My Hero Academia chapter 359 spoilers: Bakugo in danger and a fan favorite hero returns

Bakugo's fate is up for debate (Image via Eddie @ Bokunocolor/Twitter)
Bakugo's fate is up for debate (Image via Eddie @ Bokunocolor/Twitter)
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Aratrika Baidya

After a break, My Hero Academia chapter 359 returns with confirmation of the readers’ worst fears. The last chapter ended with Bakugo’s Cluster being aimed at Shigaraki, and fans feared how the attack would affect the villain. After leaving his readers on such a cliff-hanger for two weeks, Horikoshi returns with an unfortunate result of the attack.

But hope remains as a fan favorite hero makes a long-anticipated reappearance in My Hero Academia chapter 359. The chapter is officially slated to come out on Monday this week instead of the regular Sunday. However, raw scans and spoilers have already been leaked today.

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My Hero Academia chapter 359 spoilers put Bakugo’s fate in question and provides a long-awaited reunion of the Big 3

my hero academia chapter 358"STRAFE PANZER"#MHA358 #MyHeroAcademia

In the last chapter, the series returned to U.A., where the pro-heroes were still struggling trying to contain Shigaraki. Shigaraki explained that this new growth is a side effect of the All for One quirk settling into Tomura’s body.

His lofty declarations about a post-war society were met with disdain and counterarguments from Bakugo, who used his new attack, “Suppressive Heavy Mobile Unit: Strafe Panzer,” to get close to Shigaraki’s body. He then used “Howitzer Impact: Cluster.”

My Hero Academia chapter 359 raw scans

According to the raw scans, My Hero Academia chapter 359 starts with business class students recording the support students and the heroes amid the fight so that no one can spread a false rumor as Dabi did in the last war.

Outside, the effects of “Howitzer Impact: Cluster” has breached the U.A. perimeter. While others are worried that it might be too much, Kaminari assures them that Bakugo is very careful and calculative.


Bakugo himself, however, has his arm broken, the right side of his face severely injured, and his right eye is bleeding. While Shigaraki/AFO commends the boy for concentrating his explosion so as not to harm others, he is not interested in Bakugo or his growth.

What interests him is that Bakugo is one of the closest people to Midoriya, which can be used to the villains’ advantage. The right side of AFO/Shigaraki’s face is completely burned.

Aizawa is so hurt seeing bakugo like that. I'm crying#mhaspoilers #mha359

The pro-heroes, Best Jeanist and Mirko in particular, try to rescue Bakugo. Shigaraki sends a shockwave outward from his body that throws away the heroes. Aizawa is worried about his student as well, but Mandalay informs him that they have lost contact with Deku. The static outside is currently preventing any communication.

My Hero Academia chapter 359 then cuts to Tamaki and Nejire, who have been thrown inside a classroom. As they get up, Tamaki expresses his regret that they won’t get to graduate, even though he knows how futile it is considering their chances of victory. However, Mirio Togata appears from the ground and motivates them to fight as the Big 3 once again.


#mah359 #mhaspoilers Okay but the business course filming and already being prepared to put out a narrative after what Dabi did is REALLY cool, and is another way for MHA to drive home the message about how half of the heroics game is optics and telling a story.

The heroes had believed that getting closer to Shigaraki’s original body would give them a chance of harming him, but My Hero Academia chapter 359 has proved this to be incorrect.

Although Bakugo seems to have concentrated his Cluster to prevent structural damage, even in its unrestrained form, it doesn’t seem to be enough to hinder Shigaraki considerably.

#MHA359 #MHASPOILERS“If there is one thing I am interested in, it’s the fact you are the one closest to Midoriya Izuku.”I KNEW IT I FREAKING KNEW HE WAS GONNA USE KATSUKI AGAINST IZUKU.. ALL HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE WHEN HE COMES BACK IM TERRIFIED

The burn on Shigaraki’s face in My Hero Academia chapter 359 is in the same place where AFO’s face started to heal back in Gunga mountain after Endeavor burnt him to cinders.

While it might be a coincidence, it is possible that in addition to sharing one body, AFO and Shigaraki can now substitute a damaged part of one body with the same part of the other.

#mha359 #mhaspoilers Bakugo being used as bait for Deku is an angle I wasn’t expecting but seems really obvious in hindsight.Deku is very prone to rage and anger when it comes to protecting people, we saw as much during PLW, but imagine that happening again after Villain Hunt

Shigaraki likely intends to use Katsuki as bait for Midoriya. The shockwave he sent, which knocked the heroes down, seemed to have hampered the electric field and disrupted communications.

In all likelihood, Deku is still above the ocean alongside Yoichi, trying to fight the unknown flying objects. Speaking of the First User, many readers have pointed out that Bakugo’s new scar makes him further similar to the Second User of OFA.

This is a fire color page and deku/uraraka holding hands 👀 #MHA359 #mhaspoilers

Mirio’s appearance in My Hero Academia chapter 359 is a delightful surprise for the readers. Mirio is one of the strongest students in the series, and while he can’t be expected to turn the tide of this fight completely, he can help them hold Shigaraki off long enough for Deku to get here. Additionally, his presence boosts the morale of his two friends and his juniors.

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