My Hero Academia Chapter 362: Bakugo’s Cluster Bomb explained

Bakugo is an explosive firecracker (Image via My Hero Academia / Shueisha / Studio Bones)
Bakugo is an explosive firecracker (Image via My Hero Academia / Shueisha / Studio Bones)
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Katsuki Bakugo was just about to unleash his full potential in My Hero Academia Chapter 362.

Of course, the leaks have already made the rounds on social media. Twitter users have been devastated with the cliffhanger ending to My Hero Academia Chapter 362. Whether or not he is truly done remains to be seen, but Kohei Horikoshi definitely threw a curveball with recent events.

Either way, Bakugo was quite close to mastering his powerful Explosion Quirk. The Cluster Bomb would've made him a legitimate threat in My Hero Academia Chapter 362. Although Bakugo didn't get to show it off for very long, he still made the most of his powerful special move.

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Here's what Cluster Bomb really does in My Hero Academia Chapter 362

Cluster Bomb has a powerful side effect that makes him go fast


Bakugo's Quirk Factor is limited to a specific body part. Normally, he can only ignite explosions by sweating nitroglycerin from the palm of his own hands. To compensate for this, he developed a technique known as Cluster. The move is quite effective as he is able to condense his explosions into multiple ones.

My Hero Academia Chapter 362 also brings up a potential side effect that even Bakugo didn't know about until now. Whenever he concentrates his explosive sweat into little spheres, it causes strain to his palms. His body then evolved by dispersing his sweat elsewhere.

By doing so, Bakugo has effectively awakened his Quirk with Cluster Bomb. Not only does he move faster, he can also produce explosions from his entire body. This allowed him to effectively dodge some of Shigaraki's attacks in My Hero Academia Chapter 362.

It does bear similarities with the OFA Quirk

Now as of lately in the recent chpts of bakugo fighting shigarki, we see he's been messed up pretty badly! & if you look at where his face has been cut, it's the same place where the 2nd user of ofa has his scar!

During the chapter, Bakugo notices that his body is moving on its own. However, it also feels like it's going to fall apart. Nonetheless, the Cluster Bomb gives him far greater strength and speed than ever before.

This is functionally similar to how Izuki Midoriya used the OFA Quirk, at least in the beginning of the series. Bakugo even compared himself to Deku in this state, asking him if he'd finally caught up.

Considering his close resemblance to the second OFA user, this may or may not be a coincidence.

He can only use Cluster techniques during moments of crisis

#MHA362 #MHASpoilers Ok so looking back, Bakugo gets up and prepares to unleash an attack. “Cluster” has a secondary effect of producing explosions throughout the body.

This powerful move was first used back in the Paranormal Liberation War. Without even realizing it, Bakugo tried saving Midoriya from Shigaraki's powerful attacks. Remember, he is just a first-year student going up against Japan's most dangerous criminal, so the stakes were riding high in this war.

My Hero Academia Chapter 362 revisits this notion with the Cluster Bomb technique. By this point, Shigaraki is even more powerful than ever before, with the Pro Heroes struggling to bring him down. In that regard, Bakugo had no choice but to use his most powerful moves in this critical moment.

Unfortunately, he never fully realized this power

Bakugo is not dead y'all. Horikoshi doesn't have the balls, the dawg in him. That's the most obvious fake out, Deku is gonna unlock a new quirk that bring him back or some shit.

Bakugo doesn't get to use the Cluster Bomb all that much in My Hero Academia Chapter 362. Remember, he was already heavily injured by Shigaraki in a previous confrontation. Coupled with that, the villain manages to strike Bakugo right in the chest, forcing him to ragdoll across the ground and cough up blood.

Readers will have to wait and see whether or not Bakugo is done for good. With that being said, he never really got to show off the full potential of his powers, unlike Todoroki did against his brother Dabi.

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