My Hero Academia chapter 363 spoilers allegedly suggest that Horikoshi is keeping Bakugo's options open

Bakugo is once again at the center of a debate ( Image via Studio Bones)
Bakugo is once again at the center of a debate ( Image via Studio Bones)

Katsuki Bakugo has been at the center of many recent debates, and My Hero Academia chapter 363 spoilers may have worsened the situation. While the fandom primarily believes that mangaka Horikoshi gives his readers a concrete answer to the pivotal controversy from the previous chapter, some readers claim that he leaves everything frustratingly open-ended.

My Hero Academia chapter 363 spoilers, and the raw scans especially, provide a solid answer to the Bakugo issue from the previous chapter. However, considering that this is a superhero universe where many seemingly miraculous developments have historically taken place, some fans find that the said answer is not conclusive enough.

Disclaimer: This article contains heavy manga spoilers up to My Hero Academia chapter 363 and reflects the writer's personal opinion.

Readers argue whether My Hero Academia chapter 363 spoilers truly confirm Bakugo’s fate

Chapter 362 controversially ended with Bakugo lying on the ground, broken and bloody. His heart was pierced through by Shigaraki’s “Flesh Growth.” However, there was no clear declaration of his death. This was only implied via a Vestige-like hallucination and shots of Bakugo’s parents. Best Jeanist later exclaimed, “His heart…”, but the chapter left the statement unfinished.

Today’s spoilers from My Hero Academia chapter 363 have Best Jeanist confirming that Bakugo has no pulse. The raw scans show the latter lying prone on the ground with glassy eyes (most people would use the term "dead eyes"). Shigaraki himself taunts Aizawa that his precious student has died, and the reactions from Bakugo’s mentors and allies further reinforce the fact that the boy is truly gone.

So far, regular readers would agree that Bakugo’s demise seems like a certified fact. And indeed, most of the fandom does consider My Hero Academia chapter 363 spoilers to be conclusive evidence of Bakugo’s passing. However, two different factions vehemently disagree with this conclusion.

The debate

The greater portion of the counterargument comes from Katsuki Bakugo’s fans, who are somewhat in denial and refuse to accept that their favorite character, who is also the series’ most popular character, could lose his life so early in the final arc. Dabi’s appearance in My Hero Academia chapter 363 spoilers has given them additional hope. They argue that if Dabi can survive while his muscles and bones are falling apart, then Bakugo’s pulse can surely be restarted.

They further argue that Bakugo has been hailed as the symbol of victory throughout the series. According to the spoilers, the villains start overpowering the heroes right after the Explosive Hero falls. Therefore, Bakugo’s fall is the symbolic death of the heroes’ victory, which can only be revived when the boy himself is saved.

The other faction

The more sedate argument comes from a more rational part of the fandom - the skeptical fans. Previously, Horikoshi once put Bakugo in an equally fatal situation back in the PLF War arc, before promptly showing him to be alive. Considering My Hero Academia is a fairly typical Shounen-action manga, a genre that is notorious for not killing off its main characters, and that Bakugo is the most popular and marketed character in the franchise, makes readers doubtful about the authenticity of Bakugo’s death.

Despite being the series' deuteragonist, Bakugo’s character has mostly revolved around Deku, with the Remedial Course arc being the sole outlier. Horikoshi promised his readers that Bakugo will receive an independent plot point in the final arc, one that will properly showcase his growth as a hero and his purpose in the series as someone other than Deku’s image of victory. In light of that promised character moment, these readers believe that such an anticlimactic death serves no purpose in the plot.

Leaving aside the far-fetched theories linking Bakugo to the Second User of OFA, these readers believe that My Hero Academia chapter 363 spoilers do not provide enough conclusive evidence for them to not be suspicious of Horikoshi, who has previously tormented his readers with several red herrings. They would not believe the mangaka unless the words “Katsuki Bakugo is dead” clearly appear in the manga.

Final thoughts

If one were to draw a reasonable conclusion from My Hero Academia chapter 363 spoilers, then they would declare Katsuki Bakugo dead. While the majority of the fandom has accepted this as a fact, the counterarguments cannot be completely discarded. The series’ history and Horikoshi’s penchant for dramatic flair directly support the skepticism.

Additionally, Shueisha has a history of forcing its creators to bring back popular characters based on profit and public demand. Horikoshi has also received several threats over the years from so-called fans for his writing not going the way they preferred. Beyond the question of Bakugo's death, the issue arises with whether or not Horikoshi can bring him back to life. Only time can answer that.