My Hero Academia: 10 strongest villains in the entire series

Gigantomachia is a walking disaster in My Hero Academia (Image via Studio Bones)
Gigantomachia is a walking disaster in My Hero Academia (Image via Studio Bones)

Whether it’s Shigaraki or the Nomu, Japan is always in a constant state of danger in My Hero Academia.

Superhero work seems easy when dealing with lowly criminals. However, there are times when a villain’s threat level is just too high. Not every hero can be like All Might in My Hero Academia, which makes this a difficult challenge.

Whether it’s instantly killing targets with a single touch, or wiping out entire cities, these are the most dangerous villains in the series. Unsurprisingly, tthey would be classified as A-Rank or even S-Rank threats in My Hero Academia.

Note: This article will contain major spoilers from the manga.

The most powerful villains in My Hero Academia, according to strength

10) Goto Imasuji - Muscular


This enormous brute first appeared in the Forest Training Camp arc. He was arguably the biggest threat in the Vanguard Action Squad, given his immense size and strength.

Muscular can increase the muscle fibers in his body with the Pump Up Quirk. He is so powerful that he can stalemate regular OFA attacks. Even a 100% Detroit Smash wasn't enough for Izuku Midoriya, better known as Deku. He had to resort to 1,000,000% Delaware Detroit Smash.

This is among Deku’s hardest battles in My Hero Academia. Despite winning, Deku was left with a few permanent scars.

9) Chizome Akaguro - Stain


The Hero Killer has a very high body count in My Hero Academia. He murdered 17 Pro Heroes and heavily injured 24 of them. Tomura Shigaraki even wanted him to join the League of Villains, although Stain refused.

With a deadly combination of speed and skill, he can fight multiple combatants at once. During the Hero Killer arc, he directly engaged with Deku, Shoto Todoroki, and Tenya Ida. Stain only lost this fight because he was outnumbered.

The most nightmarish aspect of the Hero Killer is his Quirk. Bloodcurdle allows him to paralyze targets whenever he licks their blood, giving him the easy kill. Its overall effectiveness depends on different blood types.

8) Toya Todoroki - Dabi


Toya Todoroki is a deeply resentful man with nothing much to live for. Known by the alias Dabi, his only goal is to punish his father for his past actions. He is among the strongest fighters in the original League of Villains.

Pro Heroes must exercise caution whenever they approach Dabi. Within a few seconds, he could engulf the entire area with his blue-colored flames. They burn much hotter than regular flames in My Hero Academia, reaching temperatures of over 2,000°C (3,632°F).

7) Rikiya Yotsubashi - Re-Destro


Re-Destro wants to live up to the legacy of his father, who formerly ran the Meta Liberation Army. They believe that everybody should use their Quirks freely. However, they undermine their message with the use of terrorist tactics.

Shigaraki had to awaken his abilities just to beat Re-Destro in a fight. The Meta Liberation Army leaders can manifest his stress into raw size and power. He is also fast enough to dodge Shigaraki and completely avoid his decaying powers.

Databooks suggest that his physical stats are completely maxed out. However, after losing his legs to Shigaraki, he is slightly weaker than before.

6) Kai Chisaki - Overhaul


Chisaki used to rule over the Shie Hassaikai, or Eight Precepts of Death. His main goal was to eradicate Quirks and bring the Yakuza back into power.

Overhaul is a special ability that can disassemble and reassemble anything, including objects and people. A single touch can be lethal, so getting close to him is no easy feat. Chisaki also has the ability to regenerate in My Hero Academia.

With the help of a little girl named Eri, Deku was able to defeat Chisaki with One For All: Full Cowl - 100%. The former Yakuza boss is no longer a threat after the League of Villains took away his Quirk Factors.

5) Kaina Tsutsumi - Lady Nagant


Without a doubt, this former hero is the best sniper in the state of Japan. U.A. faculty member Sniper believes that even he cannot be compared to her. After she escaped the Tartarus Prison, she went after Deku personally.

When discussing the strongest women in My Hero Academia, Lady Nagant should be high on that list. She can easily snipe Deku in very difficult conditions, such as a kilometer distance and rainy weather.

It took a Faux 100 Percent: Manchester Smash just to destroy her rifle.

4) Hood


This High-End Nomu is the proud creation of Doctor Kyudai. Its raw strength and speed are far beyond most characters in this series.

As seen in the Pro Hero arc, Endeavor and Hawks had to go beyond their limits just to defeat Hood. This powerful creature possessed multiple Quirks, such as Muscle Augmentation and Super Regeneration. It’s also far more intelligent than the previous Nomu.

Endeavor had to use Prominence Burn - ULTRA PLUS just to bring him down.

3) Gigantomachia


Gigantomachia used to be a personal bodyguard of All For One. That alone speaks volumes to his gargantuan strength.

This colossal beast has been modified with multiple different Quirks, such as Endurance and Pain Blocker. Gigantomachia can fight multiple opponents for several days without tiring out. The League of Villains couldn’t do anything to him during the Meta Liberation Army arc.

It’s very telling how not a single personal could beat him in a direct fight. During the Paranormal Liberation War, the Pro Heroes had to put Gigantomachia to sleep. Even then, he still laid waste to an entire city, taking a few heroes with him.

2) All For One


All For One is the mastermind of My Hero Academia. He only ever lost twice in the series, and both of those losses were to All Might. The OFA Quirk was created specifically to deal with All For One.

Powerful doesn’t begin to describe All For One. For several decades, he could steal Quirks and give them away. Of course, he kept the strongest ones for himself. All For One could easily defeat multiple heroes in the Hideout Raid, including Best Jeanist.

This puppet master knows how to pull strings when it suits him. He is currently trying to take over Shigaraki’s body and merge with him, thus creating the ultimate villain.

1) Tomura Shigaraki


Tomura Shigaraki is the main villain of My Hero Academia. He is also the most dangerous with his Decay, since he can reduce anything he touches into dust. With catlike reflexes and amazing speed, he can surprise anybody.

Whether it’s Overhaul or Re-Destro, every single villain has been made secondary to Shigaraki. He always finds a way to stay on top of the criminal underworld. My Hero Academia is as much his story as Deku's.

The Paranormal Liberation War is a major turning point for this character. After surviving a series of experiments from Doctor Kyudai, Shigaraki has far surpassed his mentor All For One. He is now the most dangerous threat in the entire world, let alone Japan.

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