My Hero Academia: 10 strongest Transformation Quirks

Mirio regularly has these moments in My Hero Academia (Image via Studio Bones)
Mirio regularly has these moments in My Hero Academia (Image via Studio Bones)

Transformation Quirks are relatively uncommon in My Hero Academia, but they can still be very powerful.

These special Quirks allow users to alter their bodies, such as turning into metal or splitting themselves apart. The activation process can be done reflexively or with conscious effort. Users can also get back to normal whenever they want, unlike their Mutant counterparts in My Hero Academia.

Transformation Quirks can make a difference between life or death in My Hero Academia. They might not be as prolific as Emitter type Quirks, but “quality over quantity” is what matters here. Many of these Transformation Quirks are ludicrously strong in their own right.

Note: This article will contain major spoilers from the manga.

Here are the most powerful Transformation Quirks in My Hero Academia

10) Transform (Himiko Toga)


This is the one Transformation Quirk that allows users to become somebody else. All Himiko Toga needs is a blood sample of her intended target.

Normally, this can only be used for stealth purposes. However, Toga managed to awaken her abilities in My Hero Academia. This means she can use Quirks from select targets, such as Ochako Uraraka and her Zero Gravity.

What really makes Toga dangerous is that she also has access to Twice’s blood. This supervillain had the ability to make copies of anybody, just as long as he had the measurements.

9) Beast (Jurota Shishida)


Jurota is a top student of Class 1-B, given his amazing performance in the Joint Training session. He can turn into a monstrous beast at will. This gives him a major increase in strength, durability, and speed. For example, he can withstand bursts of electricity from Denki Kaminari.

The only real drawback is that Jurota becomes slightly reckless. Not only does his intelligence remain the same, his senses are greatly enhanced. He can smell targets from a faraway position, which makes it difficult to run away from him.

8) Dragon (Ryuko Tatsuma)


Dragons are powerful mythological creatures, known for their fierce instincts and durable scales. Ryuko can turn into one just by touching the claw accessory on her own head.

Ranked number ten in Japan’s Pro Hero rankings, Ryuko is very hard to put down. Her dragon form can withstand the most powerful attacks, such as Nejire Chan’s Wave Motion. She is even strong enough to train students like Ochako Uraraka and Tsuyu Asui.

7) Manifest (Tamaki Amajiki - Suneater)


Tamaki always needs to mind what he eats in My Hero Academia. Depending on the food in his digestive system, his body can transform into specific characteristics.

For example, if Tamaki eats clam shells, then he can turn his own hands into clam shells. This is very useful for defensive purposes. Tamaki can also control which characteristics his body uses, so he can save his abilities for the right moment.

It’s a very unique fighting style that relies on preparation, but it also rewards quick planning. Tamaki can eat anything on the battlefield and use it to his advantage.

6) Meatball (Seiji Shishikura)


This Shiketsu High School student can manipulate raw flesh. If he touches anybody with his ability, he can also turn them into meatballs, hence the Quirk name. However, Seiji must always maintain his concentration for this to work.

Meatball is very unusual for a Transformation Quirk in My Hero Academia. Usually, these special abilities only affect the user themselves, rather than select targets. This strange phenomenon can also be applied to Himo Toga’s own Quirk.

5) Rifle (Kaina Tsutsumi - Lady Nagant)


The closest Lady Nagant gets to her enemies is the bullets she puts into them. She is a long-range fighter who can transform her right elbow into a super-powered rifle.

Lady Nagant can shoot within a range of three kilometers.. Needless to say, this sniper has no competitive rivals in My Hero Academia. She can even readjust the trajectory of her bullets. However, she does need to use her own hair for the materials.

4) Stress - (Rikiya Yotsubashi - Re-Destro)


The Meta Liberation Army leader has a very demanding job. Of course, he can easily convert his frustrations into raw physical power. Re-Destro can significantly increase his size and strength. He can also transform his entire body or select limbs at will.

80% of the Stress Quirk is all that’s needed to destroy entire cities. With that in mind, Re-Destro can evenly fight Tomura Shigaraki in this powerful form.

3) Foldabody (Shinya Kamihara - Edgeshot)


Powerful Transformation Quirks can also be highly technical. Foldabody doesn’t give the user a bigger mass of bulk. Instead, they can become very thin and flatten themselves like paper.

Edgeshot has fully mastered his Quirk, putting it to good use with his ninja skill. He can pierce through enemies and cut off their blood flow. In a matter of moments, Edgeshot can knock them out cold with them realizing it.

Since he can move faster than the speed of sound, his transformation process takes less than a second. Understandably, Edgeshot is ranked number four in the Pro Hero rankings for Japan.

2) Super Regeneration (Nomu / Tomura Shigaraki)


The ability to regenerate lost body parts can be considered broken. Several villains in My Hero Academia are difficult to kill for that reason. Whether it’s the High-End Nomu or Tomura Shigaraki, simply beating them up isn’t enough.

In fact, during the Star and Stripe arc, Shigaraki was able to survive the Keraunos technique from Cathleen Bate. This giant laser sword would’ve incinerated him otherwise. Super Regeneration forces the opponent to revise their strategies.

1) Permeation (Mirio Togata - Lemillion)


Permeation is extremely difficult to master, yet Mirio somehow managed to do so in My Hero Academia. This Big Three student of U.A. High School was considered a potential successor to All Might himself.

Mirio’s Quirk allows him to phase through physical matter. He can selectively choose which body parts become intangible. If he deactivates this ability while inside a solid object, he will repel himself at very high speeds. This can be used for his signature attacks.

During the Shie Hassaiaki arc, Overhaul couldn’t land any lethal blows on Mirio. Keep in mind that he can take out his targets with a single hit. Mirio is among the very few characters in My Hero Academia who can fight the likes of Overhaul.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

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