My Hero Academia: Every Quirk awakening in the series so far

Shigaraki no longer holds himself back (Image via My Hero Academia / Shueisha / Studio Bones)
Shigaraki no longer holds himself back (Image via My Hero Academia / Shueisha / Studio Bones)

It's a very rare instance whenever someone awakens their Quirk in My Hero Academia.

For the most part, the nature of a specific Quirk always remains the same. However, if a person can unlock their full potential, then it's a completely different story. They will experience a Quirk evolution that gives them even more powers. Of course, only a handful of characters achieved this.

There is a reason why this almost never happens in My Hero Academia. Quirks can only be awakened through emotionally draining experiences. Users must be put in a life-or-death situation before they truly realize what's at stake. This allows them to go far beyond what they believed was possible.

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From heroes to villains, these are the currently known Quirk awakenings in My Hero Academia

Izuku Midoriya


Midoriya is arguably the first person to awaken his Quirk in My Hero Academia. This was demonstrated in the final round of the Joint Training arc, where Class 1-A was pitted against Class 1-B.

Previously, the OFA Quirk was believed to be a simple power boost. However, it turns out that all the previous users have manifested themselves in a vestige world. Midoriya was able to unlock the Blackwhip Quirk from its original user, Daigoro Banjo. However, he wasn't able to control it yet.

Although it took some training, Midoriya can now use all the Quirks from previous OFA wielders. Even someone like All For One is wary of its true potential.

Himiko Toga


Several awakened Quirks have been showcased in the Meta Liberation Army arc. The first belonged to Himiko Toga from the League of Villains. She ended up fighting Curious, who kept bringing up her tragic past.

Under very stressful conditions, Toga tried to outrun the Meta Liberation Army, but to no avail. In the midst of this conflict, Curious unknowingly triggered an emotional catharsis from Toga, which led to her death.

Normally, Toga can only transform into a person if she consumes their blood sample. However, she now has the ability to also use their powers. Toga can now copy the Zero Gravity Quirk from Ochako Uraraka. She levitated Curious and her allies before dropping them straight into the ground.

Tomura Shigaraki


Shigaraki is a rare example of someone reawakening their Quirk. During his terrible childhood, he ended up killing his entire family with Decay. He tried repressing his memories by wearing the hands of each family member.

In the early days of My Hero Academia, his decaying powers were considerably held back. However, that changed when he fought Re-Destro of the Meta Liberation Army. Shigaraki overcame his traumatic experience and destroyed the hand of his father, the person who hurt him the most.

Shigaraki can now spread his disintegration much further than before. This makes him an extremely dangerous villain in My Hero Academia. Heroes can't even maintain their distance without worrying about death.



My Hero Academia fans don't get to see Geten all that often. Regardless, he was still powerful enough to awaken his Quirk. A member of the Meta Liberation Army, he fought Dabi in a very close duel.

This underrated character can manipulate ice within a city-wide radius. However, after watching Re-Destro burn himself, Geten improved this ability even further. He can now change the nearby water temperature so it becomes ice.

This helps alleviate a major drawback in My Hero Academia, since he no longer has to rely on the situational placement of ice. He can just make some for himself. With that in mind, Geten was strong enough to fight Cementoss to a draw in the Paranormal Liberation War.

Shoto Todoroki

Flashfire Phosphor (MHA 351)lets gooo shotoooo#Todoroki #mha351 #MHA352

Shoto Todoroki has the ability to create fire and ice from his body. In a way, he can use two different Quirks in My Hero Academia. During the final arc, Shoto had managed to combine both powers into one.

In his fated duel with Dabi, he developed a technique known as Phosphor. This allowed him to merge fire and ice by regulating his circulatory system. Using his own heart to generate this power, Shoto can now burn and freeze targets at the same time. This is how he finally defeated his lost brother.

This was certainly a very emotional duel for Shoto, let alone My Hero Academia fans. He needed to take his Quirk to the next level for this battle. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to save Dabi from destroying himself with fire.

Katsuki Bakugo

#MHA360 #MHASpoilersWe really about to see my boy's quirk awaken ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€GET HIS ASS BAKUGO

Whenever a person awakens their powers, their Quirks evolve far beyond their original state. For example, under normal circumstances, Bakugo can only ignite explosions using nitroglycerin sweat from his palms.

However, there is definitely something going on with My Hero Academia Chapter 360. The sparkling designs of his sweat are reminiscient of Blasting Speed Turbo. There is a strong implication that he can now produce explosive sweat from other parts of his body, not just his palms.

It's very likely that he will awaken his Quirk in the very near future. He meets all the conditions in My Hero Academia. Bakugo may have been injured by Shigaraki in the final arc, but he remains firm in his resolve to defeat the villain.

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