10 My Hero Academia quirks with the worst drawbacks

Kaminari's "whey" mode never fails to make Jiro laugh (Image via Studio Bones)
Kaminari's "whey" mode never fails to make Jiro laugh (Image via Studio Bones)

Quirks may grant superpowers in My Hero Academia, but some of them have awful drawbacks.

In the early parts of the series, Kohei Horikoshi has been relatively balanced with his powers. Quirks are unique to every user in My Hero Academia. This means that their strengths and weaknesses are also different.

With that said, more than a few Quirks have very restrictive limitations. There might be a physical downside that hurts them in the long run. Some of these Quirks might even have societal disadvantages.

These Quirks have really terrible drawbacks in My Hero Academia

10) Brainwashing (Hitoshi Shinso)


Shinso can actively brainwash anyone to obey his commands. In order to activate his Quirk, he needs to have a target respond to him verbally.

This is an extremely useful ability in My Hero Academia, since there are no strings attached. Shinso doesn't suffer any physical drawbacks for using his Quirk. However, it does have negative consequences for his social life.

Most people avoid Shinso because of his seemingly villainous Quirk. He didn't grow up with many friends in My Hero Academia. This has resulted in his resentful outlook on life, at least until the Sports Festival.

9) Gas (Mustard)


This dangerous villain can generate poisonous gas from his body. Anybody who breathes it will fall asleep right away.

Of course, this also includes Mustard himself, which is why he wears a gas mask. Using it for the first time in his life must not have been very fun.

Another problem with this Quirk is that Mustard cannot control its movement. Neither friend nor foes are safe, which makes him a very poor team player.

8) Navel Laser (Yuga Aoyama)


Aoyama has a lot of fire power with his Navel Laser Quirk. He can easily destroy giant robots with his light beams.

Unfortunately, the Quirk is placed directly on his navel area. This gives him digestive problems on the battlefield, which can be distracting. Aoyama has to undergo stomach pains if he wants to use the Quirk.

At the very least, Aoyama did reduce his drawbacks with rigorous training. For that reason, he isn't any higher on this list. At the beginning of My Hero Academia, he could barely control his beams. Now he can fire away in the right direction.

7) Invisibility (Toru Hagakure)


Mutant Quirks are quite a rare breed in My Hero Academia. Hagakure just happens to be completely invisible. This power is very useful in stealth missions. Better yet, she can also retract light with her abilities.

However, her invisibility only applies to her body and not her clothes. That means she has to be completely naked to stay out of sight. Of course, this exposes her to natural elements like sheer cold.

She can only be relied upon for room temperature situations.

6) Sugar Rush (Rikido Sato)


The worst drawbacks in My Hero Academia involve physical or mental impairment. In the case of Rikido Sato, it's the latter that brings him down.

Sugar Rush allows him to convert ten grams of sugar into raw physical strength. However, after three minutes have passed, his cognitive functions will decrease. By this point, he becomes useless in battle.

Even worse, this Quirk can only be activated with sugar. This means Sato always needs that supply on hand. It's unknown if there are diabetic side effects to his Quirk in My Hero Academia.

5) Electrification (Denki Kaminari)


Kaminari can discharge large amounts of electricity from his body. He can effectively shock his opponents and even paralyze them. However, it's only good for close range combat in My Hero Academia.

The worst aspect of this Quirk is whenever he goes over the wattage limit. Kaminari's brain will become short circuited for a full hour. Since he cannot do anything in the meantime, he becomes a very easy target.

Kaminari needs to be very careful whenever he is using Electrification. A lack of intelligence is very detrimental in combat situations.

4) Gecko (Spinner)


My Hero Academia often explores the subject matter of racism. Those with Mutant Quirks are shunned by society because of their looks.

Spinner has been subjected to discrimination his entire life, mainly due to his reptilian appearance. This is arguably the biggest drawback of any Mutant Quirk in My Hero Academia.

What makes it even worse is that the weaknesses far outweigh the strengths. Gecko allows the user to cling to surfaces. Predictably, there are environmental limitations of this Quirk. Spinner has to suffer from society's problems just so he can use very situational abilities.

3) Cremation (Dabi)


This notorious villain has the hottest flames in My Hero Academia. It goes without saying that widespread destruction is his main specialty. Dabi's blue fire burns at extremely hot temperatures, even more so than Endeavor's Hellflame.

Of course, it's extremely dangerous to both Dabi and his victims. Dabi cannot overuse his fire abilities, since that puts himself at great risk. He could easily die if he is not careful. Dabi cannot handle the heat for very long.

Judging by the burns on his body, Dabi's Quirk already did some major damage.

2) Food (Soramitsu Tabe)


A member of the Shie Hassaikai, Soramitsu can devour anything with his gluttonous appetite. However, there is a very annoying downside that affects his everyday life. Soramitsu will always feel hungry, no matter what he eats.

Unlike most Quirks on this list, he must constantly put up with the drawbacks. He doesn't even have poison immunity in My Hero Academia. Worst of all, Soramitsu has a very limited range with his Quirk.

1) Permeation (Mirio Togata)


Mirio can phase through physical matter with his powerful Quirk. He can selectively choose his body parts or use his entire body. Permeation is among the strongest Transformation Quirks in My Hero Academia.

This U.A. student makes it look very easy. However, that's only because of his countless hours of training. Permeation is extremely difficult to use in most circumstances. This Quirk requires immense concentration, since Mirio has to manually control which parts of his body are intangible.

If the user is not careful, they can suffer fatal injuries. They will also lose their senses when they are fully intangible, since everything passes through.

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