My Hero Academia: 4 characters that Present Mic can beat (and 4 that wipe the floor with him)

Mic check, one, two, three
Mic check, one, two, three (Image via My Hero Academia / Shueisha / Studio Bones)

My Hero Academia fans shouldn't be fooled by Present Mic and his onstage persona since he takes himself very seriously in battle. Also known as Hizashi Yamada, the aloof teacher is fun with his students and takes pride in teaching, but when the situation calls for it, he is one of the most loyal Pro Heroes around.

The U.A. teacher is rarely seen fighting anybody in the series. More often than not, he's a glorified hypeman with his announcing skills. Regardless, if his opponents aren't careful, Present Mic can blow out their eardrums with his Voice Quirk in My Hero Academia.

Disclaimer: This article contains manga spoilers up to My Hero Academia Chapter 373.

Midnight, Spinner, and two other My Hero Academia characters who would get defeated by Present Mic easily

4) Kyoka Jiro


While Jiro isn't physically strong by any means, she has a solid grasp of her Quirk. Earphone Jack can be used for different purposes in My Hero Academia, whether it's sending out powerful sound waves or listening to her surroundings.

However, Jiro is sensitive to loud sounds, which is why Present Mic is a terrible opponent for her. A testament to her auditory weakness was explicitly shown in the Final Exams. Suffice to say, Jiro's ears would start to bleed if Present Mic screamed at her with his loud voice.

3) Midnight


It's never a good idea to get too close to Midnight. She can make anybody fall asleep with her Somnambulist Quirk. The best way to deal with her purple mist is to avoid it entirely. However, Present Mic doesn't need to rely on close-range combat when he can use projectiles instead.

His soundwaves can travel across great distances in My Hero Academia, which is why Midnight wouldn't be able to fight Present Mic without having to cover her ears. Following this, he would be able to knock her off her feet without breaking a sweat.

2) Eijiro Kirishima


Kirishima should not be taken lightly by anyone in this series. His defensive use of the Hardening Quirk gives him protection from most offensive attacks. All Might is arguably the only U.A. teacher who can realistically break through Kirishima.

Of course, physical strength isn't needed to overpower the Class 1-A student. Present Mic only needs to use his soundwaves to get under Kirishima's skin. The former's intelligence is also far superior to the latter's, which could possibly factor into their strategies.

1) Spinner

By the end of My Hero Academia, this C-Rank Villain becomes exponentially more powerful than he was before. AFO gives him multiple Quirks, including the ability to become a giant with protective scales, which is why it would be difficult for most people to get past Spinner's latest form.

However, based on the leaks for My Hero Academia Chapter 373, Present Mic simply bypasses the villian's defenses with his Voice Quirk. He even sent Spinner flying across the hallways in the Central Hospital, who ended up fainting by the end of the chapter. Suffice to say, he doesn't stand a chance against the over-enthusiastic U.A. teacher.

Present Mic wouldn't fare well against Togata, Aizawa, and two other My Hero Academia characters

4) Koji Koda


My Hero Academia has plenty of matchups where the winner is decided by the loser's glaring weakness. In this case, Present Mic's fear of bugs can be used against him, keeping in mind that his soundwaves are completely ineffective when dealing with underground targets.

During the Final Exams arc, Koji Koda incapacitated Present Mic due to the latter's entomophobia. The Class 1-A student only needed to command a swarm of insects with his Anivoice Quirk.

3) Juzo Honenuki


Juzo is a recommended student in U.A. High School, which is a very prestigious title for Japan's number one academy. The Class 1-B student mastered the use of his Softening Quirk. Not only can he soften the ground, but he can also swim through it and dodge Present Mic's attacks.

Very few My Hero Academia fighters have the means to dig underground and catch their opponents by surprise. This is arguably the best approach to dealing with Present Mic since his sound waves can't travel far below. Moreover, Juzo can trap him by softening the ground below and hardening it afterward.

2) Shota Aizawa


Present Mic isn't known to be a physical fighter beyond giving Kyudai Garaki a well-deserved punch in the Paranormal Liberation War of My Hero Academia. Instead, he is overtly reliant on his powerful Quirk, which Aizawa and his special abilities can easily cancel.

Aizawa only needs to activate his Erasure Quirk to disable Present Mic's powers. He can then subdue his friend with some capture tape. As a matter of fact, Eraser Head can fight multiple villains by himself, so he can definitely fight a single hero like Present Mic without an issue.

1) Mirio Togata


Mirio is yet another character with the ability to travel underground. He can phase through objects by activating his Permeation Quirk. If he is to release his power while below the ground, Mirio can repel upwards quickly, giving him a chance to strike targets from any position.

Alternatively, he can also phase out his ears, although it would render him deaf. Either way, Mirio is above most Pro Heroes in the My Hero Academia series. If he ever has to, he can definitely take down Present Mic by catching him off guard with his special move, Phantom Menace.

These are the My Hero Academia character who we think can either defeat or lose against Present Mic in a battle. While the franchise's universe is huge, and there is a gamut of characters who pose a sufficient danger to Present Mic, not everyone was able to make it to this list. However, let us know which other MHA characters the U.A. teacher can defeat with his Voice Quirk.