My Hero Academia chapter 364 spoilers and raw scans: A possible revival of a major character, an explanation of AFO’s plans

Key players in this chapter (Image via Studio Bones)
Key players in this chapter (Image via Studio Bones)

Readers have been wondering where My Hero Academia chapter 364 would choose to focus, and today’s spoilers reveal that creator Horikoshi has gone back to the Gunga Mountains and U.A. grounds. Unexpectedly, the chapter also explores the state of global politics.

According to the spoilers, My Hero Academia chapter 364 shows that the pro-heroes try to save the major character who was previously supposed dead. While it has garnered some conflicting reactions, the route Horikoshi takes to revive his character is not one of the theorized ones.

Disclaimer: This article contains manga spoilers up to My Hero Academia chapter 364.

My Hero Academia chapter 364 spoilers suggest that pro-heroes try to heal Bakugo

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According to the spoilers, My Hero Academia chapter 364 begins with a flashback of Dr. Garaki explaining that Shigaraki stole a bullet from Shie Hassaikai made from Eri’s Quirk, which confirmed his Quirk Singularity theory. He then extracted the quirk he left for All for One to use. The chapter shows that AFO is fully restored.

All for One says that using Rewind is his final play, because his body will eventually disappear. But he is not bothered by this, because the baton has already been passed to Shigaraki. What he has to do is finish off as many heroes as possible #MHA364

Tokoyami guesses that it’s Eri’s quirk. He and Hawks get to where AFO has already stolen another pro hero’s quirk. AFO admits that using Rewind will return him to nothing. Still, he aims to take down as many heroes as possible since he has already been partially transferred into Tomura’s body.

The president says that America is also in danger and that the Quirk Research Centers said Shigaraki is invincible, so he imagines that a political conflict will now begin in which the leaders of the first-world countries will fight for Tomura's trust #MHA364

My Hero Academia chapter 364 cuts to Washington D.C., where people are rising in support of AFO. The president tells General Agpar that since the laboratories have found Shigaraki to be invincible, the rest of the world will soon try to win Shigaraki’s favor. The general reminds everyone of Star and Stripe, insisting that they must act against AFO now if they are to prevent him from destroying the future.

#MHASpoilers #mha364 #bnha364"I know. So I'll leave the rest to you, class president Hakamada"

According to the spoilers, the chapter then cuts to U.A. grounds, where Edgeshot enters thinned parts of his body into Bakugo’s. He asks Mirko to keep Shigaraki away at any cost while he tries to restore Bakugo’s destroyed heart, as they cannot let it take the boy away. Best Jeanist protests that this would result in Edgeshot’s own death, but the Ninja Hero replies that he knows. The last page of My Hero Academia chapter 364 shows Edgeshot’s complete face.


#MHA364 i just can't get over the determination. he's broken, his prosthetics are shattered, he likely can't fly anymore. he's one sword left and he's facing down AFO in his *pre All Might era*. and all he can think is 'i have to buy time'. you're 23, you're not atlas.

AFO seems certain of his demise, which indicates that he has either left the mantle of leadership to Tomura’s fragmented mind, or he will survive inside his protégé after his original body perishes, likely taking over as the dominant personality. Tenko’s existence clashes with the outcome, so it will be interesting to see if Deku manages to save him.

Cut to Washington D.C. and we see that General Aghpar is talking to the president. He says that they need to take the opportunity to finish off Shigaraki. Outside there are protests and destruction, including a sign that says "We Are All For One" #MHA364

It appears that the global leaders have given up on saving Japan and are ready to bow down to Shigaraki’s powers. General Agpar can become a future ally, especially considering his relationship with Star and Stripe. However, based on the protests depicted in My Hero Academia chapter 364, it is clear that AFO has garnered a gaggle of supporters.

a pro hero sacrificing himself to save a student FINALLY A USEFUL ADULT HERO DOING THEY’RE SUPPOSED TO#mhaspoilers #mha364

The issue of Bakugo’s death has been controversial since the beginning, and many have emphasized how crucial it is for the revival to be done carefully. However, Edgeshot’s involvement is, in most readers’ opinion, a less than optimum outcome.

#MHA364 #MHASpoilersso what was the point man? to just give bakugo a quirk awakening? to boost the reader surveys for a couple weeks? what does killing bakugo to revive him TWO chapters later do for the story besides kill some hero half the casual fanbase prolly dont remember 😭

While Bakugo is set to be revived, the fiasco of his death becomes pointless to the plot. It seems like a publicity stunt to some. While Edgeshot can fail to bring him back, in most likelihood, this was a setup for Bakugo to receive a quirk awakening of some sort. Hopefully, the official translation will give readers a better clue.

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