My Hero Academia chapter 374 spoilers: Dabi reunites with Endeavor and Hawks, Sad Man's Parade returns as All For One's plan begins

The villainous friendship of Twice and Toga continues to cause issues in My Hero Academia chapter 374 (Image via bones Studio)
The villainous friendship of Twice and Toga continues to cause issues in My Hero Academia chapter 374 (Image via bones Studio)

My Hero Academia chapter 374 spoilers and raw scans were released on Tuesday, November 22, bringing with them an exciting sneak peek at the issue’s alleged events. Arguably most exciting is the apparent confirmation that the rest of the series’ world is indeed watching what’s occurring in Japan with bated breath.

However, this is interrupted as All For One’s dastardly plan is realized with the return of Kurogiri. My Hero Academia chapter 374 sees the original League of Villains members begin mobilizing, as well as the return of the Sad Man’s Parade thanks to Himiko Toga’s Quirk, Transform.

Follow along as this article fully breaks down the incredibly exciting alleged spoilers for My Hero Academia chapter 374.

My Hero Academia chapter 374 reveals All For One's plan regarding Kurogiri as all lines converge towards Gunga Mountains


My Hero Academia chapter 374 spoilers, with the issue officially entitled “Butterfly Effect,” begins with a page showing Present Mic and Kurogiri still at Central Hospital. A weather report from Washington, DC is then seen, with a reporter commenting on how a giant cloud has appeared over Japan. She says that air currents may cause the cloud to reach as far as North America.

She says that meteorologists are attributing its emergence to the colliding of heat waves from various parts of the country, showcasing panels of Shoto, Dabi, and Endeavor here. She then begins speaking of the butterfly effect, saying that just like a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil can cause a hurricane in Texas, so has the glowing baby led to the contemporary chaos in Paranormal society.

My Hero Academia chapter 374 spoilers see her liken this to the world being changed by the power of a single person, and that this is why All For One is such a “remarkable presence.” The broadcast is then suddenly cut off, with the focus shifting to the Kamino battleground, where Shoto is questioning how Dabi can still move while everyone else is exhausted.

Dabi, meanwhile, is thinking of how the Gunga Mountains are too far away and that he won’t be able to both finish off Shoto and go there afterward. He then starts flying towards where Endeavor is, which Shoto realizes. Burnin’, meanwhile, realizes that his body won’t hold out for long, with Shoto trying to taunt Dabi into giving up and fighting him instead

My Hero Academia chapter 374 then sees Skeptic contact Dabi with a joke about trip expenses as a portal opens in front of him. The issue then shifts perspectives to UA High, where Manual is seen talking about how the impacts of the attacks affect his water, asking if Monoma is okay. The young Hero says he’s fine, and that he needs to play his part in this historic fight so they can ensure victory.

Meanwhile, Shigaraki’s chest is inflated and Deku is about to attack him once more, but a portal suddenly appears behind Aizawa, Monoma, and the others. The issue then sees a speech from All For One begin, where he says he always trusts people’s feelings and that he knew Spinner would succeed in awakening Kurogiri

My Hero Academia chapter 374 spoilers then claim that All For One “installed a microdevice in Nana’s hand so Kurogiri would know exactly what to do when he woke up.” However, it’s likely that Nana is a typo, with the only possible Nana it could refer to being Nana Shimura. With Nana having been dead for quite sometime before the start of the war, this is most likely a typo.

Nevertheless, spoilers continue by saying that this is where Dabi arrives, where All For One, Endeavor, and Hawks are, and where he greets his father by saying “daddy.” He’s also accompanied by two Twice clowns, seemingly made by Himiko Toga, while Dabi teases Hawks and says they’ll see what happens had the Pro Hero not prioritized Twice. The chapter then ends as Hawks says that they have to kill Dabi immediately.


My Hero Academia chapter 374 is, overall, an incredibly exciting issue. While some typos and ambiguous language cause some confusion in the initial spoilers, the issue nevertheless seems incredibly exciting. However, fans should keep in mind that these My Hero Academia chapter 374 spoilers are alleged, with the official release potentially differing in events and dialogue as a result.

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