My Hero Academia Chapter 362: The end of the line for a major character

My Hero Academia Chapter 362 is a devastating entry in the series (Image via Studio Bones)
My Hero Academia Chapter 362 is a devastating entry in the series (Image via Studio Bones)

Heartbreak was real for fans after My Hero Academia Chapter 362 was released. The new chapter came out just a few hours ago, giving fans some of the most dreaded news possible. While nothing is yet set in stone, it is probable that a major character in the franchise could pass on to a better life after the events of today’s chapter.

Will this be the end for one of the most emblematic characters in the franchise? Can the heroes win against Shigaraki in any way? Continue reading to learn more about the events that transpired in My Hero Academia Chapter 362.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 362.

My Hero Academia Chapter 362 could mean goodbye for a beloved character

What happened in the last chapter?

After saving Bakugo, Mirio teased Shigaraki/AFO about not having any friends. This caused a third consciousness inside the body to wake up, Tenko Shimura. The young boy took control of the body to scream that he indeed had friends, making AFO realize he could lose control of the body at any time, which is not ideal.

Instead of losing time by fighting against Mirio, AFO decided to reach for Bakugo once more, who was being protected by Best Jeanist. Hado distracted the villain by using her powerful energy beams. After the villain took hold of her, Nejire had a flashback of becoming Tamaki’s friend, all while saying only Tamaki could help them now.

Mirio and Nejire were confident that Tamaki, who had eaten several foods before arriving to the fight, could defeat the villain with his amazing new attack. The chapter ended with Tamaki preparing for his new super move.

My Hero Academia Chapter 362 is titled Light Fades to Rain.

Tamaki’s treasures

My Hero Academia Chapter 362 starts with Tamaki preparing his ultimate move, hoping that it works. He starts to remember all the praise he received from the people special to him. For Tamaki, the words of Fat Gum, Kirishima, Tetsutetsu and Mirio are like treasures that keep him moving forward.

Using all his power, he fires a massive Vast Hybrid: Plasma Cannon that completely envelops Shigaraki’s body.

The attack starts pushing Shigaraki/AFO a bit, but he does not seem to be affected at all. As the smoke from the explosion starts to settle, Nejire is shocked to see that Shigaraki does not have a single wound on his body. The villain then mocks the Big Three, telling them an attack like that would not have hurt All Might in his prime, so it obviously did not affect him.

Bakugo’s resolve

My Hero Academia Chapter 362 goes on to show that Bakugo starts walking towards the villain after he sees his comrades in danger, asking Best Jeanist to take care of his friends. As he walks, Bakugo tells an imaginary Izuku he must win. Best Jeanist tries to stop the young Hero but he disappeared in a flash using his explosive Quirk.

Shigaraki tries to attack Bakugo but the young hero evades him by predicting his moves. The latter keeps moving at an outstanding speed, which is explained as a side effect of his Cluster super move.

As he was storing sweat all over his body, his gland started to release small explosions to alleviate the pressure. This hurts Bakugo with every move, while also giving him a massive speed boost. Bakugo thinks this is probably how Izuku had to fight when he first obtained One For All. As he fights, he wonders if he will ever be as strong as his best friend.

Shigaraki/AFO is starting to become afraid, remembering the second One for All user after seeing Bakugo fight. In his anger, the villain releases a massive attack that Bakugo is unable to evade.

Dynamight’s sacrifice

My Hero Academia Chapter 362 continues inside Bakugo’s mindscape, where he encounters a vision of All Might. He remembers that the first time they met, Bakugo was only a delinquent who was going through some problems.

He regrets not having asked the number one Hero to sign the All Might card he and Izuku got when they were kids. It seemed like he was always carrying it around with him, as a token of his friendship with Deku.

Back in the real world, the Big Three are trying to reach Bakugo to save him from Shigaraki’s attack. Unfortunately, none of them are fast enough to reach the boy, who is sent flying against the ground. Best Jeanist tries to reach for Bakugo, but something surprises him.

Shigaraki confirms that Bakugo’s fighting style changed because he was tracing their first encounter. The villain mockingly remarks that he is the final boss and none of the heroes present could ever hurt him.

Bakugo’s mother is concerned because it seems like it will rain, which he does not like. Meanwhile, Best Jeanist screams that something has happened to Bakugo’s heart.

My Hero Academia Chapter 362 ended with Bakugo laying on the ground, a massive hole in his chest, and his All Might card completely ruined.

Final thoughts

My Hero Academia Chapter 362 is a difficult experience for any Bakugo fan. When the spoilers for the chapter came out, many fans speculated that Bakugo’s heart simply stopped and he could still be revived. Yet, after reading the chapter, it seems like Shigaraki stabbed the young man directly in the heart, making his chances of survival almost non-existent.

It is genuinely heartbreaking to see all the Heroes who fought alongside Bakugo in anguish because of the events of the chapter. While it is unlikely that Bakugo’s parents are aware of what happened to their son, it seems like they at least know something is not right.

The pain felt by his comrades is palpable, and seeing the normally energetic young man laying on the ground with his eyes slowly losing focus is extremely upsetting. The All Might card that fell from his pocket also feels like a bad omen, as if it was saying his dreams to be like All Might have been ruined.

Next week, there will be a break in all Shonen Jump publications, and we will not have any news concerning Bakugo’s health for at least two weeks. There is not much we can do except hope for Katsuki's survival, and pray that Deku will arrive soon to save his friends.