My Hero Academia: 4 characters that Spinner can beat (and 4 he can’t)

Spinner isn't exactly Shigaraki by any means (Image via Studio Bones)
Spinner isn't exactly Shigaraki by any means (Image via Studio Bones)

Spinner might not be the most fearsome villain in My Hero Academia, but he does have his moments.

The League of Villains is a dangerous threat in its own right. However, not all of them strike fear. At best, Spinner is a C-Rank villain in the grand scheme of My Hero Academia. Beyond clinging to walls, he can barely do anything with his Gecko Quirk.

Nonetheless, Spinner is still competent with a sword. He can even fight a Pro Hero like Mandalay on equal footing. Spinner doesn't necessarily have to be the strongest combatant. His video gaming experience gives him the natural reflexes to stay alive in battle.

Note: This article will contain spoilers from the manga. This article reflects the writer's personal views.

My Hero Academia characters that Spinner can win against

4) Mandalay


Spinner received significant upgrades in the final war for My Hero Academia. All For One gave him a Gigantification Quirk. Spinner is not only more well-toned, but he also carries a larger sword. This version will be used for the article and not the significantly weaker variant.

Mandalay already had great difficulty with Spinner back in the Forest Training Camp. She only won that match because Deku made a timely interference and destroyed the villain's sword.

While Mandalay is a very agile fighter in My Hero Academia, she will not fare well against a gigantic Spinner. His strength advantage, and overall size would prove too much for her.

3) Koji Koda


Koda has the unique ability to control animals in My Hero Academia.

Of course, that won't mean much against Spinner. Keep in mind that he towers over buildings now. There is not a single animal that could realistically harm the villain. At most, the Class 1-A student can only distract him with birds.

Even then, Koda's powers are way too situational on his surroundings. Spinner will still have superior physical stats. He can also swing his giant sword around. Neither Koda nor his animals will have any protection from these metal blades.

2) Togaru Kamakiri


This Class 1-B student can produce sharp blades from his body. Based on the databook for My Hero Academia, Togaru has slightly better speed and power. However, Spinner has a somewhat higher technical stat.

Due to his larger sword, he can maintain his distance from Togaru. Spinner also has far more reach with his attacks.

The gigantic version of Spinner is likely faster and more powerful now. Togaru's cutting range will be more limited here. What could've been a fatal cut before would be a mere scratch now.

1) Koku Hanabata - Trumpet


When Spinner fought the Meta Liberation Army, he was utterly overwhelmed by their forces. Trumpet can power up his loyal followers with his Quirk, giving them extra physical and mental strength.

However, that won't happen again in My Hero Academia. All For One made sure that Spinner would get more assertive with his Gigantification Quirk. The villain could easily rip apart regular human enemies now.

Trumpet could rally the crowd all he likes, but Spinner's large blades would cut them down like grass.

My Hero Academia characters that Spinner would lose to

4) Hitoshi Shinso


Spinner is generally an intelligent guy in My Hero Academia, but he doesn't have background knowledge of every hero.

Hitoshi Shinso can brainwash anybody if they respond to his question. Based on Spinner's current state of mind, he seems to be acting more on his animalistic urges. Shinso could easily trick him into a verbal response.

The match would end right then and there. However, Shinso would have to act very quickly if he wanted to survive.

3) Shoto Todoroki


Todoroki is particularly good at field control. He can switch between fire and ice for maximum offense and defense. He can also affect an extensive area with his abilities. Spinner's massive size won't be a factor in this match.

Very few characters can master the full potential of their abilities in My Hero Academia. Todoroki's strongest attacks would easily take out Spinner before he could do anything. For example, the Class 1-A student could use cold fire to freeze the villain in his tracks.

2) Rikiya Yotsubashi - Re-Destro


Both of these giants would tear up the battlefield in My Hero Academia. Spinner does have the weapon advantage with his sword.

However, Re-Destro can materialize his stress into long-range projectiles. He could wipe out entire cities by using 100% of his stress. Re-Destro also has the reflexes to dodge Tomura Shigaraki, much faster than Spinner.

In the end, Re-Destro has better physical feats than Spinner. The former has the strength and skill to win this fight.

1) Shinya Kamihara - Edgeshot


The number four Pro Hero already has experience in dealing with giants. During the Paranormal Liberation War, he defeated the powerful Re-Destro, who is classified as an A-Rank villain in My Hero Academia.

Edgeshot can use the Foldabody Quirk to flatten his body. Spinner would have a difficult time landing any hits. Edgeshot can also turn very thin and pierce right through the villain's body.

More importantly, the hero can also move faster than sound. Edgeshot will be spinning circles around most of his opponents.

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