My Hero Academia chapter 373 spoilers:  Present Mic and Spinner's battle over Kurogiri comes to an end with a glimpse of Shirakumo

Present Mic
Present Mic's thoughts on Aizawa and Shirakumo are explored (Image via Studio Bones)

My Hero Academia chapter 373 returns after the break with a climactic chapter and a possible end to the Mutant Discrimination sub-arc. With the protesters having been subdued in the chapter, according to the spoilers, the main battle between Kurogiri and the heroes will now begin.

My Hero Academia chapter 373 spoilers also suggest that Spinner and Present Mic’s respective outlooks on Kurogiri are different from what readers would have initially assumed. Additionally, the league members’ attitude towards Tomura Shigaraki is expanded upon, with a deeper understanding of what motivates them.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from My Hero Academia chapter 373.

My Hero Academia chapter 373 spoilers see Spinner out of commission as Mutants stand down and Kurogiri joins the battle

My Hero Academia chapter 373 begins with Shoji guarding the hospital entrance upon Present Mic’s orders. When someone is about to strike him down, the mutant from chapter 372 protects Shoji.

The man says that he always felt justified in joining Spinner’s crusade as he has suffered discrimination throughout his life, but shoji’s speech has made him realize that there are good people who will suffer because of this mutant Uprising.

Shoji counters that this uprising has brought everyone together under the same goal, and they can now choose to use that for the greater good. Despite the PLF general’s attempt to stop them, the mutant forces slowly give up the fight and see the reason behind Shoji’s words. The police officers apologize for using violence to suppress them, and the protesters finally relent.

Inside the hospital, Present Mic destroys the device with Shigaraki and AFO’s voice. He knocks down Spinner, who has returned to his normal size and can no longer get up due to extreme fatigue. However, one of Shigaraki’s family’s hands falls out of his clothing, and Spinner realizes that while he got lost in the haze of leading the mutants, he only wanted to save Tomura.

Meanwhile, Present Mic thinks about how Aizawa has suffered so badly and if Shirakumo was not going to turn back into his past self, it would be better if he was gone and stayed as a good memory. As he thinks that, Spinner stands up and puts the hand on Kurogiri’s face, asking him to save Tomura. Kurogiri awakens with some of Shirakumo’s features visible on his face. He breaks free of the restraints and declares that only he can save Tomura Shigaraki.

Final thoughts

My Hero Academia chapter 373 spoilers suggest that Kurogiri will be joining the Villains in the fight.

It is interesting to see how many people genuinely care for Tomura Shigaraki and want to save him, despite him being in the care of AFO. This indicates that people like Spinner and Kurogiri realize that AFO’s schemes are not in Tomura’s best interest. One must not forget that Tomura is very young and the members of eth league must see him as someone who has been wronged throughout his life and thus needs protection.

On the other hand, My Hero Academia chapter 373 clarifies Present Mic’s stance on Kurogiri. While it is clear that Mic cares for Shirakumo and truly hopes to return him to the light, he prioritizes Aizawa’s mental state over it. He is not as optimistic as Aizawa, nor does he have such staunch faith in their late friend. If Kurogiri were to completely renounce Shirakumo, Present Mic fully intends to eliminate him. Now that Kurogiri has joined AFO’s side, it remains to be seen whether the voice hero can go through with his resolve.

Shoji’s influence on the mutants in My Hero Academia chapter 373 emphasizes mangaka Horikoshi’s point that every villain can be redeemed through understanding and empathy.

Considering that Deku plans to save Shigaraki despite the atrocities he has committed, readers question the feasibility of such umbrella forgiveness. Many readers believe that the villains deserve to face the full consequences of their actions. It remains to be seen which route mangaka Horikoshi takes.