My Hero Academia chapter 390: Fans feel for Toga as she loses yet another member of her found family

After losing Jin, Toga seems set to say goodbye to another member of her found family (Image via Studio Bones)
After losing Jin, Toga seems set to say goodbye to another member of her found family (Image via Studio Bones)

My Hero Academia chapter 390 spoilers and raw scans were released on Wednesday, May 31, 2023, bringing with them an exciting look at the series’ upcoming official release. While the chapter didn’t quite give fans the explosive conclusion to the Todoroki family drama they were looking for, the issue nevertheless had some emotionally riveting moments.

In a shocking twist, fans actually seem more concerned with the final scenes of My Hero Academia chapter 390 featuring Toga rather than the earlier Dabi focus, when it comes to the emotional point of the plot. As Toga comes under the impression that Toya has perished, she questions if he was able to smile in the end like he once wanted all of them to do together.

While Toga has always been a fan-favorite among the villains, the reactions to My Hero Academia chapter 390 being predominantly focused on her is somewhat of a twist. While this could be due to how beloved her storyline is to readers of the series, it may also provide commentary on how the issue was something of a letdown with the Todoroki family drama.

My Hero Academia chapter 390 has fans concerned primarily with Toga’s loss

Fan reactions

While it’s not necessarily the central theme of the overall series, one intriguing narrative theme up to My Hero Academia chapter 390 has been that of “found family.” In essence, this theme focuses on a character (typically one who was abandoned or comes from a broken home) finding a group of friends or like-minded individuals that becomes their “family.”

For many members of the League of Villains, this is what the group meant. However, none among its ranks likely felt more strongly about this than Himiko Toga did. Her sentiments throughout the series towards both her League compatriots and frenemies Izuku Midoriya and Ochaco Uraraka represent this love for and desire to have a found family.

My Hero Academia chapter 390 demonstrates the desire to have a found family of Toga’s perfectly, with its final scenes focusing on her reaction to Toya’s apparent death. Rather than become rageful at or vengeful of the Pro Heroes, she instead expresses a hope that Dabi was able to smile in the end as he once said the League should do together someday.

It’s certainly a heartbreaking scene which serves to humanize the League of Villains members more. This is actually a testament to how well series author and illustrator Kohei Horikoshi implements the “found family” theme via Toga’s character. By emphasizing that even villains can feel love, sorrow, and remorse over the death of one of their own, it demonstrates how a found family can be just as real as a blood one, no matter the context.

Likewise, this effectiveness in implementation has fans feeling deeply moved for Toga in this issue, despite Dabi seemingly being on death’s doorstep. While it’s hard to say whether or not this sympathy and compassion is deserved, what’s clear is that Toga’s character and her central theme is so impactful that fans can’t help but connect with her. While she may be a villain in the series, it’s clear that many fans hold her in their hearts as something more.

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