My Hero Academia: 4 fighters that Mezo Shoji can beat (and 4 he can’t)

Shoji training for his next matchup
Shoji training for his next matchup (Image via My Hero Academia / Shueisha / Studio Bones)

With his heightened senses and quick reflexes, Mezo Shoji is a reliable fighter in My Hero Academia.

The ability to grow extra arms can be very useful when throwing multiple punches. Of course, Shoji has far more versatility with his Mutant Quirk. Dupli-Arms also lets him replicate other body parts at the tip of his tentacles. This gives him more awareness of his surroundings in My Hero Academia.

Shoji isn't the strongest member of Class 1-A, but he isn't the weakest, either. This underrated fighter can surprise a lot of people in My Hero Academia.

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Shoji can definitely win against the following My Hero Academia characters

4) Toru Hagakure


Hagakure isn't much of a fighter, but she can perform sneak attacks with by turning invisible. With that said, her punches aren't particularly all that powerful and she lacks a constitutional defense in My Hero Academia. Shoji should be able to defeat her with a single punch.

The mutant could potentially grow multiple eyes and ears just to figure out her movements. Even if Hagakure used blinding light against Shoji, he could sprout another set of eyes like nothing happened.

3) Rikido Sato


Sato is a physically strong combatant with a clear muscular build. He can make himself even more powerful with the Sugar Rush Quirk, provided he ingests a certain amount of sugar in My Hero Academia.

However, unlike Shoji and his ability to sprout multiple limbs, Sato doesn't have much else going for him. What also doesn't help is that his Quirk has a terrible drawback of cognitive impairment. Shoji just needs to outlast Sato with his endurance and stamina.

2) Togaru Kamakiri


Kamakiri has very precise cutting power with his Razor Sharp Quirk. Shoji would have to be very careful around him.

With that said, he can regenerate sprouted limbs with his Dupli-Arms Quirk, which means an injured Shoji can still put up a good fight. He just needs to outmaneuver Kamakiri and land his Ocotoblow super move. Shoji definitely has enough strength and speed to catch the Class 1-B student off guard.

1) Kosei Tsuburaba


Tsuburaba can be very annoying to deal with in My Hero Academia. He can trap his targets via his Solid Air Quirk. Unfortunately, for him, a strong enough force is all that's needed to break down his prison walls. Tsuburaba is also physically weak and wouldn't last very long in a direct confrontation.

Shoji might be the youngest student in Class 1-A, but his muscular build is second only to Rikido Sato. He can definitely break out from Tsuburaba's air techniques. Shoji also has natural reflexes and quick movements. He could definitely take on Tsuburaba with a surprise counterattack.

By comparison, Shoji wouldn't fare well against the following My Hero Academia characters

4) Pony Tsunotori


Technically speaking, this fight would most likely end in a draw. My Hero Academia fans have already seen this matchup back in the third round of the Joint Training arc.

However, Pony still deserves a placement on this list, given that Shoji can't really take her down one-on-one. He doesn't have the means to get within her reach, which is very problematic for him.

Shoji's main problem is that he lacks any projectiles in My Hero Academia. Pony can simply use the Horn Cannon Quirk to stay airborne. She can't beat him, but neither can he as long as she keeps running away.

3) Jurota Shishida


Both of these combatants are known for their acute senses and physically imposing forms. However, based on their performances in the Joint Training arc, it's clear that Shishida is slightly faster and stronger than Shoji.

Shishida could take on multiple Class 1-A students all by himself and not suffer any serious injuries. He could even withstand a direct shock from Denki Kaminari. Shoji has yet to demonstrate similar feats in My Hero Academia. Logically speaking, Shishida should have this in the bag.

2) Eijiro Kirishima


With the ability to harden himself into jagged shapes, Kirishima has the best offense and defense for this particular battle.

Shoji doesn't have any other means of attacking him beyond throwing unprotected punches. At worst, he would cut himself up really badly in My Hero Academia. Kirishima could endure the likes of Kendo Rappa, which means Shoji isn't going to be much of a challenge by comparison.

1) Fumikage Tokoyami


Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo, and Shoto Todoroki are unquesitonably the strongest first year students in the U.A. There is quite a large gap between them and the rest of Class 1-A. However, Tokoyami might not be that far behind them with his monstrous Dark Shadow Quirk.

Tokoyami is given a wide range of special abilities. He can protect himself with a defensive wall, stay airborne with his shadow familiar, and entrap his opponents in complete darkness. Shoji doesn't have as many approaches in My Hero Academia, which greatly limits his combat potential here.

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