My Hero Academia: 4 reasons why Shigaraki could be the final villain (and 4 reasons why it could be AFO)

The main antagonists of the entire series (Image via Sportskeeda)
The main antagonists of the entire series (Image via Sportskeeda)

My Hero Academia readers have often wondered who will be the final villain of the series.

Now that My Hero Academia is nearing its end, there are only two possible candidates left. Tomura Shigaraki and All For One have one specific goal in mind. They want to crumble the very foundations of hero society. In many ways, they are the villainous counterparts to Deku and All Might.

It's not yet clear who should be the endgame boss of My Hero Academia. Several arguments can be made for both sides here. It ultimately depends on whether or not Shigaraki can be redeemed.

Note: This article will contain major spoilers from the manga.

Reasons why Tomura Shigaraki will be the final villain of My Hero Academia

4) Shigaraki is the villain protagonist

Unlike most shonen manga, readers have been following this villain's journey every step of the way.

My Hero Academia even gave Shigaraki is very own arc. His fight against the Meta Liberation Army was not unlike Deku fighting the League of Villains. Shigaraki is arguably the second most important character in My Hero Academia.

All For One represents the past, while Shigaraki represents the present. The latter cannot achieve his goal of becoming the greatest villain if his master does everything for him.

3) He can always kill off All For One

Right now, Shigaraki is struggling with his new body, which he developed after the Paranormal Liberation War. All For One wants to merge their consciousness together, despite the lack of consent from Shigaraki himself. Even now, he is still fighting over control of his body.

My Hero Academia fans wouldn't be surprised to see the student finally surpass his teacher. Despite everything his mentor did for him, Shigaraki doesn't want to be a mere chess piece on the gameboard.

When push comes to shove, he may just have to get rid of All For One. Shigaraki can never be his own person, otherwise.

2) At this point, somebody needs to kill All For One


So much time has been spent with Shigaraki as the main antagonist. Many fans of My Hero Academia would feel cheated if All For One took it away from him. In that case, it would be very difficult for Deku to put him down for good.

All For One has already escaped Tartarus once before. There is no way he can be locked up again, since he can always break out. He is far too powerful to stay alive, yet Deku is not exactly a lethal fighter.

Shigaraki can do the dirty work for Deku by decaying his master, right before a final confrontation. My Hero Academia fans have long speculated that he would finish him off. That way, Deku wouldn't have any blood on his hands.

1) His rivalry with Deku has defined the series


Shigaraki and Deku represent the villains and heroes of their respective generations, just like All For One and All Might in the previous one.

Light needs darkness to shine brightly in My Hero Academia. For the longest time, Shigaraki and Deku have been constant foils to each other. The series has been steadily building up to their inevitable confrontation.

Reasons why All For One will be the final villain of My Hero Academia

4) He could be using Shigaraki to get what he wants


The last few arcs made it clear that Shigaraki is simply a tool of destruction. All For One plans on fusing with his body to become the ultimate symbol of evil.

Even before his transformation process, Shigaraki has always been on the frontlines. He would carry out tasks for the League of Villains while his mentors stood in the shadows.

All For One is extremely manipulative and always pulls the strings on his puppets. According to Dabi's flashback, All For One wanted him to be a potential backup plan in case Shigaraki failed. It's very obvious that he only wants a new vessel to carry on his legacy.

3) All For One is the ultimate evil


Even when he was a child, he always rooted for the villains in his favorite comic books. Once he manifested his powerful Quirk, he sowed the seeds of chaos into hero society. For the past century or so, All For One has ruled over the criminal underworld as the Demon King.

It took multiple generations of OFA users powering up their Quirk before All Might finally beat All For One. The only reason that Quirk exists was to eliminate his threat. Even then, the villain lived on to fight another day.

2) Deku could still try to save Shigaraki

My Hero Academia is a story about a young boy who became a great hero. If he manages to save the biggest villain in the franchise, then he will truly live up to his reputation as All Might's successor.

When speaking with the OFA vestiges, Deku voiced concern about Shigaraki. Ever since the Paranormal Liberation War, he understood that Shigaraki was nothing more than a pawn in All For One's schemes.

Deku believes that somewhere inside his body, there is still a Tenko Shimura that needs to be saved. If there is a chance, then he will take it.

1) All For One could be responsible for everything

It's commonly speculated that All For One purposely gave Shigaraki a destructive Quirk when he was a mere child. This resulted in the death of his entire family. It seems very suspicious that he rescued the young boy shortly afterwards

Remember, Tomura Shigaraki was actually Tenko Shimura, the grandson of Nana Shimura. All For One has a deep hatred for the OFA lineage. He purposely sought out a hero's family member just to make them a villain.

It stands to reason that he manipulated the circumstances of Shigaraki's tragic upbringing. He seems to be in control of everything in My Hero Academia. Since he is the biggest instigator of conflict, it makes sense for him to be the final villain.

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