My Hero Academia Season 6 episode 4: How Garaki’s confession explains the OFA vestiges’ prophecy

Previous OFA holders in My Hero Academia (Image via Kohei Horikoshi/Studio Bones)
Previous OFA holders in My Hero Academia (Image via Kohei Horikoshi/Studio Bones)

My Hero Academia season 6 episode 4 took a turn for the worse with Dabi overpowering Hawks, the High-End Nomus evolving, and Tomura Shigaraki’s awakening. However, the most shocking revelation of the episode came from Kyudai Garaki’s confession to Present Mic while being captured by the hero. Garaki admitted that they had initially targeted Aizawa for his Erasure Quirk and confirmed that All For One had passed his Quirk on to Tomura Shigaraki.

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This article will focus on Garaki’s explanation of his Quirk Singularity theory and discuss how Deku’s interactions with the vestiges of One For All predicted the eventual manifestation of this occurrence in My Hero Academia.

Garaki’s Quirk Singularity Theory confirms how One For All will culminate in Deku in My Hero Academia

Garaki’s confession in Season 6 Episode 4


My Hero Academia season 6 episode 4 showed Doctor Garaki lamenting the destruction of All For One and his own research after Mirko and Present Mic destroyed the capsule holding Shigaraki. He explained in detail how his peers in the scientific community disregarded his theory and dismissed it, unwilling to entertain the possibility of anything that could destabilize a chaotic society, finally returning to peaceful times.

Garaki theorized that Quirks blend and evolve in successive generations, becoming more robust. However, since the human body cannot evolve quickly enough to adapt to the newer, more complex Quirks, Garaki believed that the Quirks would eventually become too powerful to be controlled by people. He initially called it the “Paranormal Singularity Theory,” but it became popularly known as the Quirk Singularity Doomsday Theory.

Garaki revealed that All For One was the only person who believed him, patronizing and funding his research. In return, he gave up his own Quirk, Lifeforce, to All For One and only kept a copy of it.

How the OFA vestiges predict Quirk Singularity manifesting in Deku

Deku sees the origin of OFA (Image via Kohei Horikoshi/Studio Bones)
Deku sees the origin of OFA (Image via Kohei Horikoshi/Studio Bones)

The vestiges of One For All were first introduced in the My Hero Academia anime during the Sports Festival arc, suggesting that there was more to Deku’s inherited Quirk than pure, brute strength. However, the concept of the vestiges was not realized until the end of season 4, which ended with a brief glimpse of a temporal plane where Deku met the previous OFA holders.

The dreamlike sequence was shown in detail in season 5, with the vision revealing the origin of OFA. This was also the first time Deku could see the vestiges in a detailed manner, seeing the seventh OFA holder, Nana Shimura, most clearly. Season 5 episode 2 revealed that Nana Shimura had once seen the vestiges, who had told her that it was not time yet.


Soon after, Deku manifested Blackwhip and met Daigoro Banjo, the fifth holder of OFA. Banjo told Deku that “the time (was) ripe” and that OFA as a whole was growing. He explained that Balckwhip is much more powerful now than when it belonged to him and added that Deku would manifest six more Quirks after this.

The vestiges’ predictions are in line with Garaki’s theory, explaining why the Quirks are becoming more powerful and the vestiges’ belief that Deku will complete OFA.

The effect of Garaki’s hypothesis on the storyline of the series


In My Hero Academia, Garaki’s Quirk Singularity theory would affect both Deku and Shigaraki. With Shigaraki having inherited All For One’s Quirk, the development of his Quirks, too, must follow Garaki’s theory. The anime is yet to disclose if the nature of the Quirk’s transfer plays a role in how it will manifest or affect the user.

However, Nana Shimura’s interaction with the vestiges proved that it was simply a coincidence that Deku had become the holder of OFA when the Quirks converged towards a point of singularity.

Another issue that the My Hero Academia anime is yet to discuss is whether Deku being initially Quirkless, will affect his control over OFA. Unlike his peers, Deku did not spend years honing a specific Quirk of his own, which grants him a certain versatility that might allow him to adapt more easily to the requirements that the six other Quirks will pose. Deku and All Might being Quirkless may also have played a significant role in stabilizing OFA and allowing it to mature.

Shigaraki, having nurtured a powerful Quirk of his own, might be more prone to losing control of the other Quirks which AFO comes with. Since My Hero Academia season 6, episode 4 showed him awakening only after 75% of his transformation is complete, he might become an incomplete vessel for AFO, preventing him from adequately controlling the Quirk he inherited from his mentor.

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