My Hero Academia Chapter 373 beaks hearts over Present Mic's message to Shirakumo

Shirakumo (center) may finally be reuniting with Present Mic (right) and Aizawa (left) in upcoming issues for the smash-hit series (Image via bones Studio)
Shirakumo (center) may finally be reuniting with Present Mic (right) and Aizawa (left) in upcoming issues for the smash-hit series (Image via bones Studio)

The spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 373 were released on Wednesday morning, November 16. As soon as the spoilers were released, the fans' discussion was dominated by the apparent return of Kurogiri rather than Shirakumo.

Fans are now scrutinizing every detail of My Hero Academia Chapter 373 for clues that indicate that Kurogiri's reappearance is a ruse orchestrated by Shirakumo. Indeed, one fan appears to have discovered damning linguistic evidence in this regard, based on Kurogiri's alleged reawakening.

Follow along as this article briefly discusses My Hero Academia Chapter 373 spoilers, as well as focuses on predominant fan reactions to the issue.

Fans are stunned by My Hero Academia Chapter 373's unexpected decision to bring Kurogiri back

Fan reaction

My Hero Academia Chapter 373 spoilers begin with a focus on Shoji, who is now in charge of the crowd of mutants outside the hospital as a result of Spinner's entrance. One of the mutants is about to attack Shoji, but the pig-man from the previous chapter intervenes and speaks words of encouragement to the other mutants in the crowd.

The pig-man essentially says that his initial excitement at Spinner’s call-to-action eventually turned to realizations that he doesn’t know “everyone” in the world. Concluding that there are good people in the world, Shoji builds off of this by telling them to use this incident, “this light,” to change society and make those who once prejudiced them ashamed to ever do so again.

My Hero Academia Chapter 373 then cuts inside the hospital, where Present Mic knocks down Spinner with a sound wave, breaking the recording device Spinner was supposed to use. Spinner shares some exposition about realizing that more than anything else, he wanted to be able to reach Shigaraki and help him as an equal.

Meanwhile, Mic begins an internal monologue in which he "tells" Shirakumo that Aizawa has lost an eye and a leg, so his fond memories of the three of them in high school cannot be erased. He tells his old friend that if he is no longer Shirakumo, the best thing he can do is vanish and be remembered fondly.

He starts to say what he should do if he is Shirakumo but stops when Spinner stands up and shoves one of Shigaraki's hands in Kurogiri's face. This causes Kurogiri to reawaken, with Shirakumo-like features on his face. My Hero Academia Chapter 373, concludes with Kurogiri stating that he is "the one who protects Tomura Shigaraki," seemingly confirming Kurogiri's return.

Fans were understandably upset by Present Mic's words to Shirakumo about their shared past friendship with Aizawa and Aizawa's current state. Aizawa and Mic were always a fan-favorite duo, but with Shirakumo on board, they became a fan-favorite trio. Based on the reactions to the spoilers, it's clear that many people really wanted Shirakumo to come back and for the group to get back together.

However, a ray of hope has been illuminated amidst the near-universal suffering My Hero Academia Chapter 373 appears to be putting the series' fandom through. One user points out that Kurogiri uses the Japanese word "ore" rather than his traditionally used "watashi" when referring to himself as Shigaraki's protector.

The former is also commonly used by adolescent boys, particularly in shonen manga. As a result, some fans speculate that this is Shirakumo speaking. If this is true, the most likely scenarios are that he is fully in control and tricking the villains, or that he is forced to help the villains by his Kurogiri-Nomu programming. In any case, it appears that this minor detail in My Hero Academia Chapter 373 is giving many fans hope for a happy ending.

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