My Hero Academia: 10 characters with the most unique fighting styles

Mr. Compress always has a trick up his sleeve (Image via Studio Bones)
Mr. Compress always has a trick up his sleeve (Image via Studio Bones)

My Hero Academia has a wide range of distinct fighting styles, yet some of them shine brighter than others.

For the most part, Quirks have relatively straightforward abilities. Whether it's fire summoning or a strength increase, they can be used in very simple ways. However, the more unique Quirks require a little bit of creativity.

My Hero Academia rewards fighters who make the most of their abilities, even if they aren't the strongest. They really do stand out from the usual heroes and villains. All it takes is thinking outside the box, which is easier said than done.

My Hero Academia's most unique fighters, based on their style

10) Danjuro Tobita - Gentle Criminal


Gentle Criminal is certainly not gentle with his particular Quirk. He can bestow elastic properties on any object he touches. It's put to great use in the School Festival arc, where he personally fought Izuku Midoriya. He gave the boy a very rough beatdown in My Hero Academia.

Elasticity has a wide range of versatile abilities. For instance, Gentle can turn entire battlefields into a bounce pad, such as a construction site with metal frames. This allows him to launch high-speed attacks from multiple directions. He can even create reflective barriers for defensive purposes.

9) Joi Irinaka - Mimic


The general manager of Shie Hassaikai prefers to fight from a great distance. With the use of Mimicry, he can take control of solid objects.

This power is greatly expanded with the Trigger drug, which allows him to manipulate entire locations. Most fighters would have a difficult time reaching him in My Hero Academia. Joi can twist and turn everything around him, all while he is safe and secluded elsewhere.

Of course, he can't see what's going on, so there are moments where he leaves himself open for a counterattack.

8) Ken Takagi - Rock Lock


More than a few Quirks would be very difficult to use in My Hero Academia. Rock Lock uses his to the best of his abilities. He can lock down nearby objects to prevent them from moving.

Despite its limited applications, it can prove useful in a few situations. One example is when he dealt with Joi Irinaka in the Shie Hassaikai arc. Rock Lock is a good support unit when dealing with moving objects.

7) Emi Fukukado - Ms. Joke


My Hero Academia has plenty of unusual fighting styles. Izuku Midoriya once described how the Smile Hero takes down her adversaries.

Her Outburst Quirk forces people to laugh uncontrollably, which impairs their cognitive thinking and makes them vulnerable. Ms. Joke certainly lives up to her name in My Hero Academia, even if the villains don't find it funny.

6) Shihai Kuroiro


The Joint Training arc gave a lot of students a chance to shine, particularly with Shihai Kuroiro and his Black Quirk.

He can merge into anything with a dark color scheme. For example, he can hide in the shadows and sneak up behind opponents. Of course, his Quirk has a specific weakness to his surroundings. Too much light will greatly limit his options.

Very few Quirks rely on colors in My Hero Academia, which makes his fighting style very situational.

5) Juzo Honenuki


The recommended student can soften anything he touches, just as long as it's not organic. Juzo can lay several traps with this ability, such as when he tried to slow down Tenya Ida during the Joint Training arc. More impressively, he can also swim right through softened objects.

Juzo is a very defensive fighter in My Hero Academia. For that reason, he mainly relies on counterattacks to capture his opponents.

4) Manga Fukidashi


Class 1-B certainly has a lot of creative Quirks. Manga was a great support unit in the second round of the Joint Training session.

There is a reason why his head looks like a speech bubble. Comic allows him to make sound effects come to life. It's a versatile power limited only by his vocabulary in My Hero Academia.

For example, if Manga says the word "BOING", these giant letters will have bouncy properties. His powers make him an excellent team player, such when he created a humidifier for Kinoko Komori and her mushrooms.

3) Atsuhiro Sako - Mr. Compress


This stage magician can make disappearing acts look easy. With the use of his Compress abilities, he is able to shrink targets into spherical marbles. He can release them at will anytime he wants. Mr. Compress showcased his creativity several times in My Hero Academia.

For example, he often misleads enemies with a sleight of hand, such as decoy marbles. He can also release objects for offensive purposes, such as large rocks on a moving car. It also helps that Mr. Compress is a stealth master.

Disturbingly, he can also mutilate targets by selecting a specific part of their body. He did this to Overhaul at the end of the Shie Hassaikai arc, when the League of Villains attacked his prison convoy.

2) Shinya Kamihara - Edgeshot


Foldabody seems like a very weak ability at first glance. Users can suddenly turn very thin and stretch their limbs accordingly. With that said, Edgeshot has fully mastered this ability in My Hero Academia.

He can shift his body into various forms. This is useful for dodging attacks, but he can also use it for quick strikes. During the Hideout Raid, he incapacitated a powerful Nomu by just piercing through it.

For that reason, he secured fourth place in the Pro Hero rankings for Japan.

1) Tamaki Amajiki - Suneater


This Big Three student from U.A. High School is unlike most fighters in the series. Manifest is a very special Quirk in My Hero Academia. His body will take on the characteristics of whatever he eats.

For example, if he eats crystals, then his body will become hard and durable. He demonstrated this during the Shie Hassaikai arc, right after he ate crystal shards from his opponent. Tamaki is a quick thinker who can willingly transform in the midst of battle.

Of course, his Quirk only works as long as Tamaki has something in his digestive system. As the saying goes, he is truly what he eats.

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