izuku Midoriya has always strived to be a hero, given his need to protect others. This makes him a very easy person to get along with in My Hero Academia. With that in mind, there are a few Class 1-B students that would share his common interests..

Class 1-B students that could easily be friends with Deku in My Hero Academia

10) Kojiro Bondo


Bondo rarely speaks in My Hero Academia, but he often displays a very gentle nature. During the Joint Training arc, he got along with just about everybody. Naturally, Midoriya would gravitate himself towards kinder people.

At the very least, Bondo could show off his plastic model collection. After the Provisional Hero License Exam, it was revealed that Midoriya likes to collect figurines himself. They could easily strike a conversation based on their shared interest. Bondo could even fix a few broken figurines with his glue.

9) Kinoko Komori


Given her Quirk, this cheerful student has a nerdy obsession with mushrooms. She can even describe every scientific name for them. Of course, her enthusiasm for her hobby is not unlike Midoriya and his love for superheroes. Their interactions would certainly be cute to watch.

More importantly, Kinoko also demonstrated a caring side in My Hero Academia, which is something that Midoriya would appreciate.

During the Joint Training arc, she incapacitated Fumikage Tokoyami by sprouting mushrooms in his choke. However, Kinoko took immediate care of him shortly after their battle concluded.

8) Sen Kaibara


At first glance, Sen is a very serious and mature individual. He is to Neito Monoma what Midoriya is to Katsuki Bakugo.

However, Sen would definitely love to prove himself in fights. During the Joint Training rounds, he was excited to fight Mashirao Ojiro. Sen definitely shares Midoriya's heated passion for battle. Both these competitors would be great opponents for each other.

7) Jurota Shishida


Jurota may seem like a beast, yet he is a highly intelligent man. He is also a very respectful student and generally uses honorifics. Midoriya would have no trouble befriending someone like Jurota.

Of course, both of these students also love to battle. Jurota shined brightly during the Joint Training arc, taking out multiple students in the first round. He's among the very few people that could physically match the strength of Midoriya.

6) Kosei Tsuburaba


According to the Volume 23 omake for My Hero Academia, Kosei loves to watch superhero television shows. He even prefers them to have flashy special effects. Kosei and Midoriya already have a common interest between them.

My Hero Academia has already established that Midoriya loves the superhero genre. It's very likely that he even watched the same shows that Kosei did. Midoriya could finally have someone he can talk about superheroes with.

5) Yosetsu Awase


Yosetsu may not get the most screentime in My Hero Academia, but he makes the most of it. Midoriya would be very proud of his selfless acts of heroism.

When the Vanguard Action Squad infiltrated the Forest Training Camp, a Chainsaw Nomu was chasing after the children. Momo Yaoyorozu was heavily injured, but she was carried by Yosetsu. Even in the face of death and danger, he still wanted to protect her.

4) Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu


My Hero Academia makes it clear that Tetsutetsu is the steel counterpart to Eijiro Kirishima. Even back at the Sports festival, these competitors were destined to fight each other. They are both residential hotheads in My Hero Academia, but they have a kind heart.

Kirishima already gets along with Midoriya, since the former admires the latter's growth. Tetsutetsu would likely do the same if he got to know Deku.

3) Itsuka Kendo


Someone has to look out for Neito Monoma in My Hero Academia. Itsuka Kendo is the responsible class representative for Class 1-B. Right away, it's her job to make sure everyone holds themselves to a high standard.

Anytime Monoma picks on Midoriya, Itsuka is always there to stop him. This is definitely something that Midoriya can appreciate. She is also a very friendly person to speak with.

2) Setsuna Tokage


Setsuna is a highly analytical student just like Midoriya. When her team fought Bakugo's in the Joint Training session, the Class 1-B student formulated strategies based on his previous behavior. Although it cost her the match, it shows that Setsuna relies on her intelligence.

She also has good leadership skills, since her teammates unquestionably followed her orders. Midoriya shares these very similar traits with her.

1) Nirengeki Shoda


Nirengeki truly understands what it means to be humble in My Hero Academia. He would definitely earn Midoriya's respect for that alone.

Back in the Sports Festival, his team only advanced to the final rounds because Hitoshi Shinso brainwashed them. Nirengeki decided to withdraw from the tournament since he felt it wasn't really fair. He wants to prove himself with his very own strength, which is commendable on his part.

Nirengeki is also a physical combatant in My Hero Academia, given his Twin Impact Quirk. He could easily be a sparring partner for someone like Midoriya.

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