My Hero Academia: 10 strongest Emitter-type Quirks

This fire always burns in My Hero Academia (Image via Studio Bones)
This fire always burns in My Hero Academia (Image via Studio Bones)

Some of the most powerful Quirks in My Hero Academia are from the Emitter class.

Without a doubt, this is the most common type of Quirk in the series. The Emitter type refers to special abilities that can be produced or discharged. Some of them have a long range while others require a close distance.

Either way, they are the most recognizable Quirks in My Hero Academia. The strongest heroes and villains use them on a regular basis. Emitter type Quirks have a wide range of properties, so it's up to users to make them work.

Note: This article contains major spoilers from the manga.

The most potent Emitter Quirks in My Hero Academia

10) Foresight (Mirai Sasaki - Sir Nighteye)


All Might’s former sidekick had the ability to see into the future via flashbacks. Users can easily dodge attacks with this method.

However, it only works for a single target for an hour. Afterwards, there is a cooldown period of 24 hours, but it’s a fair trade-off. This Emitter Quirk requires users to first touch an intended target, then make eye contact shortly afterwards.

9) Hellflame (Enji Todoroki - Endeavor)


Pyrokinetic abilities can be extremely powerful at the right temperatures. Hellflame is hot enough to burn through regeneration Quirks.

This Emitter Quirk has a very wide range of attacks, such as flamethrowers and fire punches. It’s truly worthy of Japan’s number one Pro Hero. His offensive potency is among the highest in the series. However, Endeavor must be very careful not to overheat his body.

8) Cremation (Toya Todoroki - Dabi)


Cremation is not the official name of this Quirk. The My Hero Academia community calls it that for simplicity, since it’s never been named otherwise.

With his blue colored flames, Dabi can burn anything down with his 2,000°C heat. This makes it far hotter than magma alone. Within seconds, this notorious villain can reduce enemies to ashes. However, Dabi’s body cannot handle the extreme heat for very long.

7) Half-Cold Half-Hot (Shoto Todoroki)


Shoto inherited both Quirks from his mother and father, which gives him access to fire and ice abilities. He can use his powers to regulate his body temperature, so he doesn’t have the same weakness as the rest of his family.

This powerful Quirk is the reason why Shoto is a recommended student in the U.A. It should be noted that he can only control the fire and ice that he creates.

6) Weather Manipulation (Nine)


Nine is a major villain from the movie My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising. Needless to say, he is a walking natural disaster with his Weather Manipulation.

Users can summon rain and lightning, along with gusts of wind and tornadoes. Its destructive capacity reaches over entire cities. However, the main drawback is that users will be severely weakened from overuse.

5) Decay (Tomura Shigaraki)


Death and destruction await those who get in the way of Tomura Shigaraki. By touching a target with his fingertips, he can disintegrate them into dust. However, this only works on solid objects in My Hero Academia. Getting close to Shigaraki is always a dangerous idea.

Decay is arguably the most lethal Quirk in the entire series, let alone the Emitter class. Unless the target manages to cut off the infected area, getting hit with Decay means instant death.

It can even destroy an entire landscape several miles apart.

4) Overhaul (Kai Chisaki - Overhaul)


The ability to create and destroy anything is very rare in My Hero Academia. This Emitter type Quirk is useful for offensive and defensive purposes.

With a single touch, Overhaul can restructure whatever he likes. Most of the time, he reduces his targets to a red mist. However, he can even combine himself with other characters. In a matter of moments, Overhaul can become a monstrous giant. He can also reform the battlefield to his liking.

3) All For One (Tomura Shigaraki / All For One)


Sometimes too much is never enough for Japan’s biggest villains. All For One is a special ability that allows users to steal Quirks. Pro Heroes cannot fight All For One users without the threat of losing their powers. The only notable exception is One For All users.

Unlike most characters in My Hero Academia, All For One users can hold multiple Quirks at once. They can also give them away to other people.

With the right combination of powers, All For One can be used to survive most combat situations. Only the One For All users stand a chance against it.

2) One For All (Izuku Midoriya)


This Quirk has been passed down multiple generations in My Hero Academia. It allows the user to stockpile tremendous amounts of power, speed, and durability. One For All cannot be stolen by any means by All For One, since it was created to combat him.

The ninth user has finally managed to unlock its full potential. Izuku Midoriya can now use Quirks from former users. For example, he can now float in the air, a power that previously belonged to Nana Shimura.

Midoriya should be on equal footing with All Might. After all, My Hero Academia is about how he became Japan’s greatest hero.

1) New Order (Cathleen Bate - Star and Stripe)


Most Quirks in My Hero Academia are very simple. Very few have the ability to bend reality at will. New Order is a slightly complicated quirk with its rule set, so here’s how it works:

  • Users can set rules into their surroundings, with a limit of two
  • It ranges from conditional to causality
  • This works on organic and inorganic targets

Since this is an Emitter type Quirk, the user can only activate this ability by touching their target. However, My Hero Academia does place a few limitations here. It will not work if the user and target do not share a sense of self.

Cathleen Bate completely redefines the concept of a Quirk in My Hero Academia. She is the number one Pro Hero in the United States for a reason.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

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